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  • Kangen Water review, what exactly it is and what are its benefit?

    Have a query about the benefits of Kangen water? Searching for details of its benefits here? On this Ask Expert you can check out the advice provided by experts for your query.

    What is Kangen Water and what are its benefits? I came across a video where it was explained that a machine is there which converts normal water to Alkanized water which is very healthy and helps the body in maintaining the pH balance in our body.

    I enquired about the machine too but it was a very costly one, but, considering the benefits it claimed I was tempted to go for it.

    Any member on this site has any knowledge or details about such Kangen Water/Alkanized water benefits? If yes, then do share your review before I make up my mind to go for the machine.
    Is anyone on this site using it? If yes, then that would be the best thing.
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  • If you go to market to purchase alkaline water machine the sales man will begin to parrot a series of its benefits like consuming alkaline water controls aging process, protects from chronic disease like cancer, it's good in high blood pressure, diabetes,high cholesterol problems and strengthen bones etc. But all these claims are not scientifically proven.

    What is alkaline water: In simple language it can be said that our body needs acid as well as alkaline. How much acid or alkaline in water is a ph scale used to know it. This scale ranges between 0 to 14 levels. If the ph level is less than 7 the water is acidic or if it's above 7 it means water is alkine or basic. 7 is normal or neutral. Normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water typically has a pH of 8 or 9.

    Our blood has a normal pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. It evinces that blood is naturally slightly alkaline or basic and Lungs & Kidneys keep this required balance for a healthy body.

  • Alkaline water means pH is more than 7. Less than 7 is acidic. 7 is neutral.
    A lot of work is going on to find out the benefits of alkaline water. But still, a long way to go, But one observation is that by drinking alkaline water the viscosity of the blood will reduce and blood flow will be good. Because of oxygen delivery throughout the body will improve.
    Even though it is not proved there are claims that the following are the benefits of this water,
    1. Anti-ageing properties
    2. colon-cleansing properties
    3. Immune system support
    4, Hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
    5, Weight loss
    6. Cancer resistance
    But there are some negative points also which are to be taken into account before going ahead.
    1, If the overall acidity of the stomach is getting reduced bacteria will get killed and digestion problems will crop up.
    Gastrointestinal issues and skin irritations may also crop up. The following symptoms may also develop.
    1. nausea
    2. vomiting
    3. hand tremors
    4. muscle twitching/
    Keeping all these points in mind I feel we need not go immediately for this water. Boiled and naturally cooled water is the best water to drink. Even RO water may not be good as it will not have any minerals and you have to add minerals to it.

    always confident

  • Alkaline water machine is available in the market and due to its prohibitive cost, sales has not picked up substantially. The salesman would apprise of several benifits of consumption of alkaline water but so far all these benifits have not proved scientifically.
    Considering the ph scale range any value less than 7.0 would indicate the acidic behaviour of the liquid, the less its value, more acidic it is and similarly if we go beyond the ph value of 7.0, it will reveal its alkaline charecterstics, the higher its value, higher it is alkaline and 13.0 in the ph scale would indicate its higher alkalinity. Ph value of 7.0 corresponds to its neutral value.
    Our body system maintains the ph level within the range of 7.35 to 7.45 for efficient upkeep of body metabolism.
    Benifits of consumption of Alkaline Water are as follow, though no such claims have been proved by scientists so far-
    1) It has enough hydrating property and can be benificial for people taking high amount of alkaline water. Scientifically speaking, water molecules in in alkaline water are smaller as compared to the normal one and hence these molecules are readily absorbed by the body cells.
    2) It can boost up our immunity because of neutralisation of excess acid inside the system.
    3) It contains minerals like Magnesium and Calcium and both being benificial for our bones.
    4) Alkaline water contains numerous antioxidants helping in prevention from free radicals responsible for the cell damage of our body - system.
    5) Neutralising the acidity within our body would improve the functioning of our stomach and gastrointestinal track.
    6) It may reduce our body weight due to our active metabolism.
    7) It can provide cancer resistant property.
    There are some side effects associated with the abundant consumption of alkaline water and some of these are indicated below -
    1) It may upset the stomach functioning due to loss of good bacteria helping in digestion process.
    2) High alkalinity within the system would put the liver in strain producing excess liver engyme to restore its functioning.

  • The basic purpose of using alkaline water is to neutralise the extra acid in our stomach as it is found that the extra acid is the reason for many problems. Though it is told that drinking alkaline water has many benefits but one has to talk to one's doctor for consuming it in a regular way. Though there are no scientific proofs for these claims but the followers and proponents of alkaline water claim that alkaline water is useful in various ways for the human body and some of those benefits are like anti-aging benefits, support for immune system, hydration and skin health, resistance for cancer, weight control and many similar benefits.

    For making the water alkaline the pH value matters but only having a pH value more than 7 is not sufficient to make it as a health tonic and what is required is that it should have a negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) value which is to be achieved by adding minerals to it.

    So, in some cases it might be beneficial depending upon the health condition of a person and it will not be prudent to say that it is beneficial for everyone in every case. For example in acid reflux problem alkaline solutions help so it is natural that any alkaline water will do it. More research is required to be carried out in this area to establish the efficacy of alkaline water.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Kangen Water of Enagic, a famous Japanese company, is becoming very popular in India. This company has created a machine that works to filter water. And that water is called Kangen Water. This company is almost 45 years old. This company had given this water only to hospitals in its first 20 years. But now to benefit the common people, it is being made available to all.

    The water obtained by this machine has the properties of anti-oxidant, alkaline, and microclusters. Kangen water is alkaline which controls the level of acidity in our body. Which makes our digestive system better and greatly reduces the possibility of serious diseases like cancer, cholesterol, etc. in the body.

    Mainly, it is available in four different categories. Every machine has its different capabilities. In these, a machine filters 6 liters of water per minute, and a machine filters 3 liters per minute of water. This machine comes with a warranty of 5 years and the life of this machine is 15 to 20 years.

    When this machine comes to your home, a membership card comes with this machine. According to which you can also distribute this machine. If someone buys this machine by you or your reference, you get a commission of Rs. 13000 and this commission increases according to your selling.

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