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  • My old college kept my certificates/tc when I tried to leave. Will I have problems joining IGNOU?

    Woorried what to do if a college does not return the certificates for admission to another college? Looking out for ideas and tips to get the cetificates back? Find advice from experts here.

    I was studying biotech in 2015 and I decided to leave to pursue medicine. It was a very bad decision in hindsight but I was really keen on becoming a doctor as I wanted to be one from a young age.

    When I left, the college kept my 10th marksheet, 12th marksheet and TC. They demanded that I pay for the rest of the semesters even though I had only attended one semester. I fell into financial difficulties and I couldn't pay them.

    I tried really hard to get back into education, dropped the idea of medicine and joined an arts college. I was kicked out after I couldn't produce my original documents. Soon after I was diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis(Reactive arthritis) effecting the left side of my body due to a serious infection. For several months I could barely get out of bed. I was severely depressed and developed OCD the following months to add insult to injury.

    Fast forward to 2020, I've exhausted all options to get it back, they still demand the money for it, financial situation has barely improved. I do odd jobs for people for very little money but its improving slowly. My arthritis is in remission(thankfully reactive arthritis is not a life-long disease). I'm also seeing a professional for my mental health.

    I've decided to pursue my education again in IGNOU. Colleges give a lot of trouble to me when I try to ask for admission asking me why I have so many gap years.

    Due to Digilocker and them(IGNOU) not asking for TC, I got admission in IGNOU.

    My question is:

    1 - Will I have trouble later on due to my certificates still being in my old college and me taking admission in IGNOU while I'm "technically still a student there".

    2 - Is it a problem that my TC is still with them?

    It will take me a few more months to get a loan to pay my old college. I am not challenging them legally because they are very strong people and I have no resources to deal with bigshots like them. My life was completely ruined and I'm only now trying to pick myself up.

    Please answer my questions regarding the certificate problem and IGNOU admission. I hope a 6-12 month delay in getting my documents back from the old college does not break any rules regarding admissions(due to overlap of me technically being in the old college and now in IGNOU as well). I desperately need advice.
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  • Your original mark sheets are kept by the institution where you did not continue your education and could not also deposit the fees. Now you are undergoing some course in correspondence mode from IGNOU. You have also mentioned that you are earning some money and you hope that you might pay them in few months and get the original documents back. What I would suggest is you please pay them some amount as an instalment and pray to the principal there that you have all intentions to pay the fees but due to financial constraints you are not able to do it and would be doing in instalments only. This would send a good message to them that you are not defaulting because of saving some money but because of your financial condition.

    Meanwhile you can also meet the District Magistrate of your place of residence and seek help from him as they also have some funds for charitable purposes. Many people take help from NGOs also in lieu of the work rendered for them and you can explore that option also. Then there is a possibility that the MLA/MLC of your area can also help you as they have also got funds to that effect. There are many influential leaders belonging to various political parties and they are very powerful in terms of money and influence. I do not think there is anything wrong in meeting them and seek help. They may ask you to do some party work voluntarily and if that suits to you what is wrong in that. What I mean to say is that there are some variety of ways seeking help and raising money and once you get some job and regular income you can always repay these people. Only thing is you should have clarity of the purpose and truth in your talks with all these people because they have their own means to find out everything about you and if something of that negative sort is found out they would refuse to do any type of help.

    Please keep a copy of your correspondence with that institution as you might have to present it to IGNOU or during the final counselling of your education or in connection with some job interview as you have to convince with documents your plight and request for exemptions. You can get the certificate or degree from IGNOU that would not be a problem but when you seek for a job anywhere they would require to go through the original documents. So you have to work hard and earn some money to get back the documents from the institution. If you can pay them partially then there is a hope that they as a special case exempt you from the remaining money. So sending the first instalment would be a crucial action from your side. I hope this helps you and if you have any doubt or further query you can again ask in this thread itself so that we can have a continuity in it.

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  • By going through your submission, what I could anticipate is the seizure of documents from the college from where you wanted to persue your course of Biotechnology but unfortunately the circumstances did not favour you. You may take up the following steps to retrieve your documents from the said college-
    1) You may meet the Principal of the college aprising him of entire events making you failure in paying back the dues. May be he would share with you in making the payment of dues in the instalment mode. It may range from quarterly to yearly as agreed by the Principal. Agreement may vary slightly in course of deliberations.
    2) You may take the help of some local MLA having enough influence in the administration of different institutions and in that way, you would be able to secure some fund with which you can pay your instalments of your dues.
    3) At the present moment, you may not be able to take up tuition in your pet subject for the students persuing class ten, but later you can resume such jobs supplementing your income.
    4) It appears a prudent step that you have taken up your admission in IGNOU and now it should be your aim to perform well in this course so that on the strength of grand performance, you can take up future course of action.
    5) Your original documents are essential to be shown to any official where you would persue your higher education or joining a job in some organisation.

  • Normally no college will hold the qualification certificates while pursuing some course except Transfer Certificate from earlier institution and or Migration certificate from university if the candidate is from other university. In your case the reason for which purpose they hold your certificates is to be checked as you may failed to collect the same from them at the time of admission. When you are intending to pursue medical courses you can apply for relieving to the studying college without any problem and no college will interfere in that unless otherwise any specified restriction in your admission process. You meet the principal in person with your father and explain the situation freely.

  • It is very bad to know that your certificates are retained by the college and not returning you. This is very unfortunate and these days education also has become a business.
    1. Already you have changed IGNOU and they have not asked you any certificate. Open University education won't ask you any TC or former qualification certificate. So that way you may not get any problems. Once you finish the course they will give you the certificate.
    2. For certain jobs your qualification from IGNOU may be sufficient. But for some jobs, they may ask the 10+2 +3 system. For those jobs, your 10th and 12th certificates may be required. So it is better to get them back.
    3. These colleges will get approvals from University, UGC and other statutory bodies. If you know anyone from those institutions you can contact the college administration through them and try to get the certificates back. They can't say no to the request of officers from these departments. So that will be helpful to you.
    4. You can also try getting back the certificates by approaching the college committee members or the principal and explaining your problems to them. They may help you if they understand your position properly.
    5. You can approach local leaders or MLA or MP of your area and try to get their help. If they help you and just recommend your case to the college, the college will respond positively.
    6. Meanwhile start contacting the college through email and explain them the entire case in detail. You can request them to consider your case sympathetically and request them to return the documents without asking for any payment. They may consider and give some reduction at least.
    7. You can try through the Education Department officials of that area.

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  • The administration of certain institutes in our country is very rigid. However if you request them with proper documents regarding your health condition and financial situation. They might help you out willingly. Also if you're in touch with your professors at this institute then please contact them and tell your situation. They will surely help you out since most teachers at institutes are very friendly since it affects their reputation in the institute. Hope this helps!!!

  • (1) There is no problem for you to get admission in IGNOU. There is no prerequisite as such. If you have photocopies of 10th & 12th marks- sheet, it will do.

    (2) According to an order of a High Court no college or university is authorised to withhold your documents for not paying fee, however, they can sue against you for not paying dues of your college. But you are scared of going to court against them as they are powerful. In this situation getting back your documents from them solely depends on their choice and they will not give your documents back until their total fee is paid to them. Therefore, you have to clear all dues to get your certificates.

    (3) Meanwhile, you may lodge your complaint to DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC GRIEVANCES

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