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  • How to be a software developer after B.Com

    Interested in getting into IT after doing commerce? Wondering if this is possbile and how to proceed? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out advice from our career experts.

    Currently I'm appearing for TY.B.Com exams and also simultaneously working as SEO project manager in SEO Company. I'm looking forward to be a Software developer. What is the best education to be a software developer? As I'm more interested in IT field. Due to some family issues I had to pursue B.Com. I need your help to guide me with this as I've basic knowledge of HTML Coding.

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  • There are many ways to become a software developer after B.Com.
    These days many software companies are appointing graduates other than engineering graduates also as IT officer. They pay less amount than what they are paying for a BE/BTech. But you can try that after completing this course.
    After graduation, you can go for MCA. Many universities are offering MCA course to B.Com graduate course. Once you complete this course you will get many opportunities as a software developer.
    Another process is to do some certificate courses in software development and apply for those posts once you get one or two certificates of completion of these specialised courses. There are many institutes which are offering these courses online.
    These are three options available to you as far as my knowledge course. Already you are working as an SEO Project Manager, You can choose the course which will be useful to that line also.
    Nowadays there are very good openings for Analytics. You can do some good certification course in that line so that you will get a good job.
    I wish you all the best.

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  • To be successful in an IT company, you need to be a good communicator, must have excellent analytical abilities and should understand the basic issue related to the project. Though these are the essential features to achieve success in this field, the major MNC's in the earlier days were on the look out for the top performers having at least engineering degrees or such candidates having impressive scores in MCA from some reputed universities.
    With the progress of time, there has been a shift of the earlier criterias for the recruitment of software people where the aspirants having qualifications like B.Sc, Diploma in Computers, B.Com are also offered such assignments though the emoluments are somewhat less.
    So for you need not remain under ambiguity and you may undertake the following qualifications to enlarge your scope for your recruitment in an IT company-
    1) Make an attempt to secure MCA course through the distance mode preferably from a well known university such as IGNOU, Kota Open University, Karnataka Open University etc and with their quality material for curriculum will update your knowledge in the different modules of software. This will suit you especially in view of your engagement in the present assignment.
    2) There are different certification courses such as Oracle, Java Script, SAP etc which will strengthen your knowledge after acquiring the same. You may undertake guidance from some prominent institutions to understand the related concepts prior to appearing such examinations.
    3) Since you are working as a SEO Project Manager, think of the qualification which will suit you in this particular area.
    4) Develop your communication skill so as to create influence on the interview board in case you want to be selected in some MNC company.

  • As you are appearing for your TY.B.Com exams and also working as an SEO project manager in SEO Company, it is good to move forward and become what you like keeping both your passion and profession safe for the time being as you have mentioned that you opted for B.Com due to some family issues but still want to make it into the IT sector by becoming a Software developer.

    A software developer is a person who embeds the set of optimized instructions/codes into a computer/machine which will help in running it and provide the required output. When we talk about a Software developer, there are various types of developer or jobs in Software Development like Mobile Development, Game Development, Web Development, Embedded System Development, etc and have different platforms available, like – Android, iOS, Web, Cloud, which requires a different skillset/device.

    Before deciding to go for a Software developer or to make it in the IT field, one needs to have a clear picture of where and what one needs to become or be at the end. Some of the below points will help you reach your desired conclusion:
    a) Right Platform - Before opting to become a software developer, choose the right platform on which you would like to work or create your software like Android, iOS, Web, Cloud, etc and keeping in mind your interest, Programming language and skillset required, average salary, the demand of the platform, etc.
    b) Right Programming Language - As all know that there are many Programming Languages that are used for different software development/purposes, one needs to understand his /her interest so that one can make the correct choice and choosing the best Programming Language will help you reach your goal faster. for example:
    - For developing Game one should learn C++ or C#.
    - For Web development, one should learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
    - For Android development, one should learn Java or Kotlin
    - For iOS Development, one should learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
    c) Programming Language - Due to the internet, there are various resources available to learn any Programming Language which will help to become an advanced programmer. The first and foremost part is to get used to the basics of the Programming Language and then as you move forward in the language, learn its more complex version.
    d) Right certification courses - Once you know the right platform and language, you can enrol yourself in a good Software Development course which will provide you with the proper knowledge, guidance, clear your doubts, clear the concepts and help you get good exposure to the software and its companies along with the certificate.
    e) Right Community of Software Developers - Once you have good knowledge of the software, you can join any Software Development groups or pages through social media which can help you find good job opportunities, get latest updates and development, resolve any issue or error in your program/application, etc.
    f) Create your application or project - After learning the desired software, try to create your own application or project in the software language. If you find it difficult to make your own software/project, you can try creating a duplicate of popular applications like WhatsApp, VLC Player, LudoKing, Smule, Telegram, etc which will help you polish your skill and become a good Software Developer.
    g) Apply for a Job/become a freelancer - Once you have good knowledge of the software, the platform and have many projects under your arm, you can apply for a job in any company or even start working as a freelancer in the freelancing platforms, like – Fiverr or Upwork. If you have it in you, you can even do a startup and build your own business.

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