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  • Eligibility for TGT or PGT post with current subject qualifications

    Want to take up a PGT or TGT teaching post? Know from experts if the current subject-based qualifications that you have make you eligible to apply or not for a PGT or TGT teaching job.

    I have completed
    1. 12th Commerce,2013 with Accountancy,Buss,Eng,Math,Eco,Physical education.
    2. Diploma in education from MPBSC,2015
    2. BA(Pass) from SOL,DU, 2016
    1st year -Maths, Economics,Hindi, English
    2nd year- Maths,Eco, Eng, Human rights
    3rd year- Maths,Eco,Hin, Globalisation.
    3. MA(HINDI) from IGNOU,2018

    Now I am working in KVS since 2017 as a Primary teacher. Someone told me that I am not eligible for promotion and there are many legal cases already pending regarding this. It seems if I complete B.Ed then I cannot be a primary teacher or give TGT exam because the subject combination required for TGT I don't have. Only PGT Hindi exam I can give, but that is also not sure, after completing B.Ed. I want to do B.Ed from IGNOU or any other open University.

    My questios-
    1. In BA which subject I can say my permanent subject and which is additional.
    2. What is the criteria of permanent subject and additional subject.
    3. What do I need to do if I wants to do B.Ed and what subject I can take in this scenario.
    4. Am I eligible for promotion in KVS.
    5. For correcting my BA subject combination, do I need to BA again and after this BA my previous BA and MA degree will be valid or not

    Also, suggest good open college for B.Ed.
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  • For Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) and Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) the following eligibility criterion is generally applied -

    1. Post Graduate Teacher (PGT) - Age should not be more than 40 years. The candidate should have a Master's degree in the concerned subject and should have at least 50% marks. He should also have a B.Ed or equivalent degree from a recognised University.

    2. Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) - Age should not be more than 35 years. The candidate should have a Bachelor's Degree with at least 50% marks in the concerned subject/ combination of subject. The candidate should have that subject in all the years of graduation course. He should also have a B.Ed or equivalent degree from a recognised University.

    If you do B.Ed. from some institute like IGNOU then you can apply for PGT in Hindi as that would fit for your educational credentials. For TGT your subjects are not in line with the essential qualifications except for Maths and after doing B.Ed. you might consider that also if Maths is not a problem area for you.

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  • Let me be more precise in answering to this query. The point wise answers are given below -

    1. Mathematics and Economics are the two subjects that you can consider as the regular subjects that you studied in your BA. So these can be said as permanent ones.

    2. The criterion is that the subjects which you studied all the years in BA are the main subjects. Others would be treated as secondary.

    3. If you wan to do B.Ed. then there is no compulsion that you have to take Mathematics or Economics as the main subject there. You can choose any subject that you have studied in BA even if it was for less than 3 years.

    4. You would be eligible for promotion only after you acquire a B.Ed. qualification and then it will be subject to the availability of the posts and your departmental seniority in the KVS.

    5. I do not think that you require to do BA again but if you do it with new subjects and new combinations then it would be valid and treated as additional qualification.

    6. Some of the good institutions for distance learning B.Ed. are as follows -
    a) Andhra University – School of Distance Education, Visakhapatnam.
    b) Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi.
    c) Annamalai University – School of Distance Education, Chidambaram.
    d) Bangalore University – School of Distance Education, Bangalore.
    e) Bharathiar University – School of Distance Education, Coimbatore.
    f) Bharathidasan University – School of Distance Education, Trichy.
    g) Himachal Pradesh University – International Centre for Distance Education & Open Learning, Shimla.
    h) Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University, Bhopal.
    i) Panjab University – USOL (University School of Open Learning), Chandigarh.
    j) Sri Venkateswara University – Directorate of Distance Education, Tirupati.
    k)Tamil Nadu National Open University.

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  • Primary Teacher(PRT) are teachers that have a diploma in teaching after their +Two education but are not graduates. PRT teachers get paid less than TGT teachers due to their qualification and teach in the primary section i.e. from classes I to IV.

    Trained Graduate Teacher(TGT) is a term and not a course but a title given to graduate teacher's whose teaching training has been completed. Any individual who has completed his B.Ed after his graduation is a Trained Graduate Teacher(TGT) by itself. A TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher) teaches from VI to X.

    Post Graduate Teacher(PGT) is also a title given to teacher's who have done their B.Ed or M.Ed after their post-graduations. A Post Graduate Teacher(PGT) teaches up to class twelfth (XII standard/+ Two, Higher Secondary, Intermediate, Pre-University) as known in our country.

    As you are already working in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), I would take this a benchmark for answering your question in the same order of points:

    1. In BA which subject I can say my permanent subject and which is additional.?
    A: As per the requirement of KVS for TGT, one needs to have a completed their graduation with atleast 50% marks in the concerned subject/combination of subject and in aggregate for teaching subjects like English, Hindi, Social Studies, Science, Sanskrit and Maths. As per your information, you can select any subject which was common in all your 3 years of your degree course. From the information, the subject you can opt-in Maths, Economics, Hindi and English

    2. What is the criteria for a permanent subject and additional subject?
    A: One needs to select Three core subjects in the First year wherein any 2 teaching subjects that you have learned for at least one year in graduation or post-graduation and the 3rd can be an additional subject from the elective lot.

    3. What I need to do if I want to do B.ed and what subject I can take in this scenario?
    A: As you are an Arts graduate(B.A), you need to choose arts subjects as your teaching subject in B.Ed and cannot change your base stream.

    4. Am I eligible for promotion in KVS?
    A: As you are in the teaching faculty and have D.ed from the past 3 years, you are eligible for promotion provided, they have some other norms. You can discuss it with your principal or HOD. Opting for B.ed is also a good option for your growth not only in KVS but as common and for other opportunities.

    5. For correcting my BA subject combination I need to do again BA and after that will my previous BA and MA degree will be valid?
    A: As you are already completed your PG in Hindi(M.A), I do not think that you need to do it again as you already have Maths, Economics & Hindi as your core subject which can be selected by you for your teaching or for completing your B.Ed.

    6. Suggest good open college for B.ed.
    A: Some of the good institutions for distance learning B.Ed but before considering any of it do check if it is recognised by NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education).
    a) In Delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia Centre for Distance and Open Learning (JMI-CDOL) and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).
    b) In Andra Pradesh: Andhra University School of Distance Education (AUSDE) Visakhapatnam and Kakatiya University School of Distance Learning & Continuing Education, Warangal.
    c) In Kerala: University of Calicut School of Distance Education (UCSDE), Calicut and School of Distance Education (Bharathiar University).
    d) In Karnataka: Bangalore University Directorate of Correspondence Courses and Distance Education, Bangalore and Karnataka State Open University (KSOU), Mysore.
    e) In Maharashtra: Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU), Nasik.
    f) In Rajasthan: Kota Open University (KOU), Kota.
    g) In Punjab: Punjab University Department of Correspondence Studies, Chandigarh
    h) In Haryana: Maharshi Dayanand University Directorate of Distance Education, Rohtak.
    i) In Tamilnadu: Tamilnadu Open University and Annamalai University Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) - Bachelor of Education
    j) In Jammu: University of Jammu Directorate of Distance Education
    k) In Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University (MPBOU), Bhopal.
    l) In Himachal Pradesh: Himachal Pradesh University International Centre for Distance Education and Open Learning, Shimla.

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  • With regard to getting a promotion in KVS from your current teaching post as PRT to TGT, the recruitment rules of KVS are very clear (refer to the official KVS website and the information given on this in the previous responses are incorrect.

    There is a Departmental Exam for which only PRTs with five years of regular service are eligible to apply, so right off, as a primary teacher, you are not eligible since you have only three years of experience (you can check if there are any new rules currently, though). Also, those appearing for the Departmental exam must have a Bachelor's Degree in the subject/combination of subjects (refer to details below). While there is (a) age criteria of maximum 35 years and (b) the requirement of min. 50% marks in the Bachelor's Degree exam for direct recruits for KVS TGT posts, these are not applicable for promotees who already have five years of regular service.

    Now let's say you do become eligible for a TGT post in a KVS after completing the five years' requirement, your options are to take up the subject that you did in all the three years of your B.A. Degree course. However, as per what you have listed, you have not taken up the required subject or the required subject combinations. You did not take up Hindi in the second year and English in the third year. You should have stuck to at least one of these languages for all the three years, which would have then made you eligible to get promotion as a language teacher in one of them. Details are taken from the official website -
    1. TGT (English): English as a subject in all the three years.
    2. TGT (Social Studies): Any two of the following - History, Geography, Economics and Political Science, of which one must be either History or Geography.
    3. TGT (Maths): Bachelor Degree in Maths with any two of the following subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science, Statistics.
    4. TGT (Science): Botany, Zoology and Chemistry.
    5. TGT (Hindi): Hindi as a subject in all the three years.
    Similarly, there will be subject-combination requirements for other teaching vacancies. Same would be the case when seeking promotion from TGT to PGT - there will be a Departmental exam and subject-specific requirements of the academic degrees. Additional requirements are to be able to teach in both, English and Hindi medium and have computer knowledge.

    Regarding doing your B.Ed., while having a B.Ed. is good for a teaching career, again you need to find out if the subject in which you do it would be beneficial based on your earlier academic Degrees, both B.A. and M.A. Let's say that you complete your B.Ed. in Hindi and then find that because you did not do that subject in one of the three years at the Graduate level, you are ineligible for a teaching post, then pursuing the B.Ed. course would be a waste of time. You have done your D.El.Ed. so find out if you can teach Hindi in higher classes up to Class 8 even without the B.Ed. and even if you have not taken it up in the second year of B.A.

    Also, note that while a B.Ed. acquired through distance education may be acceptable in some Government schools provided it is from a recognized University, it may not be the case with all. In fact, I have been putting up teaching vacancies in the jobs' section and have noted that in many private schools they are very emphatic that they will not recruit candidates with any qualification through distance education. You have even done your Graduation and Postgraduation through the distance learning mode, so not sure how this would be helpful in furthering your career as compared to doing a regular Degree course.

    I would advise you to consult the School Principal where you are currently teaching and also PGT and TGT teachers of other schools who already have an established teaching career to get advice on your future career opportunities. I am not sure, but maybe the nearest KVS Regional Office which assists in the KVS admission process for students would also be able to guide in providing the information that you seek. Further, I also advise you to improve your English skills, both verbal and written, for better prospects in the teaching field.

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