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  • More and proper information about Indoor plants and their maintenance

    Interested in putting up indoor plants? Want to know all about which ones to grow and how to maintain them? No worries, scroll through this -page and get responses for all your queries here.

    Many of us are staying in building or apartments but loves plants. Many even have a terrace garden or have kept indoor plants inside their house, it may be the love of plants, for embossing the interiors or for air purification but there are many things that one needs to take care while having indoor plants. I would like our gardening experts to clarify some doubts that arise in most of the plant lovers about indoor plants:
    1. Which are the Popular Indoor plants?. It means that one can keep in small apartments like 1BHK.
    2. What are the challenges of indoor gardening that one may need to face while going for selecting plants for indoor plants.
    3. What are some of the things that a new person needs to take care like: Type of plant(soil one, aquatic, etc), watering of plants or changing of water if aquatic, fertilizers or manures' that is required and at what intervals, etc?
    4. What more tips would you give to a new person interested in having indoor plants.
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  • Gardening is a great habit but for those living in a flat, the space crunch is a big challenge and then they have to resort to plants and ferns which take small space as well as require less sunlight. Due to more and more people living in apartments the field of indoor plants keeping and maintaining has become a very big interest area and there are many agencies which supply a variety of plants for indoor ambience. We have to get the proper soil, manure, and some small tools to trim, clean, and maintain these plants in the indoor environment. Most of these indoor plants belong to the non flowering types having variety of leafs but there are some which flower also.
    We will now go through some common indoor plants that can be maintained inside a small house in small pots.

    1. Asparagus Fern - This is an easily growing fern having needle type of spurs on small branches and gives delightful sight. It grows quickly and requires trimming regularly. Once grown well there would be small white flowers here and there in this bush. They grow well in partial sun light and direct sun light is to be avoided. Another thing is that they require water once a week only.

    2. Rubber Plant - They are very decorative. Basically they are for the big outdoor gardens but can be adopted for indoor by restricting their growth in small pots. They grow well in lighted places like windows or balconies. Regular watering is required.

    3. Prayer plant - It has beautiful slotted leaves which fold up in the night hence the name prayer plant. They bear small white flowers. They grow in all light conditions and require weekly watering.

    4. Pothos - It is a common one seen in many houses having nice leaves and spreads like a vine and requires trimming often. They have different varieties and colours vary from yellowish green to dark green. It is a low maintenance plant.

    5. Jade Plant - This has thick light green leaves and is a very low maintenance plant. It requires little water that also in 8-10 days interval. It is believed to be associated with good luck and many people keep it.

    6. Lavender - This is a beautiful whitish violet colour flowering plant having needle like long leaves through which long bunches of flowers emerge out. It requires more sun light and has to be kept in the windowsill or balcony. This requires some special care as the soil is to be enriched with lime or carbonate. Limited water is to be given and a continuous watch is required on the roots to check if they are rotting due to excessive water.

    7. Croton plant - This is a beautiful plant with multicoloured leaves and really ads much to the ambience of the room. To be kept in places where it gets exposed to sun light for some hours in a day. It requires organic compost for better growth. Limited water is required - once a week or in 10 days time. Check the soil before watering. If it is dry then only water.

    8. Green Spider Plant - It is a common plant and generally grown in hanging pots where its long leaves fall on the sides and give a nice look. It is easy to grow and requires less light. It requires regular watering but water is to be put in little quantities.

    There are many other indoor plants, which are also a great choice, like Indian Basil Plant, Azalea, Heart Leaf, Money Plant, Areca Palm, Grape Ivy, Chinese Evergreen, ZZ Plant, Bunny ear Cactus, Paddle Plant, Dumb Cane etc. Please note that though some plants require low maintenance but there are some which require specialised treatment and one has to refer the literature about it and learn the proper way to maintain it otherwise the plant would die soon. Indoor gardening requires some learning as well as some efforts to keep the plants alive.

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  • Indoor plants are good for making your house better and an inviting one. There are many benefits. They keep the house colourful. Indoor plants will purify the air and help us in maintaining good health. The ambience will be good and we can increase our focus on the work. You can keep your indoor plants alive by providing a good environment and water as required and nutrients as required.
    To maintain the plant properly one should follow the following points.
    1. See that the soil in the pot is moist but not wet. Less water or more water will make the plant to die. So the correct quantity of water is essential. If we put a lot of water and that water comes out and spoils the ground and it is not good for the plant also. So always see that the soil is not having a very high quantity of water and at the same time soil should not be dry also. Some moist meters are available to measure the moisture in the soil of the pot.
    2. Never use cold water or hot water for watering the plants. Use water at room temperature only. If we use water
    from the overhead tank avoid watering when the water in the tank is above room temperature.
    3, The pots used should have bottom drain holes. This will ensure excess water to go out so that plants will not die.
    4. The indoor plants should be kept in a place where the required light will reach them. The requirement will be specific for the plant you have.
    5. Keep the plants in a proper place. Don't go on changing the positions frequently.
    6. Most of the indoor plants will survive with NPK 10;10:10 fertiliser. See that each pot will have this NPK fertiliser for the growth of the plant.
    7. It is required to regularly prune the plants. It is very important.
    8. Never through coffee or tea remnants from the cups into these pots. That will make the insects come there and they will kill the plants. Same is the case with sugar water also.
    The following plants may be good for you.
    1. Spider plant: These plants prefer moist soil. But they can survive for some time even you don't water them. They should be kept n bright to moderate light but never keep them under direct sun. Fertilizer required twice a month.
    2. Ficus: These are very popular as in houseplants. They have a beautiful appearance and are good at purifying indoor air. It requires bright, indirect light,
    3. Peace lily: These flowers offer beauty with a unique look. It requires bright, indirect light. Droopy leaves. of this plant will remind you about its water requirements. Misting once in a while is good.
    4. Snake Plant: This plant is also known as mother-in-law's tongue. Snake plant is hardy. It gives a unique look with its upright leaves. It can tolerate low water and light environments but prefers bright, indirect light.
    5. Money Plant: This plant is known as a jade plant. Bright light is preferable. It requires to dry out between waterings. It rarely needs repotting

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  • Indoor plants are good for healthy environment of the house. They keep homes pollution free, especially, those houses which are located near roads and face a lot of traffic pollutants. It's said if a person spends sometime with plants, level of tension and stress comes down. Generally, almost all indoor plants don't require a lot of care like fertilizer and water to grow. They grow easily inside home. But they can't tolerate direct sunlight ,so they should be kept away from the sun. Don't use too much water but moisture should be maintained in pot. If you see tips of the leaf getting yellow, it shows the plant needs water but if body of leaf or stem appears yellow it shows that the plant is under direct sun light

    It's advised when you buy saplings from nursery, don't change pot of the plants, it may harm their root, moreover, they should be treated as living objects because the environment of nursery is different from home, so they need some time to adept themselves in the new environment of the house. They should be kept clean, else indoor plants may invite flies, mosquitoes and other insects. They may also create allergy for some people.
    Some of the indoor plants are: Rubber plant, bamboo plant, basil plant, spider plant, z z plant, boston fern, aloe vera plant, Chinese evergreen, money plant, piece lily, paddle plant etc

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