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  • Is black liquid which comes in vomit safe?

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    Hope you are doing very fine. So for the past few days I have been wanting to vomit and not being able to eat anything at all its as if I try it becomes harder to eat and today when I tried vomiting their was this black liquid that came out of my mouth, I am like 16 and is it safe when some thing like that happens.
    Thank you.
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  • I guess this is a side- effect of some medication or maybe caused due to ulcer. Please consult an endocrinologist and a gastro doctor for better advice. You're quite young are you eating too many dark chocolates and oreo biscuits, that dark color might be just that. In any case if this keeps on happening you must consult an health expert immediately for further advice and medication.

  • Ryuu i don't eat any kinds of sweets or chocolate at all i eat sugar or something sweet like once in a while.

  • Good Morning. These problems can't be discussed in a general platform like this. The reasons may be many and can be different from one to other. So such cases should be dealt with by the qualified medical practitioners only. So if you are facing this problem continuously first go to your family doctor and explain to him the problems and give answers to the questions of the doctor. Then he will suggest the way forward. That is the safest way of dealing with your problem. You should not wait long and you should go to the doctor immediately. There are many types of diseases that are associated with these symptoms. Some are not very serious but some require immediate medication. As such I suggest you consult a physician and follow his/her suggestions and never depend on somebody's suggestions. I wish you all the best.

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  • Please consult a good physician to get your query solved. It is not the black liquid, but vomiting itself bad, and is a sign of ill health.

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  • The same problem also felt by my cousin and it is necessary for you to consult your physician at earliest. Though it is not a big problem but the treatment of any disease at an early stage is important. You physician will do the necessary tests and find out the actual problem. This may happen due to many reasons like acidity, some allergy, ulcers, etc.
    As you also told that it is difficult to eat for you. If the same problem persists for more than two days than there may be a health issue. So, I would like to suggest you contact your physician.

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  • Vomiting is a reaction of our body to some unwanted materials present in the stomach. It is a symptom that there is something wrong in the stomach either some damage or bleeding or some external material which body is rejecting. In different different conditions the vomiting may appear different in colour and texture. Generally, if the vomiting is contained in 2-3 days time then it is taken as a normal thing rather than a serious thing. Still it is advisable to consult a physician in case of any doubt and worry about it. The colour of the vomiting is generally linked to the underlying condition and the most important thing in this respect is as the underlying condition changes the colour might also change.

    Anyway, black colour is generally an indication of some bleeding or residual bleeding in the stomach and as the iron in the blood turns black in colour the vomiting indicates this when the blood is vomited out by the body as a reaction to it. When the bleeding is slow and not continuous then the chances of it turning black are more. There are cases in the medical history when such black colour in the vomiting was attributable to fungus infection.

    Many other reasons are also possible and it is necessary to consult a qualified physician who can make a proper diagnosis of the case before undertaking any remedial action or line of treatment.

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  • Vomiting is the natural reaction of the body to eject out some unnatural substance lying in the stomach. Black liquid appearing as a result of vomitting may be due to the internal bleeding from the upper region of the stomach. This may be due to heavy consumption of alcohol, cirrhosis of liver or growth of cancerous cells in some regions of our stomach.
    If the condition is not so serious such as intake of some poisonous foods causing minor damage to the intestine, it may set itself within a couple of hours. Lingering the same is indicative of some of the severe symptoms such as the followings causes -
    1) Presence of cancerous cells
    2) Excess formation of acids inside the stomach
    3) Some allergic condition
    4) Cirrhosis of liver
    5) Reaction of intake of some medicine resulting in damage of the wall of internal line of stomach.
    The best remedy is to approach a Physcian to detect the underlying conditions and treatment would proceed accordingly.

  • What I feel that our stomach is prone to acidic and reacts strongly when food poisoning happens. It is not really a poison but the foreign substance which is not suited to our body metabolism might have entered through food and that triggered the vomiting with black substance. There are also chances that the bile juice has been contaminated due to reactions inside the body and that has come out of the mouth. Nevertheless please consult your family physician for the right diagnostic and treatment which would ensure good keep of the intestines and that would ensure the good health.

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  • The problem may be due to various reasons from as simple as indigestion, constipation to some major causes also.
    I hope you would have consulted a good doctor by now or your problem could have been cured.

    However for general information I may suggest the following:

    Vomiting is a way of the body emitting out unwanted material inside our stomach or something at throat and food pipe. (The black colour may be due to some decayed food item or can also be due to blood clot from some bleeding ulcer or injury inside at some place from throat to stomach and down).
    If the problem is due to indigestion, you would be feeling lack of appetite, nausea, some kind of discomfort like bloating in stomach etc. You may drink some water and review how you feel. If there is no discomfort, and instead you feel more comfortable, continue it periodically reviewing the progress and comfort level.

    After sometime, when you feel more comfortable, take a piece of ginger with jaggery and chew and swallow the juice. You may eat the fibre also if it is okay. Otherwise you can spit out the ginger fibre. Instead of plain water you may take mild warm Jeera water also. If the problem is indigestion or constipation, this may ease. In that continue light food like diluted warm milk, diluted salted buttermilk etc. for a day or until you feel normal.

    If you have constant pain inside stomach or down inside, then there may be some ulcers or infection and it may need specific treatment by a doctor. In such cases taking honey in regulated quantity can help to soothe the discomfort. However anything may be repeated only if you feel comfortable and better after the first dose. Small Onion (shallots) fried in ghee (preferably cow ghee) are helpful in ulcers. The same may be mixed with a handful of cooked warm rice and eaten before the detailed meals. (It should be done only if ulcer is confirmed as the cause).

    Anyway avoid spicy, fried and heavy food immediately and take only light, less spicy and less oily foods.

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