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  • How to get into IT sector with finance background

    Want to switch to IT sector from finance or accounting sector? Check this page to know our experts' opinion over this.

    I'm science student (math's, physics, chemistry) till 12th class, due to some circumstances, I have joined in degree and done MBA in finance as a major and marketing minor, then joined in an MNC in campus placement. Though I got job with decent salary due to my not-so-good knowledge in finance/accounting I'm struggling in my job. I want to switch my career from finance to IT. Please suggest me good courses for me.
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  • Now you are working in an MNC in the finance department. I think you are in the correct line. What I suggest is to do IT courses related to your finance department. Then the finance department also will be interesting to you as you can use your IT skills in this field. There are many courses which are very useful in your core area. The following certificate courses may be useful for that purpose.

    1. Microsoft suite.
    2. Macro and C++, Java programming language (this helps with excel).
    3. Bloomberg and Reuters.
    5. Informatics/SQL.

    By doing these certificate courses you can convert your financial job itself into a good IT-based job.
    With your background, if you want to go to a completely IT field, you have to start from scratches and it may not be very lucrative to you. So think in this line.

    If you want a career in Computer field also there are many courses you can do. Following are some such courses.
    1. Web designing: Web designing is good if you want to work independently. This course deals with making and maintaining a site. Coding languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript etc will be taught in this course.
    2. VFX and Animation: These courses include visual effects, animation, 3D technology, graphics etc. The demand for VFX and Animation professionals is increased and hence this course has become popular.
    3. Software and Programming Language courses: The programming languages like Java, C++ etc. Software developers are in much demand in IT companies. Hence this course will be useful to you.
    4. Cybersecurity courses: Banking, paying bills, shopping etc are done online. . But there are risks in this. Many are facing huge security threats online. Cybercrimes are increasing day by day. In this contest these courses are important and there are many openings for the people having this qualification.
    5. Hardware and Networking courses: There are many jobs once you get a certificate course in this field. They may get jobs in IT industries. If you have entrepreneurship, you can start a small business!

    always confident

  • You have studied science up to class 12 and after that you have acquired leanings mainly in commerce and finance. Apparently you have to be good in these subjects which you have studied for about 4 years. Now you are finding difficulty in pulling on with these subjects and not able to cope up with the job in hand. It could be because either you are not thorough in these subjects or other reason could be that you had no interest in finance but somehow trapped in this profession. So prima facie this is a crucial situation and how much confident you are that after doing some courses in IT and computer areas you will be able to perform good in that is to be found out. You have to ponder over this fact and decide before going to acquire learnings in IT/Computer areas and quit the present career line. No one would be able to advise you on this as you only know your interest and liking. So do you want to shift to IT area because that is your passion or you are simply going for an alternative to get rid of the present career line. Please give thought to it so that you need not to repent on your decisions at a later stage.

    Now coming back to your question that how to get into IT field. Please note that IT field has advanced much in many respects and even the existing IT professionals are enhancing their skill levels in it to stay in the competition and protect their jobs and progress in their careers. So a beginner would have to work much harder and in a dedicated way and will have to learn not the usual stuff which is necessary to survive in the industry but also will have to acquire some latest things which have become much popular in the recent times. So you would have to go for a few courses in parallel to speed up the process of acquiring knowledge in IT area and in addition to the usual IT courses which a student goes through his computer engineering course, you will have to give emphasis on the following areas which are picking up very fast -

    1. Digital Marketing - This is an area where a good scope is there as the companies are vying with each other to showcase their products to the customers on the go holding their smartphone in hand and seeing the information about every product or service along with their intended information that they were seeing in the phone.

    2. Data Science / Data Analysis - This is one offshoot of IT which is emerging as a big opportunity for IT professionals as industries and organisations want to use data for analysing everything which can help them in expanding their business and also help in taking concrete business decisions.

    3. Artificial Intelligence - It is said that the future will be governed by artificial intelligence and computer software is going to be a major part of it. It is already evolved as a big field and there is much scope in it in the coming times and doing some specialisation or niche course in this area makes a great sense.

    4. Learning new computer languages - A computer professional has to be good in the conventional languages like C++ or Java or like others. But there are some newer languages which are useful in today's environment and learning them gives an additional edge to the person. For example Python has emerged as one of such languages which has distinct advantages for a IT person. Many are pursuing it through short courses.

    5. Internet of Things (IoT) - This is another emerging area where possibilities are immense and it is an amalgamation of everything in one package. It boasts something like managing anything from anyplace through internet. IT technologies have a great role here.

    If a person wants to enter in IT field and wants to make a good career in it then he has to keep the above fields and related aspects also in mind while pursing IT courses and then hunting for a good job position.

    Knowledge is power.

  • As mentioned above, you have done 12th in science subject. Now, you are working in MNC after completing MBA in finance. As per my view, you are on the right path. But, If you are not capable to cope up with your present field and aspiring to do IT-related course then you can go for it. You may do hard work at the initial stage for a good grip on the subject.
    There are many IT-related courses which can be done as follows:-
    1.Data analysis- it is very much in demand. After doing this, you can get a good opportunity in the business field.
    2.Web designing- Nowadays, this course is also in demand. In this course, many languages are taught such as HTML, java etc. All these languages are necessary to know for online business.
    3.Digital marketing- Nowadays, this course is
    Very useful as everywhere online marketing is there. So, it would be a very good decision to join this course
    Definitely above course would help in grabbing a good job.

  • Since you have been working in the finance sector but wish to shift to the IT industry to develop your career. I think the finance sector can't work without tech support and finance software. Actually, opportunities are already there in the finance sector and need to be explored. IT and finance are dependent on each other as for support to increase the business is concerned. You can do some short term courses to strengthen your feet in the finance sector while providing tech solution.
    Here is some course you can do to boost your professional career in the IT sector while staying in the finance organisation.
    1. Cloud Computing: Financial work always needs data to evaluate the performance of a company. Maintaining data and accessing it when needed on the internet is an important work to do.
    2. Internet of Things: Don't be disappointed if you feel bad about the first one. IoT can be another option to keep your career rolling even in the finance department.
    3. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning: This is another important field that you can choose and work on for better career development. This artificial intelligence helps understand the concept of environment and is helpful in the finance sector.
    4. Digital marketing: This is the trending field and it helps businesses grow by leaps and bounds by applying proper SEO strategies. People use the internet to look for almost any information and use it to increase the visibility of products and services. It is one of the great emerging fields with better opportunities.
    So, actually, opportunities are endless, what you need to is to explore them for better prospects. Focus on anyone of the above-mentioned courses and they will surely help you overcome your problem.

  • You have got a background of finance and with that you want to enter in IT. That seems a good proposition but for that you have to acquire some basic and some specialised learnings in the IT field. If you have already some exposure to computer programming and things like that then you can learn some more advanced computer packages related to the finance area itself. That may be useful as you can use your existing experience of financial line so far gained by you. Other thing is there re some areas in IT which are getting more thrust for business like using cloud softwares for the organisational work, data base decision making applications, enterprise solutions etc. These are the areas where some learnings are to be acquired before applying for a job where IT and financial capabilities can be combined. For working in pure IT area it is required that one has to be very proficient in software or hardware side for which one has to do a complete computer engineering course and it would be difficult to acquire that through short courses. Of course one can consider doing that in correspondence mode as a part time activity and keeping the present job in hand. That could help in switching out from the present job whenever an opportunity is got in IT field.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You are in a comfortable position in finance but since you are inclined to join an IT sector with your existing experience in finance, IT related MNC are on the look out such persons having dual experience in Finance and IT since both the domains can be synthesised with the familiarities of IT modules.
    Here I would encourage to take up certifications related to IT area and these certifications would help you to get job in the IT sectors where your past experience related to finance could prove benificial in your career.
    The modules are as follows -
    1) Web Designing - Web Designing is related to the design of websites displaying on the Internet and it refers to user experience aspects of Web Site Development. A web designer works on the layout and contents of the WebSite . If you enrich your skill set, you will enjoy the advantage of the finished product.
    2) Hardware and Networking course - Certifications in these areas would help you in getting a job in an IT Industry. Moreover, if you have the inclination for starting a business of your own, such cerificstions will help you in understanding the different tools of this course.
    3) Java Programming Basics - Java Programming is a kind of plateform helping to develop and run a programme written in any programming language and for this you will have to understand the basics of the language such as Decision Making, Operators in Java, Data types of Java and the keywords associated with this programming etc.
    4) Oracle Application - This module will be of great support in the sense that such applications allow for a smoother transition of your business.
    Oracle ERP Cloud has numerous great features which can be utilised in the financial service. The greatest advantage regarding this technology is that all the applications and branches of business can be synthesised together into one plateform. Along with the suitable integration, third party application can be connected with the ERP cloud operation.
    5) Familiarity with SAP- SAP is a global market leader in providing ERP solutions to the large multinationals operating in more than 130 countries at this moment. It consists of number of integrated products used to carry out business mostly in the larger organisations. However, medium and small business houses have also adopted such solutions.
    Major modules of SAP are as follows -
    1) Investment Management
    2) Financial Accounts
    3) Controlling
    4) Treasury
    5) Enterprise Resources etc

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