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  • Job eligibility in a foreign country with qualification and experience in India

    Keen on taking up a job abroad after completing postgraduation in India and have some work experience? Get expert guidance on your job prospects in a foreign country.

    I completed M.A. English Literature in India and now amy searching for a job abroad. I am having two and half years of experience with an insurance company in the customer experience management department. I also have two years of experience with Alagappa University as a typist in the data entry operator department. Currently I have applied for an MBA HR at Alagappa University and am keen on going abroad to work. I am also preparing for IELTS.

    I would like to know, with the above qualifications and experience, whether or not I would be eligible to get a job abroad.
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  • There are job opportunities outside India specially in finance, accounting, insurance, and such other fields. I would suggest you to have a watch on some job portals and upload your CV there and then prepare for interview if you get a call from some industry or organisation abroad. There are many job websites which advertise positions falling vacant in foreign countries. Some of them are Indeed Worldwide, CareerBuilder International, Go Abroad, Going Global, and Monster Worldwide. You will have to score nicely in IELTS or TOEFL for this which you are already pursuing.

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  • You did your MA in English. You have 4.5 years experience and now you are doing MBA from Algappa University and preparing for IELTS.
    You have chances of getting jobs in other countries with your qualification and experience. You can get any of the following job opportunities.
    1. Content Writer
    2. Journalist.
    3. Corporate executive for communication
    4. Copy write.
    5. Jobs in Publication companies.
    6. Jobs in Insurance companies.
    7. Teaching job.
    Make a good resume with all your details. Give thrust on your work experience and qualifications. Also, give importance to the skills you have. Give the experience details with the type of work you did.
    Post this resume on job portals. Choose the best job portals where you will have good chances of getting a cal. Indeed Worldwide, CareerBuilder InternationalGoing Global and Monster Worldwide are very good sites where you will have many chances to get calls.
    Never believe agents and pay them money. These days many are deceiving the people and trying to make money. Try through some known sources. Go to the websites of various foreign companies and try to see their requirements and if you find any suitable opening upload your resume. These actions may assure a good position abroad.

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  • Many young people like you like to work abroad but it's not always easy to get a job of your choice in a foreign country. However, you may consider the following points.

    - First, you have to decide what type of job you are interested in.
    - Mind if you fulfil eligibility criteria to get the job of your choice.
    - Learn the language of the country you are interested in for job.
    - Get your passport and other relevant documents ready.
    - Contact to those people who are already working in abroad either directly or through relatives/family and take their advice.
    - Don't be disheartened if they don't guide or help you. None but only a few people can see you be successful in life.
    - You may use different platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc and befriend with foreigners and gather information about job possibilities out there.
    - There are many job portals like,,,, M.Gheewala HR Consultants Mumbai etc but I don't rely on job portals. However, you may consult them it will increase your knowledge about employment in abroad.
    - The best way is to google to find "Abroad Job Fair or Overseas job fair" and interact with foreign companies directly. If it is held in India, meet them or talk to them on email/phone
    - If you can afford to go abroad on a tourist visa, then go and interact with concerned authorities about employability with them and deliver your resume to the maximum number of firms/companies. And keep in touch with them.

  • While going through your submission, I have noted two plus points and the first one being your post graduate degree in English Literature and apart from it you have experience in the field of customer management for two years and six months earned through an Insurance Company. You are currently interested to have your MBA degree from Human Resources from Alagappa University.
    You need to take up the following initiatives so as to have a lucrative career in abroad with your current qualifications and experience. The relevant points are given below -
    1) Make an attractive resume from an experienced consultant highlighting your experience of the Insurance Company and your job openings in the following lines are also possible -
    1) Teaching line by virtue of your post graduate qualification.
    2) HR executive on the strength of your MBA programme likely to be persued through Alagappa University
    3) Jobs in the Insurance Company due to your experience in this area.
    4) Content Writer due to your proficiency in English Literature
    An experienced consultant would consider both your qualification and experience so as to make an impressive resume.
    5) Make the best use of your time. Your MBA in the stream of HR would be fruitful due to your excellent command in English Literature.
    6) Last but not the least, strive hard to secure a minimum 7.5 average score in IELTS so as to make your dream successful for your assignments in foreign countries such as UK, Australia, USA etc. In order to have a good score in IELTS, you may take help of a reputed Institution.

  • There are some countries like Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, U.A.E., Denmark etc where people try to search and apply for jobs as per ones qualifications. Though there is a rush for these jobs as they have good remuneration as compared to the jobs available in India, still one can try for the relevant ones as per ones qualification. Most of these jobs fall under the category of IT technology and marketing and sales areas but a few of them are related to office work like office assistant, helper etc. There are some scope in teaching area also. Some of the positions that are ofter advertised in foreign countries are Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Project Manager, Receptionist, Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Software Developer, Customer Service Representative, Sales Associate, and Teaching.

    Now in your case your experience is limited to the work of a teacher or Assistant or may be data entry operator. So first thing is you have to make a clear and precise CV in respect of your experience and then can go through some reputed job portals like Y-axis, Placementindia, Monsterindia, Quikr, Indeed etc. You will find there many jobs there but you have to shortlist them as per your experience and you have to apply only where your educational credentials and experience match well. That is why a precise CV will help in doing that for you as well as for the employer to mark you for consideration.

    For different countries there are some specialised sites where one can get more information and job opportunity in this regard. For example for Canada you can go through Job Bank. For jobs in Germany Jobborse will be a good place to search. Another thing that I want to mention is that do not shy away from a small job there as that could be a point of making a progress further. In general, Indian people are reputed for their hard work and efficiency in those countries and one who is already there doing some small job has a good chance of getting picked up by some other company.

    English speaking proficiency is a must and one has to get a very clear and confirmatory letter from the sponsoring company without which Visa would be a problem. If you want to take the help of a consultant then be very careful and only go to the genuine and reputed one. Many of them only lure people and make money by charging huge fees but do not help in any way.

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