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  • Regarding my career after diploma in electrical and electronics engineering

    Are you a fresh Diploma holder and are you confused as to how you need to proceed to shape up your career successfully? Follow this thread to be guided by our experienced members in this connection.

    I am 21 years old and have just completed my diploma in electrical and electronics engineering. I am very eager to take up a job and to start earning and also to have an industrial work experience. Right now my focus is on getting a government job in India in my respective field and to improve my skills and knowledge or to take a VISA to the US or some other country abroad.
    I want someone to guide me as I am really clueless as to I need to proceed further now. So I request you to please tell me the possibilities and the steps that I should be taking to attain my goal.
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  • I must congratulate you on having completed your diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering though you have not indicated your marks semester wise. This aspect is important in the sense that the culture of our Public Undertaking is to absorb young Diploma Engineers of different streams with an aggregate marks of at least 65 percent in each semester and fulfilment of this criteria would make you eligible to be shortlisted for the written test conducted by the organisation. You would be called for the oral test subject to clearance of the written test. Finally you would be selected after the scrutiny of the medical board of the companies.
    Hence you must look out the vacancies of DVC, Coal India, ONGC even for TISCO( though it is a private sector). This would be your initial phase of gaining experience in your area of working.
    Get yourself enrolled for AMIE course comprising Section A and Section B consisting of nine and eight papers respectively. The examination session of this course is May and November of each year. You can prepare the subjects part wise with the assistance of some professional institute in your leisure time. Achieve this qualification and this qualification is treated at par with BE or B.Tech of any recognised university.
    Your working experience of around five to six years coupled with qualification of AMIE would widen your chance to obtain visa provided you clear TOEFL essential for the aspirants interested for jobs in abroad.
    Make a prudent planning to achieve success in your line.

  • It is very nice to know that you have completed your diploma in electrical and electronics engineering. There are jobs for diploma holders in this field in government PSUs as well as private companies also. Don't wait for a government job. Try for a private job and join in that and continue your search for the government jobs.
    You upload your resume in and They will be sending you the updates about the jobs which are suitable for you and you can apply for them.
    Visit the websites of various PSUs and see for any vaccines and apply for them. Employment News is a weekly which gives all the government jobs requirements and advertisements. See that weekly and apply for the posts which suit your qualifications. That will help you in getting government jobs.
    To go abroad, I suggest you to first finish your B.Tech/ BE in part-time mode while working and they try for a foreign assignment. You can also try for AMIE which is equivalent to BE/ B Tech for all practical purposes. You can do this while you are working. For details of this AMIE course, you can visit the site of the Institution of Engineers. There you will get all the required details.

    always confident

  • In the field of electrical engineering, there is a growing demand in advanced technology sectors like semiconductors, networking, communication navigation systems, computers, and data analysis. Institutes and companies for graduates in electrical engineering are also investing in research in new areas such as distributed grid control, smart grid, sources of non-conventional energy, extracting oil and gas from the ocean such as energy sectors.
    When you complete the course of Electrical Engineer, you get a lot of job options -

    1.After doing a course in electrical engineering, you can get semiconductor,
    2.Networking, a communication navigation system,
    3.Computers and Data Analysis, Electrical Energy,
    4.Electrical machinery, power plant, railway, civil aviation,
    5.You can also try for jobs in many technology-related fields like telecommunication, power generation.

    Research in Electrical Engineering
    Institutes and companies are also investing in research in new fields for an electrical engineering graduate. In these areas, many research projects in the energy sector such as distributed grid control, smart grids, sources of non-conventional energy, extracting oil and gas from the sea, electrical engineers can be found.

    Job in Data Digitization Sector
    At present, the government and individuals are paying more attention to special data digitization and network enhancement. In such a situation, they are most likely to get jobs in the field of network and communication. With the advancement in the field of communication, there are certainly a lot of digital data that needs to be analyzed, these systems of data collection have opened up many opportunities for electrical engineers.

    Many more areas of Job in Electrical Engineering -

    Electric power generating installations
    Electricity transmission and distribution organizations
    Navigational equipment manufacturing industries
    Aerospace manufacturing industry
    Automobile industry
    Architecture and construction firms
    Engineering services
    Government electrical works department
    Armed forces
    Indian Railways
    Airports Authority of India

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