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  • How to set up a blog on WordPress and it's price

    Want to know how to set up a blog on WordPress and what is its price? Know complete information from this page.

    Hello experts, I wish to know how to set up a blog on WordPress, like how to make it more unique and outstanding, it will be a poetry blog that I wish to start. Also the cheapest plan available, or should I delay buying the domain until the blog has gained some views. Valuable advice of the experts on this matter is appreciated.
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  • WordPress is a very big platform where millions of sites and blogs are residing and due to a large number of plugins and other facilities available many people have chosen it as their first choice for blogging. You want to start a blog for poetry and naturally you will like to build a community of poets and visitors who come to your site regularly so that you can have a good traffic in coming times. So to start with what I would suggest is that as basic WordPress blogging is free of charge just like many other blog sites or blog platforms, it makes sense to put your blog there in free zone for some time till you feel the pulse of the visitors and the poets to whom you would allow to publish their poems in your blog or if you want to go solo that is also an option possible and in all these permutations the most important thing is traffic and once you are able to attract the people who are interested in reading and contributing poetries then you can think of joining some premium plans where WordPress will provide you many facilities and special plugins for expanding the horizons of your blog site. One should think of paying annual charges for the site only when a respectable traffic is built up and only then you can link it to some revenue sharing program like Adsense or some other likewise advertising site. If you are interested to know more about it you can just make a small blog site on trial basis in WordPress and they will give you all the information and tour of their plans etc and you can take a conscious decision after going through all that preliminary information. Meanwhile I will also advise you to read some good resources on how WordPress operates and what are its main benefits to the users so that your decision making in this regard would be more appropriate.

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  • Starting your own venture is the best thing one can do. To begin with, WordPress is the best platform one can choose as it being the most user friendly as well as the most popular choice for most bloggers and websites.

    It is not necessary to make your own mistakes and learn, learning from others mistakes saves time and energy. So, you must keep in mind the following things before starting your own blog/website. I am assuming you also have some technical expertise in maintaining and setting up a blog.

    1. Book a good single word domain matching the theme/content you wish to put there on your blog. It is good to book a domain at the very first as later on when your blog does become a little popular you don't have to promote it afresh with the root domain. If you use a free blogging service then it would look something like but if you book the domain right away it will be something like You can make out which looks better.

    2. You must know how to use the plugins available on WordPress to make it look more beautiful and more functional. Also, choosing a theme will be very important that suits your blog content. Many free themes are available on WordPress but paid/premium themes get better support and functionality.

    3. SEO and marketing is as much important as producing quality content. You must devote equal time to marketing and promoting your content if you wish to make your presence felt on the web. You may even have to do some paid advert to promote your blog and create a niche.

    4. Be consistent and follow Google policies thoroughly to remain relevant on the web.

    5. You can even monetize your blog later on if you are able to generate good traffic and quality content and earn for your efforts.

    If you want a hosting plan also for your blog then you can go for a shared plan which is cheap and provide enough space for hosting your content. WordPress itself provides hosting plans and that being with Rs. 200 per month which as of now is Rs 160 on offer. This hosting is for personal use only but if you want more features like advanced design tools, custom CSS, Google Analytics support, etc., then you can opt for a premium plan which is Rs 350 per month and on offer, for now, its is Rs 280 per month.

    I think both these plans are good enough considering your requirement. Do keep in mind the cost of domain booking, designing if not done on your own, and hosting plan as mentioned above. The yearly cost would hover between Rs 3500 to Rs 5000 provided you do not fall into some technical glitch in between and the marketing cost apart.

    Take note that when you spend some money you work even harder to recover it and make some premium above it. So, choose as per your spending capacity and your zeal to make your blog a success.

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  • WordPress may be a very good blogging platform and lots of companies use WordPress to form their official website. WordPress World has the most effective Self Hosting Login Tool. On WordPress, you'll be able to create two forms of blogs, Free and paid. Free WordPress blog may be created a bit like Blogger. But to form a paid WordPress blog you would like some things.

    On WordPress.Com you'll create a blog absolutely free. For this, you are doing not need any web hosting and domain. WordPress.Com works the identical way you create a blog on Google's Blogger.Com.
    You can create an expert Website or Blog on WordPress.Org. But it's a Paid Service because to create a web site on that you've got to shop for Web Hosting and Domain. Only then you'll work thereon. All the massive blogger's work on WordPress.Org only. The cost of making a self-hosted WordPress blog is in keeping with your requirement. And it will be $ 100 to $ 1000 p.a. or perhaps more.

    I might recommend you begin a blog on a low budget and later add more features to your blog.

  • To create a blog on WordPress you don't require any prior knowledge about WordPress. You need not have any coding experience also. But you should have a desktop or laptop or tablet and an internet connection. If you have this you can do it. You can create your blog free of cost also. But paid blogs are better for earning money.
    The following are the steps.
    1. Purchase hosting and your domain name. You have to choose a WordPress host. There are many such hosts. You can select as per your choice. Many people suggest Bluehost for the starters. It is not very costly. You can get a free domain name also. Installation is easy here.
    2. Install the WordPress software. When you sign up for Bluehost they will send you an email with all the details. Open Bluehost and go to my sites and click on create the site. Then, you'll be asked to fill in all the important details for your site's name and the username/password.
    3. Now your blog will be ready to post your articles.
    4. You can select the themes and plugins.
    5. You can add functionality to your blog.
    With these steps, your blog will be ready for you to use.

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  • I cousin just started his website and its in initial stage. I would like to suggest you start from a small amount and after that, you may go on a large scale. My cousin started his website my taking domain from If you are not searching a domain .com, you may purchase a domain in only 51 INR +gst. Total cost for other domain such as .online, .site, .io, etc cost only 75 Rs per year. This price in only for the first year. After that, you have to pay almost 1500 to 1800 per year.

    I will suggest you start your hosting from It costs only 25 INR per month or 300 per year. You can start WordPress here, and can start your blog with WordPress. My cousin has started his blog in this process. So, it would be beneficial to you.

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  • Starting a blog could prove to be a tedious task initially but once you make up your mind to go in for the same, you can start Wordpress blog without any technical knowledge.
    The following are some of the points to be followed to create a Wordpress blog to create a Wordpress blog-
    1) A domain name idea such as is to typed first.
    2) You need to have a web hosting account.
    3) Your uninterrupted attention for at least 30 minutes.
    The entire procedure is illustrated step by step-
    1) You would be required to have a domain name and web hosting. It is nothing but your website address on your internet.
    A domain name would cost you around Rs 3000 /- per year apart from the additional cost of hosting charges.
    2) Open up blue host in a new window.
    3) Signing up with the new version of Bluehoist using the blink, they would install Wordpress for you. The new version has recently been launched.
    4) Your blog should be appealing at least to most of the viewers. The blog should be attractive so that your journey of creating your Wordpress proceeds satisfactorily.
    This can be done by going through the dashboard click and both appearance and theme.
    Once you have located the theme, go into the installed button and finally you should reach to the activate button.
    5) Next step would be to select the Wordpress theme where you would be creating first blog.
    You would come across the editor area where you could write your first blog post.
    Once the writing is complete, go ahead and click on the publish button on the top right corner of the screen.
    6) You would require sometimes elements such as contact forms, galleries, sliders, news letter forms etc. To get these features, you will have to go plug in. Plug in can be installed by going through Plug in and further addition of new Pages.

  • You can create free Wordpress blog by sign up ( and use the platform to learn on how to blog as per your choice of niche.

    There are articles or guidances available online to set up a free wordpress or blogspot blog platform. Search and get the help from them as per your requirement. You can get its guideline from few YouTube video as well.

    Also, you can visit the guidleine on how to create header section or top bar menu on Wordpress platform for better presentation of your blog.

    Try to post one article per day or twice in a week to be active and get the search engine attention, sooner. You can promote your blog post in different social media platform for more traffic too.

    Once you become an expert on this, you can then go as per your extra requirement, like, a paid version for web-hosting, custom domain and on.

  • WordPress is a free platform where you can create your own blog for free. But because every free thing has a limit, free WordPress blogs will also have limits. To remove them, you will need a hosting service of your own. With which you will be able to create a self-hosted WordPress blog. You can also do this by upgrading WordPress' subscription plan, but it will cost you more.

    For hosting, I will recommend you Bluehost, WordPress itself also recommends it for hosting WordPress site. Unlike many hosting services, you will not need to install WordPress separately in Bluehost. You will get shared hosting for 2.99$ (which is about 223 rupees) per month in Indian currency. This is a very good plan to start with. Later you will be able to upgrade your hosting as per your requirement. When you buy hosting from Bluehost, you will not need to spend money on a separate domain name. You will get a domain name free for 1 year. You just have to renew it later.

    You can also use other hostings if you want. But before choosing a hosting service it is very important to keep some things in mind. such as Bandwidth, Disk Space, Uptime, Speed, Control Pannel, data Backup, Technical Support, and Price. Some hosting providers provide you with hosting very cheaply, but they have some limitations. Therefore, before choosing a hosting service, keep these factors in mind.

    You can hire developers to make the design of the blog, but it will cost (from 2000 to 5000) some. But I think because you are making a blog of a single niche, then there is no need for it. You will be able to give a good design to your blog by easily selecting templates from the dashboard of WordPress. You will also find many free templates there. that you can use.

    WordPress is a very simple platform. So you will be able to give better design to your blog without any programming knowledge. You will also find good guides about WordPress blog design WordPress. With whose help it will be easy for you.

    In the last, I want to say that, you can start your blog within 2500, 3000 because you have to take hosting for at least one year. If you don't hire a developer for blog design. And this is not necessary at all.

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