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  • How to opt/select Interior Designers for your Home

    Planning to get interiors done for your home? Looking out for information regarding how to search for interior designers online? Find advice from experts and tips to do so on this page.

    My friend has a home in his native Mala, Thrissur district, Kerala which he had built some 6-7 years back but due to financial constraint, he could not complete the interiors of his home. He has a 3BHK with a big dining room and would like to have his interior done with a minimum budget but in a traditional Kerala style. I had asked him to read and research sites or blogs for getting information on Tips to Choose the Best Interior Designers for your Home but still he needs more clarification on the subject like:
    1. When should one go for Interior Designers for your Home?
    2. What should be a minimum budget that he needs to keep in hand before approaching any Interior Designers for your Home?
    3. Should an Interior Designers that you finalise for your Home by a local group or can be from nearby area or what is the advantage of having a nearby person?
    4. What should be some of the questions that we need to have clear cut in our mind before opting for Interior Designers for your Home?
    5. Where should one focus in the process Interior Designers for your Home, the hall, kitchen or bedroom or should go hand-in-hand during the designing?
    6. Any other suggestion for a common man before opting for Interior Designers for your Home?
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  • 1. . When should one go for Interior Designers for your Home?
    A. If it is a new house and the construction is going on, you can get the interiors done once all other works are completed and the house is ready for occupation. Some persons prefer to get these interiors also and then start living in the house. Some prefer occupying the house and then getting the interiors done. That is the choice of the house owner and his wife. When we made our house we occupied the house after completing the interiors also done.
    2. What should be a minimum budget that he needs to keep in hand before approaching any Interior Designers for your Home?
    A. That depends on your requirement and the capacity you have. I purchased a house and got the interiors done and the expenditure is about Rs.3.00.000/-. It is in 2006. My brother purchased an apartment and he got the interiors done and he spent around Rs.8.00,000/-. This is 2015. The budget will depend on the type of interiors you are planning. These days to get the minimum work done one has to keep at least Rs.4,00,000/- for this purpose.
    3. Should an Interior Designers that you finalise for your Home by a local group or can be from nearby area or what is the advantage of having a nearby person?
    A. It is always better to contact a known person. He may stay away from his house but you know him, you can expect good work from him. So go for a known person. If you don't have anybody, you can take a reference from your friends are relatives and use their services. In case of any problem, the person who referred him. Completly going for an unknown person may lead to some problem sometimes.
    4, What should be some of the questions that we need to have clear cut in our mind before opting for Interior Designers for your Home?
    A. What type of interiors will bring the additional look to our house is to be studied and that can be implemented. It is better to visit one or two houses in which your contractor got the interiors done. That will give you an idea about the workmanship of the person. We should also see the quality of the material that is being used.
    5. Where should one focus in the process Interior Designers for your Home, the hall, kitchen or bedroom or should go hand-in-hand during the designing?
    A. It is better to get the interiors done for the entire house. If you feel finance problem, first priority is to be given to the hall, then the bedroom and then kitchen.
    6. Any other suggestion for a common man before opting for Interior Designers for your Home?
    A. First point is that we should not go for heavy expenditure. We should see our purse and then decide. Taking loan and spending on interiors may not be economical. Go for interiors which adds elegance to the rooms.

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  • Everywhere, interior designers and architects are available and it is not required to call or contact someone from outside. Interior decoration can be done in less budget also and one need not to spend large amounts. If one has some idea of elegance and ambience one can design his own way and then call a carpenter or some other worker who can craft the interiors. If one does not have that outlook then some interior expert is to be hired for designing the interiors. We have to keep some points in consideration while going for interior designing. Some of them are -
    1. The design should not eat out the area and parts of the rooms just covering them with false ceiling and things like that. It is a wastage of money and is a safety hazard.
    2. Choosing colours of ones choice is an impotent consideration but limit to light and pleasing colours and not the dark and offending colours.
    3. Before covering the walls, roofs, and other areas with false attractive panels one should keep in mind that if something is to be repaired in future then how we are removing or un installing these costly fixtures.
    4. The materials used in interior designing should be of good quality because replacing or repairing them at short intervals would be a big inconvenience.
    5. One should keep in mind the utility of space and areas in the house and that is not to be compromised in the name of interior designing. What I mean is interior designing should not be for show off purposes but it should make, the person who is living there, happy.

    As regards the budget for such interior designing one can mange in 2-3 lakh of Rupees. Of course there is no limit as such and depends on the financial condition of the person.

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  • Numerous Household Owners Are Scared While Dealing with the Consulting of an Interior Designer. Regardless of whether You Are Going to a New Home or Refreshing the Old Decor, an Interior Designer Might Be Your Best Friend. While You Might Think That Interior Designers Only Work with Rich and Famous People, Who Can't Be Really Ahead. You Can Choose and Hire an Interior Designer to Develop and Execute a Complete Project, or You Can Bring One to Help You with Only Small Jobs.

    You Can Hire in the Interior Designer for Advice and Can Help in Things Like Colorful Color Selection, Lighting, Clothing Sourcing, Furniture Shopping, or Space Plan. Enrolling an Interior Designer on a "Need-Based" Basis Can Save You Money and Give You Latitude to Follow Your Vision While Making the Right Place for You and Your Family.

    Presently That You Have Decided to Hire an Interior Designer, You Need to Know the Process Involved in Making the Right Selection for Your Particular Project. I Will Remove Your Fears and You Will Feel Comfortable with the Idea of ??Working with the Interior Designer. You, Will, Know Everything You Need to Know About One Thing, the Interview Process lastly How to Work with a Design Professional.

    Where to Look

    You Can See Model Houses or Designer Showrooms in Your Area and You Can Choose a Look While Talking to Your Design Sensibilities. Approach Friends for Recommendations. On the off chance that Your Neighbor, Friend, or Friend of a Friend Has Professional Design Help, Then Find Out About Your Experiences, and If You Get a Positive Feedback Then Contact the Interior Designer.use Professional Organizations Groups to Know About Famous Interior Designer.

    Proficient Certificate

    On the off chance that This Is Your First Experience to Choose an Interior Designer, Then You Would Like to Hire a Commercially Certified One. There Are so many Qualified and confirm Interior Designer in the Many States That Control the Interior Design Business. Most Require a Degree in Comprehensive Education and Interior Design. On the off chance that Your Project Is Small or You Do Not Feel the Need to Rent a Recognized Interior Designer, Then See Interior Decorators in Your Area Who Meet Your Needs, Budget and Taste. Inside Decorators Can Be Sorted Out as Same as Interior Designers.

    Decide Your Budget

    Contingent upon the Size and Scope of Your Project, You Have to Set a Work Budget. This Is an Amount That Should Be Discussed with an Interior Designer First. A few Designers Do Not Take Small Projects/Budgets, So This Will Help You Eliminate Some Candidates Immediately. Also, Keep in Mind That Some Designers Will Charge for Your Initial Consultation for quite a long time. Sporadically the Fee Will Be Rotated in the Price of the Job, yet Be Sure to Get All the Details Before Setting Up Appointments with Potential Designers.

    Style Ideas

    Something else That You Need to Consider Is Your Personal Style. At the point when You Discuss Your Decoration Taste with an Interior Designer, You Should Love What You Like and Do Not Like. A Good Interior Designer Can Keep His Personal Style Back on the Burner and Can Focus Specifically on You. Stay away from Interior Designers Who Have a Signature - of Course, This Looks Messiness with Your Design Taste.

    The Best Way to Learn About a Designer's Style and Range Is to Look at Your Portfolio. If You Are Not Connected to Any Designer's Work, Then This Time It Goes to Another Designer.

  • Designing the interiors of a house is an art in itself and there are even educational courses for learning interior designing. The main emphasis of interior designing is to give it an elegant look and make the interiors of a house as attractive as possible. At the same time budget is a concern and one need not to spend a lot of money on it. Now we can go to the query point wise -

    1. Interior designing is to be done just after the house construction is complete and it is vacant so that ease and convenience of working for the workers would be there. In case the financial condition is not conducive it can be postponed for a later time.

    2. For a 3 room house the most optimistic budget amount would be starting in the range of 2 to 4 lakhs depending upon the quality of material and quantum of interior work.

    3. Nowadays there is a lot of construction work going on even in small towns and good interior designers are available locally and there is no need of going to big cities in search of a renowned person. A person who is locally available would be convenient to handle and one can call him any time for any change or alteration in the design later on.

    4. Before we go for any such interior designing work we should be very clear in our mind regarding certain basic things like - whether panelling is required to be done on walls, whether special paint patterns are to be printed on a part of the wall specially in drawing room as per the latest trends, whether false ceiling is required and if yes then what about the hidden point lights which give the room a very ambient touch, whether kitchen is to be kept separate or open to the guests all the time in sight, whether terrace and balconies are covered in style or not etc. These are some of the trends that are being seen in the society and can be thought of. The details of these things would impact on the total cost also.

    5. Generally, interior designing is done for the whole house and not only for drawing room unless of course there is a financial constraint. There should be a similarity in the overall plan so that the whole house seems to be a single unit. Too much of colour difference from room to room and too many distinguishing features will not be advisable and the interiors of the house should be designed preferably under a theme that the interior designer would able to suggest after seeing the space, sun direction and things like that.

    6. There are some important points in this type of projects and one of them is placement of ornamental plants and flowering plants. Which plant would look better in which place and how they will be rotated from one place to another and also are to be kept regularly outside for sun rays, is a special skill to be learnt by the person who is living in the house. Apart from that the colour of curtains and mats etc has to be in some resonance and if a match can be achieved in all the drapes and floorings in the house, it would add much value without any extra expense. There are some magazines on interior designing and some ideas can be taken from them also.

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  • Designing your house looking attractive and ambience would much depend upon the deployment of interior designer and his coworkers engaged for the interior designing. Here there some clarifications for the queries raised by the author and these points may be seen serial wise covering the queries.
    1) Once your construction of house is over, you may switch over to Interior Designing but it would be still better to defer shifting in such houses unless the Interior Design is complete with your designer. In that way, the designer would go ahead with his activities as per his planning since there is no obstruction of the family members and rhythm of work is consistent and convenient.
    2) You need to follow a rough estimate for the interior design and this should be more or less to the tune of 5 percent of the cost of your housing. It specifies that a 3 BHK Flat costing around Eighty Lakhs would need the investment of around Four Lakhs for the interior designing.
    3) Interior designers are available almost in all cities rendering their services to their customers with the high degree of satisfaction and instead of going somewhere else, it would be a fine idea to look out for such a professional in your own city. In that way, any alteration in the earlier planning can be conveniently intimated to the local designer which otherwise would kill time in getting a right professional for a change to be effected.
    4) Materials to be used in the interior designing should be of superior quality since any change at the later stage would amount to additional expenses for which the occupants might not have anticipated.
    5) It would be better if you could undertake interior design for the entire space of your house. If you feel financial constraint, it can be done phase wise with the same designer. In such a case, take up the interior design for the hall and then you may take up kitchen and lastly the bed rooms.
    6) You should bear in your mind that your investment should not exceed beyond four Lakhs since there is no limit for the investment. It would require periodical changes depending upon your mood at a later period. There would be slight variation in your investment due to your choice of Interior Designer, Labour Cost of your area and the material to be installed for the designing purpose.

  • The charges of interior design depend on:
    - Scope of work
    - Type of design
    - Quality of material
    - Level of designer
    - Area of work

    The most important thing is what your budget is and what preferences of interior design you are looking for. Total expenses may start from 3 lac to 6 lac or 10 lac depends on what your pocket allows. If you hire an experienced and well-known interior designer he will charge some extra money for branded name of his firm. I think it is better to take quotations from different interior designers of your city and nearby cities as well, you can see their catalogue and can talk to them in person or if they have phone numbers of their clients who had got this work done by these interior designers then you can contact them to know their feedback whether or not they were satisfied. You can consult your friends, relatives and colleagues to have their suggestions as well provided that you do not mind to do so.

  • Most of the points to be considered before pursuing the interior designing of a house are clearly explained in the above responses. I just want to add that-

    1. Do not follow the show off trends for designing your own house because its suitability depends upon your requirement. The show-off designs look good for a short period and then you will start feeling problematic later.

    2. Do not select sophisticated interiors as after regular use, you may damage related problems. I am suggesting this because I have faced this problem personally. Such things look good in advertisements and booklets but it is really difficult to manage delicate interiors in regular life.

    3. Do not load your walls with unnecessary wooden shelves as they are having a shorter lifespan and invites bugs after some time.

    4. Lastly, apart from your present requirements, also consider your future requirements because we do not design our home frequently.


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