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  • Can I change my own signature in different documents like PAN, Adhaar, Passport

    Wondering if one can have different signatures in documments like academic ceritificats, PAN card, Aadhar card, passport etc.? Want to know if this affects the genuinity of the documents? Find ample advice from experts here for your question.

    As of now I've uniform signature in all academic certificates till my graduation and in all other documents like PAN card, Adhaar card, Indian Passport and even in my bank account. Problem with me is that my signature in all these documents including academic certificates is so easy to forge or copy. For that specific reasons I want to change my signature only in my PAN card, Adhaar card, Passport and in my bank accounts. My question is, does this gonna affect authenticity and credibility of my all academic certificates thereafter?
    Hoping your response will clear all my doubts regarding this.
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  • Q: My signature in PAN card, Adhaar card, Indian Passport and even in my bank account documents including academic certificates is so easy to forge or copy thus I would like to change it, does this gonna affect authenticity and credibility of my all academic certificates thereafter?
    A: As per my knowledge, one can have a different signature in their documents provided you remember each signature and can reproduce it when required or else, it can be a problem.

    You can opt for a change in signatures in said documents by following the necessary approach to do the same:
    1. For changing signature in your Bank: Approach your bank with a letter for changing your signature and the reason for the same. They will provide you with a specimen signature card where you can sign and make the changes.
    2. For changing signature in your Pan card: You will have to apply for a PAN card change form to change your present signature and make it effective.
    3. For changing signature in your Adhaar card: You need to approach the UID centre and make the changes by providing backup documents wherein they will have to give you a new card with same UID number.
    4. For changing signature in your Passport: You will have to apply for a fresh passport to make the necessary changes in your current passport. If you are applying for the first time then you can use your new signature. Do keep other documents to verify or else, it may get rejected.
    5. For changing signature in your academic certificates: Many certificates do not have signatures but if it has and you need to make changes, it may be a tedious job and will have to apply for the same in the university that you have studied. It may require an affidavit and other supporting documents like Pan card/passport/voters id, etc) and may require more days to get a new copy of your certificates.

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  • You can have a different signature in different documents. But they should be same in Aadhar, PAN, Passport and your bank documents. In school documents, you may have s different signature. When you open an account or when you apply for a passport or PAN card or Aadhar Card you might have already signed the documents.
    If you want to change them you have to approach the concerned authority or you can do one line following the procedure set in there.
    My signature is different in school documents. But I changed it afterwards. I changed the signature before applying for the above documents. But after getting the bcards I have not changed it.

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  • It is good to have similar signature in all respects as it avoid confusion or rejection in some critical cases. In many cases the name and signature normally differ and is acceptable. In some's cases the signature cannot be readable but accepted if tallied with the specimen. If you have different signature type with different documents, first you yourself will get confused as which signature you applied in which document. In some situations if a single person verify all the documents in single window he will start questioning which signature is correct. To avoid such complications it is better to have similar signature in all documents.

  • Signature on identity-related documents like Adhar card, Pan card, Passport, etc need to be the same but you can have a different signature in the bank. The reason to have a uniform signature in ID-related documents is to use them as ID proof.
    Regarding academic certificates, I do not remember that my academic certificates have my signatures. Even my Master's degree certificate also does not have any signature of mine.


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  • Generally signature is a proof that you are the right person who is making that signature. It is difficult to copy the signatures as one can easily be caught because of some subtle variation in it. There was a time in banks and Post Offices when signatures do not match and the bank employee asked the person to get the signature verified by some customer or some official. So, at that time it was very crucial to make same signature in cheque or withdrawal slip and even if the bank employee knows the person, he might refuse to give money if the signature does not match.

    Today situation is changing as most of the things are being done online and very rarely there is a need of signature verification. In any case there are set procedures and one can give his new signatures for record if there is a mismatch and creating a problem. There is no such rule that you should have the same signature everywhere. The rule is that whatever signature you are having at a place you should be able to produce it in front of the authority if there is a suspicion. The problem is if we keep different different signatures in different different places and one day in one place we are asked to produce it and we forget what was my signature there or start searching for our pocket diary to find out that what was my signature here then it would be too embarrassing. So, it is advised to keep the same signature everywhere and avoid any such inconvenience.

    So, you can change your signatures as per the laid down procedures everywhere by providing your new signatures. I want to add one important thing here that there are some documents like passport and Post Office investments where signatures are kept for verification and one has to be careful. Suppose you visit a foreign country and some local police has a doubt and asks you to sign in front of them and match it with the passport so you should not fumble and sign as usual and it would match with the passport. So keeping one sign has many advantages and we should follow this simple principle and shouldn't go for various types of signature here and there. Signature is not a fancy thing. It is for verification purposes.

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  • Yes, you can change your signature in the PAN card and Passport.

    To change your signature in the PAN card, you need to fill up a form to change the PAN data.

    To change your signature in Passport you need to apply afresh for a passport and there you need to declare that you are changing your signature. The declaration should have the old signature as well as the updated signature. You may have to submit an affidavit about the change of your signature along with the other documents.

    Aadhaar doesn't have any signature. It has only biometrics and for Aadhaar verification process your biometrics will be matched with the data in their server.

    In case of a change in signature in your bank account, you need to forward an application to the manager stating the reason and have to fill up the necessary documents to upload the updated signature on their database.

    While all educational certificates do not carry the signature of the candidate, those which contain your signature can be modified if it is allowed by the board/institute from where the certificates are issued. The PAN card, Passport and Bank account details are identity proofs whereas educational certificates are proof of your academic qualification. Since legally you can have more than one signature, I believe a change in signature in all your identity proofs will not affect the authenticity of your academic records. Remember, the signature is verified by matching it with the signature in the database of the issuing authorities. If these two matches, nobody can question it. Only you need to remember how you signed to receive the document/certificate.


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  • First, you need to make corrections in your Aadhaar Card. You may download following pdf

    For further queries you may contact :
    phoneToll free :1947

    UIDAI Head Office
    Unique Identification Authority of India
    Government of India (GoI)
    Bangla Sahib Road, Behind Kali Mandir, Gole Market,
    New Delhi - 110001

    2) For PAN card you may visit:

    3) For Bank a/c: you may contact your Bank.

    4) For Passport: you may visit Regional office with Aadhar Card etc or visit

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