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  • How to format/ partition a laptop or Desktop by oneself?

    Do you have a query regarding formatting or partitioning a laptop or a desktop? Looking for the method to format/partition a laptop or Desktop yourself? Get help from our tech experts.

    My friend has a laptop with a configuration as: Processor - i5 @ 1.70 & 2.40 GHz and 6 GB RAM, 697 GB storage(hard disk). It has only one drive and would like to formate his laptop and also make 3-4 partition on his hard disk drive. I would like our experts to clear some doubts that he has in his mind about formating and hard disk partition.
    1. Provide step by step procedure of formatting a PC/Laptop.
    2. When and why should one go for formating their PC/Laptop?
    3. What are the precautions to take while going for formatting their PC/Laptop?
    4. Provide step by step procedure of making a partition of their PC/Laptops hard disk drive.
    5. What software should I keep with them before going for formating their PC/Laptop?
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  • Formatting the laptop can be taken up easily but prior to taking up the process of reformatting, one would require to preserve all the relevant information on the hard drive or any external hard drive. Any negligence would lead to loss of the entire data preserved in the hard drive.
    In case of use of laptop, one should have the window of 64 bit version since some laptops have the arrangement of disk format GPT allowing one to install 64 bit. If such is the arrangement, one cannot work for 32 bit. Hence resorting to 32 bit , one would need to format all drives in local disks namely c, d, e, f.
    Hence to install 32 bit, the following actions are needed-
    One should take out the files needed from the local disk c and for formatting, one should have the oscd or os in the pen drive . Then cd or DVD in the DVD drive can be plugged. Now save and exit from the menu.
    Now the system should start and one can see a line appearing as boot from cd or DVD and before it disappears, PC should be started enter should be pressed before it disappears.
    Files should start uploading and one should wait until the pop menu appears. In the process of installation PC should start automatically. Ensure that no key is to be pressed at booting
    One should follow the following operations step by step-
    1) One can press start installation and then language is to be selected.
    2) If a menu appears, one should press the option by pressing the format.
    3) Disk should be formatted and now one should click on the local disk. It may take sometime until the whole installation is finished.
    4) Now one needs to select date and time, press the next and then one should enter the product key. Next procedure would be to select the update setting so as to complete 32 bit version.

  • There is a need of formatting the hard drive in one's laptop or computer when the computer has become slow or there is some malware which is creating problem and we are not able to remove that from the laptop. Format means it will erase all the data on the hard drive and make it fresh for writing data on it. Generally after the formatting the speed of the laptop will increase significantly and it will work faster.

    There are two important things to consider before the formatting task. First is one has to take a back up or copy of all the important data which is there to an external drive so that it is not lost while formatting. Another thing is when the drive is erased all the programs will also get erased from it. So suppose if you are having windows installed in your laptop then it will require to be installed again so for that either one should have the original system CDs (known as restore CDs) with him or he should have the license number or code of the software to load and install it in the laptop from the Windows site after the formatting action. One should go for formatting only after ascertaining these things.

    In windows operating system if one clicks Start and then clicks Computer and then clicks Manage then the Computer Management window will open. In some later versions of windows one will have to click Windows and then select Disk Management. Now it will display the drive and its partitions in details. Here one can format the required partitions or the whole hard drive. Formatting takes some time and once it is completed, we have to install the system using the restore CD. If CD drive is not there then one has to take help of some computer technician or engineer who can make a copy of restore system files in a pen drive itself and from there also later it can be installed.

    Another way of doing it is that let the system partition be not to be formatted and all other partitions can be formatted. In this way also the laptop can be improved in its performance. But this might not work much satisfactorily if there is some malware in the system partition itself.

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