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  • How is radiation of gadgets related to oxygen levels in human brain?

    Do you ever wonder how mobile radiation affects the human brain? Check out the harmful effects of mobile radiation on the human body and tips to prevent or avoid them.

    Recently, I get to hear from online sources that a student of class 12 expired due to shortage of oxygen in brain. He was studying through online clasees using mobile and laptop for about 10 hours a day. How far is this information true?

    Even though the class timings are limited, why students are given freedom to use mobiles regularly whole the day.

    How is mobile radiation affecting the human brain? What measures have to be taken to comeout of such adversity? Doctors, please give your suggestions.
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  • This is one area where a lot of research is going to to find the harmful effects of mobile radiation on human body. So far there are no conclusive findings but there are certain things which are to be understood in this area.

    Basically the mobile telephony used Radio Frequency radiations for its signals to move from one place to other. RF radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation which means that it has got an electric field as well as a magnetic field associated with it. There are towers at places which make this RF energy to be transmitted from one place to another in an area. Now depending on how much far the person is from the tower the effect of tower can be minimised as no one stands near a tower as they are placed on heights. Another thing is the RF radiation from the mobile phone itself. It is a small radiation but studies suggest that if it is near our body for a prolonged period then some temperature rise in the head or brain can trigger some problem like headache or even a conducive situation for tumour formation. Tumour formation could be a precursor to cancer. These are the only some doubts raised by the studies and are not confirmed.

    WHO also keeps these harmful radiation as a probable source (not a confirmed source) of discomfort in humans especially in creating headaches and brain tumours.

    So we do not know the exact harmful potential of these RF radiations on our body but one thing is sure that these are basically ionising agents which can ionise the liquids inn our body and that can lead to some adverse situation which we do not know today but could be true and belong to this culprit only.

    So, as prevention is better than cure it is better not to use the mobile phones continuously, use earphones and avoid keeping them near the ears, do not use them as an addiction but use them for a utility, they are to be used for a purpose of communication and not for chatting, use good quality phones which adhere to the RF regulations etc. If a tower is placed very near to our house we should object its placement. The tower radiates more RF energy and only by being far from it we can be safe. A mobile phone emits very less RF energy but it is so near to us that risk can always be there if we use it for a longer time.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There is a lot of debate on this subject and also a lot of research works are going on. So far there are no conclusive indications on this. Some studies say that they contribute to the creation of cancer cells and some studies say that there are no such chances.
    When a mobile phone is placed on the ear, our brain will detect electrically its radiation. It may bring in some changes in brain activity immediately after radiation peaks. This is revealed in different experiments conducted by scientists from different countries like the Netherlands, France, Italy, the USA and Australia,
    There are some studies in which the effect of the cell phone radiation on the blood-brain barrier is investigated. These studies concluded that if our ear is exposed to n 900 MHz EMF radiation for 28 days may significantly impair spatial memory. That can cause damage to BBB permeability also.
    There are some other studies carried out in the USA which says that if an adult is exposed to cell phone radiation for more than 50 minutes directly alters the production of glucose.
    Even though the above studies are in its preliminary stages and inconclusive one thing is proved beyond doubt that there is a good chance that long exposure to such radiation will have a negative effect on the brain.
    Anyhow it is better to take the following precautions.
    1. Use a headset or speakerphone to talk for longer times on your mobile phones.
    2. Children should not be allowed to play or use cell phones. Online classes should be attended using an earphone set.
    3. Put off the phones in the nights or keep them away from the place where you sleep.
    4. Eat vegetable and you should have sufficient sleep.

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  • In this modern age usage of mobile phone has become the norm of the day. Almost everybody uses this gadget for interaction with their relatives, friends, customers, firms. We have reached on this stage that we can't imagine to live without mobile. When everywhere mobile is used , a question rises about it disadvantages as well. Does it really harmful for mobile users or does it really affect human life or does it really exposes users to deadly diseases? To find out answers of these questions many researchers and scientists have tried to research, experiment and surveyed on these issues. Some of the researchers have concluded the using mobile poses different serious threats and some researchers have proved by their own evidences and logic that usage of mobile phones and other similar gadgets causes serious diseases like cancer, brain diseases and psychological problems etc. Upcoming and latest technology is posing several harmful diseases for users. According to their research intensive uses of radio frequency electromagnetic field pose a big threat to the health of mobile users. According to researchers every minute the human brain receives about 220 electromagnetic impulses which definitely affect the brain and may be proven fatal to them. They are exposed to other wireless transmitting devices too. This excessive usage has augmented danger for their health. Several studies have concluded that those who use mobile phones beyond proper limit are most likely exposed to two types of brain cancer – glioma and acoustic pneuroma. Moreover, excessive usage of mobile phones may pose threat to their nervous system as well. According to them it may affect their normal life because it may cause headache, scarcity in attention, shortness of temper, sleep disorders and depression.

    However, some researchers say that it does not create any serious problems for mobile users. However, they are also of opinion that those who use it beyond proper limit may create some psychological problems like monophobia whereby they can't live without mobile. If their mobile snatched they will become almost mad and can be posed to serious mental disorder.

    In normal way we can conclude quite certainly that excessive and unreasonable usage of any gadget may risk harm to the users of mobile is quite an obvious norm. It's experienced and observed that most of the people have become addicted to usage of mobile. They waste their time, energy and money as well. Especially teenagers who have to focus on their study to establish foundations for their future during this period of adolescence disappear in obscurity. Since internet has innumerable websites which contain indecent stuff may spoil their career too. They are cut off from the real world. Spending hours on phone is detrimental for them.

  • Mobile radiation is detrimental to our bodies and minds because of its adverse effects on the different parts of the bodies such as skin, body and the mind. The Radio Frequency emitting from these devices may even ruin our brain system with some memory loss due to over use of the mobile phones. The radiation emitting from the mobiles are the electromagnetic wave having the microwave range of the order of 850 to 1800 and the same is absorbed into our skin.
    Rate of damage of our system is directly proportional to the duration of radiation exposure of such mobiles.
    It has been observed that the skin undergoes transformation in an adversed way due to excess exposure with the mobiles. The following skin disorder can be seen due to over usage of mobiles-
    1)Dermatitis is a kind of skin inflammation appearing on the part of our skin as red spot giving itchy sensation. The other forms may be rashes, blisters, flakes off etc due to constant touch with the mobiles.
    2) It would disturb the sleep pattern due to absorption of high radiation.
    3) Dark circles may appear below the eye due to disturbed pattern of sleep.
    While using mobile phones, the following precautions are to be used -
    1) Avoid using mobile phone for a pretty long time to avoid the harmful radiation.
    2) Don't keep the mobile phone on the sleeping bed.
    3) Prior to retirement to bed, the essential communications, what's app, Facebook activities should be stopped at least two hours before going to bed so as to have sound sleep.
    4) In order to avoid germs and bacteria accumulated on the surface of the mobile, this should be cleaned with the sanitizer or with a swab treated with alcohol.
    5) Children should not be allowed to use the same indiscriminately keeping in view of the danger effects of radiations emitted from such an apparatus.

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