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  • What are the best Apple Arcade games for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV?

    Interested in playing Apple arcade games? Want to know the best games, free versions or additional charges to play those games? On this Ask Expert page find answers for all your queries.

    I recently came to know about the Little Orpheus game in iPhone and iPad etc. but would like to know from all the expert of iPhone users, specially iPhone or iPad gameplay users. What are the best Apple Arcade games for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV other than Little Orpheus? Any other best games over there? Is there any additional charges for it? Any free version? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • Following are the list of popular Apple Arcade games that have received positive reviews from users and critics.

    The Pathless - a mythic adventure game with beautiful visuals and an atmospheric soundtrack.

    Grindstone - a puzzle game with addictive gameplay that requires strategy and skill.

    What the Golf? - a hilarious and irreverent take on the classic sport, with surprising and inventive twists.

    Sneaky Sasquatch - a charming and whimsical game that lets you live out your fantasy of being a mischievous sasquatch.

    Sayonara Wild Hearts - an exhilarating rhythm game with a stylish and vibrant aesthetic.

    Skate City - a relaxing and immersive skateboarding game that lets you explore beautifully-rendered cityscapes.

    Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm - a sprawling action-adventure game with epic boss battles and a richly-detailed world.

    Alto's Odyssey - a mesmerizing endless-runner game set in a breathtaking desert landscape.

    Assemble with Care - a touching and introspective game about repairing objects and relationships.

    Shinsekai Into the Depths - an atmospheric exploration game set in an underwater world filled with mysteries and dangers.

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