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  • Best aux headlight for the bike

    Want to know about the best aux headlight for bikes? Looking out for the best brands, pricing and specifications etc.? Scroll through this page for repsonses from experts.

    Which one is the best aux headlight for motorcycle / bike? I would like to know the brand name and the best price to go with.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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  • There are many varieties for auxiliary light for bike and they are generally available in online stores also. Some of the popular and good ones are as follows -

    1. Autofy make LED Bar Light, 6 Months Warranty, Set of 2 (6 LED - 24 Watts), price around Rs 1000.

    2. AllExtreme make light for Cars / Motorcycle and Bikes (18 Watts, White Light, 1 PC). Price around Rs 700

    3. Andride make, 12 LED Light, Off Road Driving, Lamp 36 Wats , Set of 2 Pieces (with Switch), price around Rs 600.

    4. Delhi Traders make, LED Light for Royal Enfield Classic 350 and others, price about Rs 600.

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  • Auxiliary headlight for motorcycle are required for bikers if you are staying in foggy areas or like going for a long drive or travel a lot at night otherwise for a normal ride within the city, it is not required. It is also to be noted that some Auxiliary/fog lights i.e. except Yellow beams ones are not allowed as per RTO.

    Some of the good options for your reference of Auxiliary headlight are:
    a) XP Micro Projectors: It is a Bi-xenon Clear Lens projector, a single unit ( >100w halogen), is fully sealed projectors, comes with warranty and after-service support. The price ranges from Rs. 3500 - 5000.
    b) Cyclops Adventures: A set of 2 clear spot beam cost approximately Rs 4600.
    c) Maddog: These have two options for wiring - water-resistant and waterproof, cost approximately Rs 5300 each.
    d) Clearwater Chrome Bezel: A pair cost approximately Rs 5500.
    e) Baja Designs S1 Spot LED Auxiliary Lights: A pair cost approximately Rs. 18,900.

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  • Auxiliary lights are lights other than standard equipment lightings. The standard lights include headlights, taillights, directional signals, brake lights, clearance lights, parking lights and license plate lights. One should use auxiliary lights/ fog light of yellow beam only. Other lights are not allowed. Following are some of the well-accepted aux lights for bikes.
    1. Guance U7 Led Fog Light Bike Driving: This will cost you around Rs1000 to Rs, 2000/-
    2. A2D 4 LED Small Round Auxiliary Bike Fog Lamp Light: This may cost somewhere around Rs.1000/-
    3. Hella 60 Mm Module High Beam Light Set: It will be costing around Rs.1500/- to Rs. 2000/-
    4. Motorcycle 12V 30W CREE U2 External LED Fog Spot Head Light Work Lamp Black: You will get for Rs.5000/-
    5.PIAA 05572 LED Driving Light Kit: The cost will be around Rs.20.000/-

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