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  • What are the best healthy foods?

    Want to know the best healthy foods during this pandemic? Searching for the best foods which can be consumed without any hesitation of weight loss or increase? Check out this page where our experts have responded to your query.

    Due to COVID or Pandemic concern, many are careful on food intake habits as well. At the same time, due to less walks or less old routine and sitting at home or office for the past few months without going out much, some might have put on weight or the weight might have increased or decreased slowly with or without knowledge.

    In such situations, what are the best healthy foods those we can consume without much hesitation considering neither weight increase (become extra fat) or decrease (become abnormal thin) etc.?
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  • Avoid cold foods during the pandemic period. Besides that you can take anything as you please and as per your regular routine but keep a limit on that. Moreover your intake should be at regular intervals and at a stipulated time you can take your food.
    Specially for the pandemic period, you can take the Kabasura Kudineer and Nilavembu Kashayam regularly in the mornings. Both of the medicines are available in all medical stores now. Even in online you can get the both.

  • You may take your meals with slight modifications such less addition of oils in your vegetables and pulse and it would be better to consume fresh meals preferably in hot condition.
    You may follow the following tips during the pandemic situation -
    1) In the morning as soon as you wake up, you may consume around 750 ml of warm water, this trend if followed would maintain your healthy weight apart from clearing your lungs.
    2) Take Tulasi tea in the morning to boost up immunity.
    3) Take at least one tablet of Giloy Ghan Vati in the empty stomach so as to have enhanced immunity.
    4) Taking some amount of Black Pepper, Green - tea, Dalchini etc would clear your lung clear from the infection.
    5) Avoid foods brought from outside, it should be home made so as to avoid any infection.
    6) You may add a little amount of cow - ghee in your cooked pulse and this will strengthen your immunity apart from its benificial effects on the entire metabolism.
    7) Avoid Pizza, Burger or any fast food during the current phase since such foods weakens our metabolism.
    8) Eating just one or two avocados a week can provide all the benifits of healthy mono saturated fats, vitamin B6 and lot of folates. This can be included in your breakfast.
    9) Include Garlic in your prepared sauces or curries to reap its benifits in respect of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure due to its thinning effect of the blood.
    10) Lentils contain abundant fibre and Protien adding great taste to any meal. This should be included in your meal so as to enjoy the balanced diet.

  • We require many types of food for keeping our body fit and energetic. So, we take a variety of foods as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, protein foods giving us basic materials like protein, carbohydrate (including starches and fibre), healthy fats, minerals, vitamins, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

    Now what happens is that we take food just like that without making any calculation as what should be the percentage of these things in our food. So, slowly some people become over weight, some become too bulky, and some grow in disproportionate sizes. So for a good health a balanced diet coupled with calorie burning exercises is a must to do thing in our life.

    For a balanced diet we have to look up to foods containing fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein foods. These are all healthy foods and are to be taken in a balanced ways. There are some foods which are tasty and luring but they only provide calories but are not healthy. Some of these foods are cakes, cookies, donuts,processed meats, artificial drinks and sodas, fruit drinks with added sugar, ice cream, chips, fries, pizza, sodas, biscuits, jumbo sandwiches, oily wraps etc. They are full of calories but are called as empty calorie foods. For a good healthy food menu we have to avoid all of them.

    Balanced diet does not mean that we have to weigh each and every food item and then consume it and then add the calories and should not exceed the average limit of 2000 calories per day. Balanced diet means that we have to reduce sugar, refined flour, and oil in our food intake and at the same time increase the quantity of nuts, fibrous grains, boiled vegetables, fruits etc.

    The above scheme is able to give a balanced nutrition to a person but one has to spend the energy obtained through these foods and exercises in any form are to be done on a regular basis. Just by eating balanced foods one might not get the desired result until one is ready to make changes in the lifestyle.

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  • During this pandemic, we are all staying back in our houses and we are not moving out much. Physical activity is getting reduced. So to maintain good health we should always think of good food.,
    The following are to be followed.
    1. Don't go for junk food.
    2. Don't go for cold water.
    3. Don't eat cold food or stored food.
    4. Eat a variety of fresh and unprocessed foods every day. They will give the vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, protein and antioxidants required for us.
    5. Avoid sugar, fat and salt.
    6. Take a good amount of water. Better to use boiled and cooled to room temperature naturally is better.
    7. Eat 2 cups of fruits, 2.5 cups of vegetables, 180 g of grains, and 160 g of beans
    8. Eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits as snacks
    9. Don't go for sugar-rich items.
    10. Take unsaturated fatty acids. They will be found in fish, avocado, nuts, olive oil, soy, sunflower and corn oils.
    11. Use milk and milk products with reduced fat content.
    12, Don't go for items rich in Sugar and Salt.
    13. Don't go for eating out.
    14. Don't eat food cooked outside.
    15. Don't take ordered food from outside.
    16. Take fresh fruit juice without adding sugar.
    17. Never go for soft drinks.
    18. Try to eat minimum quantities and if you want you can take more times.
    19. Avoid too many starch foods.
    20. Oil is to be restricted and use oils from grains rather than refined oil.

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  • The best food is whatever is traditionally cooked at home and which we are familiar and comfortable with. We have grown till this with that only. Home food is the most hygienic. It contains an additional factor of affection, care and does not contain any commercial or profit intention. The family members who cook the food add their good intention and welfare intention many times with a silent prayer that that should be tasty and healthy and satisfying for all who eat that. The person who cooks aims and gets satisfaction we the person who eat that feel happy and comfortable with it and get satisfied. They will be only happy if they ask for more servings. They would cook with variety and considering the taste, liking, age and health of the family members. Hence home cooked food is the most suitable and healthy for all.

    However, where and why homemade food sometimes lacks in balance or nutrition is due to reasons of affordability and availability. In most families there comes some adjustment when the price of the ingredients like vegetables, groceries, milk and other food products increase. The family adjusts it by reducing the quantum of inputs, quantum of food cooked, or substituting it with more affordable and available ingredients, Sometimes lack of time also may contribute for adjustment and compromise. I all such circumstances he priority is for 'stomach filling and hunger satisfying' food rather than balanced and nutritious food.

    If we follow the traditional menu and timetable followed and handed over by generations in the family and use the easily available and affordable local ingredients (grains, groceries, dairy, vegetables and animal products) and follow the familiar and comfortable preparations then that will be the best.

    Our own traditional Indian cooking is the best if we can follow it properly. Many studies have shown, especially recently that the many spice ingredients regularly used in Indian cooking are best immunity boosters.

    If one is not diagnosed or any health issues, if one is having a normal age-height-weight relativity and one does not fall ill frequently, then it means that one is having a generally balanced diet and is best to continue the same way just making minimum changes for taste and variety.

    When one has to take outside food, it is best to take it from hygienic sources and items as near as possible to home food.

    In case of any issues or fatigue etc you may consult a doctor and also get advice and suggestions on food and nutrition too.

  • We need balanced diet as well as exercise for keeping ourselves fit and healthy. Our body needs vitamins, dietary fibre, minerals, protein, antioxidants etc.Drink good amount of water, take fresh food and consume vegetables & fruits of the season regularly. Eat a bit less than what amount of food you take normally. Take legumes (lentils, beans), nuts and whole grain- unprocessed maize, millet, oats, wheat, brown rice, pulses.

    We have to abstain from taking too much oily and fatty food especially during covid 19 pandemic, however, moderate amount of unsaturated fat can be taken instead of saturated fat. Moreover, white meat is better than red meat. Eating out, Junk food, soda, sugar, soft drink, fast food, snacks, fried food, frozen pizza, pies, cookies, margarines and spreads etc should also be avoided.

    Daily exercise should not be forgotten. If you avoid to go for morning walk or gym due to fear of infection of coronavirus, you can do some exercises at home. Early to bed and early to get up is good for health as we inhale fresh air in morning.

  • Healthy foods are those foods which are basically devoid of oil and carbohydrates. For example junk foods like sandwiches, pizza, chat, sweets etc are all high carbohydrate foods and will harm one and simply increase ones weight only. It is very true that consuming healthy foods requires a lot of control on ones lure for junk foods. Once we become habitual of consuming junk foods then it is very difficult to control the urge to consume them. Sweets and chocolates are an attraction for many of us but they are the most useless food items. Some of the healthy foods are -
    1. Toned milk.
    2. Buttermilk.
    3. Soya cottage cheese.
    4. Whole flour chapati without any ghee or butter.
    5. Boiled vegetables (except potato, sweet potato etc).
    6. Roasted chicken.
    7. Rosted whole flour buns or breads.
    8. Lemon.
    9. Walnuts, Almonds etc.

    One has to make a balance of items in the diet like taking less rice and more whole flour, taking no sugar at all, taking cream less milk, taking no oil or ghee or butter, one has to avoid fried items like namkeen etc, and one has to avoid fried items that are generally offered in festival times.

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  • Due to Pandemic that has caught us and kept us chained in our four walls for months, it is very concern for many about their as well as their loved ones or family members health. With very less movement or exercise which was normal by many i.e. going to school/college/work, buying grociries, paying bills, etc but now, many things are done through online and we have started gaining weight knowingly or unknowingly which is very alarming. Though many do go for walk or do some sort of exercise in their homes, many cannot afford due to many constraints.

    In such situations, some of the best healthy foods that can be consumed without much hesitation considering neither weight increase (become extra fat) or decrease (become abnormal thin) etc are as follows:
    1. Fresh fruit and vegetable - We are living in an agriculture country where many food are grown and sold in the market. We get many fruits and vegetables according to season and that are fresh. It is always good to go fro fresh fruit and vegetable which are locally grown and sold which are very nutricious and healthy. The only thing that one needs to keep in mind is that you need to keep on rotating it so that the family members do not get bored of consuming it.

    2. Go for healthy dried when fresh produce is not available - If you find difficulty in getting fresh vegetables, then you can swap it with plenty of healthy alternatives like dried beans, pulses, grams, etc which are very nutritious as well as long-lasting. One can even go for oats, cornflakes, dry fruits or raisins, etc

    3. Avoid highly processed foods - Many of us like ready-to-eat meals, fried snacks, desserts, areated drinks etc as it saves time and work but it often contains saturated fat, sugars and salt in high quantity that are very dangerous for our health. You can try for better and healthy options like fresh lemon, lime or fruit juice, salads, drinking water, etc.

    4. Store healthy snacks than just junk foods - Children often like to have packed snacks like chips, chocolates, etc which are not good for them. If you do not stock such food, you may be able to give them healthy snacks like nuts or dried fruits, boiled eggs, cheese, yoghurt, etc.

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  • There are a number of healthy food which can be consumed in these pandemic time for maintaining proper health.
    Some of the healthy food suggestions are listed below:
    1. Start your day with Giloya tablet which helps to boost immunity in these pandemic times.
    2. Have some healthy drink like green tea and black coffee which improves metabolism and helps in weight management.
    3. Have less oily and timely meals. Try to take four meals a day.
    4. Include ample amount of salad and green leafy vegetables in your diet as it will ensure balanced diet.
    5. Some sort of excercise such as cycling, jogging, Yoga must be incorporated in lifestyle.
    6. Proper rest must be taken which in turn helps our body to revover from the daily wear and tear as well as mental stress.
    7. Trifala churn which is an Ayurvedic medicine can be taken for proper digestion and weight loss.

  • Make sure that you are consuming a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables as they are rich in potassium. For vegetables, you can choose peas, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, spinach, and potatoes. Fruits such as bananas and oranges and dry fruits like raisins, apricots, plums, and dates are also rich in potassium. To avoid the risk of overdose, make sure that your potassium is taken from the diet and not from the supplements.

    Green leafy vegetables have more nutrition per calorie than any other diet. Green vegetables are also a good source of vitamins A, C, E, and K and several types of B vitamins. They are rich sources of minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium.

    Fruits like orange, lemon, and grapefruit are the best sources of vitamin C, which helps in boosting the body's strength to fight against diseases. Citrus fruits and bananas are a better source of potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure.

    Many times a day, small meals are preferred over large amounts of food. It balances your energy distribution during the day. In simple language, eat when you feel hungry, and stop when you feel full.

  • We all are compelled to stay at home due to this pandemic. Most of the people have left outside activity because of coronavirus. In such a situation, we need to be conscious regarding the taken food item. Some important points which are to be followed for a healthy life as follows:-
    1. Don't take outside food. Always try to have homemade food as much as possible.
    2. Don't take fast food like pizza, burger, chips, chocolate etc as it increases health risk.
    3. Always try to have hot food as well as hot water.
    4. You should take juicy fruit like orange, grapes, pomegranate and green leafy vegetables as it is a rich source of vitamin and mineral and helps in boost up our immune system.
    5. Practice yoga regularly as only good food will not increase your immune system.
    6. Don't eat sugar-rich food. Don't eat fatty food as it increases health problem.
    7. Drink the juice of tulsi and ginger. It helps to increase our immune system. Have green tea as it reduces our weight.

  • Any home made food is considered to be healthy because all the ingredients used are fresh . I think idlis with chutney and sambar are good for health. In addition,fruits,salads and cooked vegetables and curry leaves give good nutrition. Butter milk and curd also help us to digest the food easily. Mint leaves with lemon juice is helps to clear acidity and indigestion.

    Radha Muralidhar

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