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    Clarification required regarding forwarding of job application

    Are you looking for clarification of the rule position with regard to forwarding of application for another employment through the present employer? Are you in doubt whether it can be forwarded directly to the new employer? Follow this thread for the opinion and guidance of our experts.

    I am an employee of a State University in West Bengal, I want to apply for employment in another State University in the same State. I applied to my present employer to issue me a No Objection Certificate and sent my application for employment to the second university. My employer has now ordered me verbally to forward my said application seeking employment through them it. I disagreed to the verbal direction since in the advertisement it is mentioned that either the application should be sent through proper channel or I will have to submit the NOC at the time of interview. Now, is the action of my present employer justified or am I on the wrong footing? kindly advice with relevant rules and provisions
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  • You have to apply for a new job at a State University in West Bengal. They wanted the application through proper channel or you have to submit No Objection Certificate from the present employer. The university has given an option.
    But the present employer doesn't want to give you NOC. He wanted you to forward the application from you. Many Universities will do that. If they give you a NOC, you may use you for multiple job applications and they may not know about your applications. So they may be insisting to send the application through them. That may be the policy and you can't dispute it. But telling you to send the application through them orally is correct. You can ask them to instruct you in writing giving reference to your written application for NOC.
    You can approach the next higher authority and discuss with him. But disputing with them may not solve your problem. If the next higher authority also says the same, you have to do as per their instructions only.

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  • You are already working in a state university and now want to apply for the job in another state university in West Bengal. As per the existing procedure there are two ways to do it one is send the application through them and other is send it directly and produce NOC from the present place. First one is simple enough but you have to send a direct copy also so that if your application is pending here for some time at least your direct copy reaches the other university in time so that they can consider it. So you send one application directly and write on the top of it as 'Direct Copy'. Then you give one copy here and write on the top 'Through Proper Channel'. If these people forward it then it means that these people have no problem in your applying there. If not then you apply for a NOC mentioning that you have applied for such and such post and you require a NOC from the present place in order to join there and also mention that the NOC given would be used only for this specific purpose and would not be misused. You can also advise the administration here to issue a specific NOC for that particular job so that the question of misuse does not arise. Meet the principle personally and explain your position to him and then he would definitely help you.

    Another important thing is that before leaving you will have to give a notice here well in advance so that they can issue you an NOC and relieve you. If you resign at the eleventh hour then I am afraid you might lose salary for a few months as per the terms and conditions of your employment and they may make some excuse in issuing NOC quickly. Generally they take considerable time in issuing NOC.

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  • Hello Sudhabindu Dhar, it is to inform you that we have to follow some basic rules while working in one or another organization. In general, for every government recruitment there are some rules & regulations to be following before offering job to an Individual.

    Case 1:- New Employer asks for NOC
    1) In this case, the new employer asks for producing "No Objection Certificate" at the time of Interview or final round of the recruitment whichever is applicable.
    2) Hence in order to produce NOC at the time of your new recruitment, I suggest you to intimate in your office "Before applying for job" in the below mentioned format.
    The ...(old employer)

    Sub: Intimation of applying for "......" recruitment

    With due respect, it is inform your goodself that I am applying for ....recruitment and request to issue "No Objection Certificate" at the time of final Interview..and mention your concern.

    Thanking You Sir

    Yours faithfully,
    Your Name,

    3) So as you are already informing your old organization before applying for recruitment, they have to provide you NOC once you get selected finally.

    Case 2:- New Employers asks you to apply through proper channel (Means from your old organization)
    1) On the other case, you can request your old employer to forward your recruitment application through proper channel (with the letter head of your office) to the new employer.
    2) Then once it is sent through proper channel, your application will be considered for attending the recruitment.

    >> So you have two cases to be followed according to my knowledge and the CASE 1 would be the better one for you and this can be followed by employees generally. Hope my suggestions would be helpful to you.

  • Your employer is in order to ask you to forward the application through them. They may be having their own limitations n giving blanket NOC. So if there is no valid reason for you to doubt your employer, then why not forward t through them?
    From the narration here and your verbal rejection it may appear that there is some disagreement or dispute or communication gap between you and your employer.
    So there is also a chance that your employer may put some conditions in the forwarding letter. But that is a remote possibility.
    What I suggest is, forward an application direct to the new employer stating there that it is an advance copy to meet deadline and that you have submitted application to your employer to forward through proper channel. You may submit a proper application to your employer with a request to forward it by proper cannel to the addressee. You may get an acknowledgement from your employee and quote or enclose the same indoor direct application.

  • While applying for a job to the new employer, you need to follow two steps as indicated below - 1) You may send an advanced copy to your new employer indicating the relevant points making you fit for the post. You will have to provide some details regarding your working experience in the present organisation, your nature of job, any appreciation letter while discharging the job in the present assignment and other valuable inputs. Write at the top of the application that it is the advanced copy and NOC would be provided within a reasonable time. You may indicate the tentative time after consultation with your present personnel department.
    2) Intimate your present employer through an application that you are interested for joining another state university for which NOC would be required to be released from your end so as to join the new assignment in time.
    In a separate application, request your present employer to rout this application through proper channel via your present immediate boss. Different bosses would forward your application to the next higher authority with the remarks that you can be released provided a substitute is provided in your absence, in case you are selected for the post flouted by the new employer. You should not worry for such a remark since this is an internal arrangement of their man- power. This application would reach to your new employer through the proper channel.
    Once you have followed the steps as indicated above, there should not be any hurdle in the process of your joining in the new organisation.

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