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  • Best Anti-virus software for Android smartphones

    Anxious about the possibility of a virus attack on your Android Smartphone? Quickly get expert advice on which is the best anti-virus software, both free and paid versions, that you can download and install on your Android smartphone, with information on its features and benefits.

    Many of us are using Android OS smartphones. I would like to know whether you are using any free anti-virus app or software. What is the best anti-virus software for Android smartphones? Please provide recommendations and mention if it is free or is a paid version and its benefits.
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  • There are free as well as paid anti virus applications for the android system in the mobiles and one can download them from the play store or the anti virus site itself. These anti virus applications help in cleaning the system time to time and whenever there is some virus they will try to contain it by elimination or cordoning it with certain techniques. The anti virus applications are always in a state of development and one has to update them time to time to cope up with the new viruses or the update of old viruses which are being populated in the web by the hackers or other such mischievous people who have ulterior motives associated with this. There are a variety of viruses which can make ones mobile slow and lethargic and sometimes start stealing the valuable personal data from the device. So, it is necessary to have some such anti virus app installed in the device to take care of these things.

    Some of these are having a free version also while some are available for a 30 days trial and these popular android anti virus apps are -
    1. McAfee.
    2. Norton.
    3. 360 Security.
    4. Avira.
    5. Avast.
    6. AVG.
    7. Bitdefender.
    8. Dr. Web Security Space.
    9. ESET Mobile Security.
    10. Mobikwik.
    11. BullGuard.
    12. Panda.
    13. Kaspersky.

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  • The concern raised is very realistic as we use our smartphone for everything from banking, paying bills, surfing the internet, saving our personal pics & videos, Contact details, etc which could be vulnerable to malware, viruses, scams, trojans and adware like our computer/Laptop. One need to note that our smartphone uses Android which itself have its security and over the years have improved a lot and try their best to keep the security of its users through Google Play Protect. Most of the current smartphones come with Google Play Protect by default and it works automatically without its users having to do anything. This keeps fake/fraudulent or dummy apps off your device that can contain the virus and prevent malware and scams.

    As everyone uses their smartphones to connects to the internet for various reasons, they are vulnerable to online threats and as a first and foremost act of protection is to keep their smartphone always updated to the recent software issued by the manufacturer by refurbishing to the latest security fixes and patches. It is also advisable to back-up your data and especially your personal photos, videos, music, documents, etc to axe the impact if something worse happens. These are all free from the manufactures side but if we want extra protection, it is better to opt for a free or paid mobile security software apps.

    The mobile security software apps not only keeps your smartphone free from virus or malware, but it also will help save your personal data, avoid scams, find your lost device, etc. Some of the other features that are provided by such mobile security apps in their bundle are Safe browsing mode, SIM-Lock, Call/SMS blocking, Anti-phishing, Remote location view of your phone, Back-up your data online using the cloud, Clear your data from remote thus saving your privacy, Protect from login to phone by locking it and requiring a password to bypass the feature of your phone, etc.

    Most of the known PC antivirus software brands also provide mobile security software. Many provide trial versions, some free and for its best, effective and extra protection one need to go for the paid version. Some of the brands that provide mobile security software services and their list in the descending order are:
    1. Bitdefender Mobile Security: It offers in-app locking, anti-theft and Wi-Fi scanning, etc without bogarting too much RAM and battery life. The Bitdefender premium plan comes at Rs.80/month and Rs.799/year.
    2. Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus: The app can detect malware and viruses from inside the file and removes it and also offers an option for app locking, browsing protection, Wi-FI security, etc. The price of the software is Rs.690/year.
    3. Avast Mobile Security: It offers complete end-to-end protection, app locking, camera trap to take automatic pictures in case of theft, SIM security, dedicated photo vault, VPN protection and direct customer support. It has 2 versions, One is normal while the other is the Ultimate version. The Normal version is usually priced at Rs 99/month while the Ultimate version is priced at Rs 299/month.
    4. AVG AntiVirus: The app offers anti-theft, real-time scanning, photo vault features and additional features like app locking, removes third-party ads, VPN protection, etc. It has 2 versions. The Pro plan is priced at Rs.99/month or Rs.580/year and the Ultimate plan is priced at Rs.299/month or Rs.980/year.
    5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: It offers anti-spyware and anti-theft tools, manual scanning option, call filter and anti-theft features, block malicious websites automatically, etc. The price of the paid version is Rs.99/month and Rs.499/year.
    6. Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus: It offers scanning of the device, checking the other Malicious apps, a web security function, a most common public wifi checker for your financial transactions. The cost of the software is Rs.350/month and Rs.1400/year.
    7. McAfee Mobile Security: It offers anti-theft, backup options, no third-party ads, real-time protection against malware, Safe Wi-Fi, privacy checks, memory booster, data usage tracker and an additional features which include Safe Web, app locking ability, guest mode, advanced backup options and real-time customer care support. It has a Standard plan that is priced at Rs 159/monthly or Rs 2,099/yearly and a Plus plan that is priced at Rs 699/monthly or Rs 5,500/yearly.
    8. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile: It protects your phone from malware, other threats and scan apps for malicious, inappropriate, or illegal content, scanning QR codes that include URLs, contacts, or Wi-Fi connection data. The price of the software is Rs.59/User or Rs.15,585 for Lifetime.
    9. AhnLab V3 Mobile Security: It offers Privacy Cleaner, One-Touch Security Scan, Scans applications before and after installation, App Lock to Protect Privacy, Detect malware source URL, QR Code Scan, Hides photos (image files) and videos in the gallery, Booster to Speed up Your Phone, etc. The application is entirely free and available on google play store.
    10. Avira Antivirus Security: This app provides a device scan, eternal card scan, real-time protection, anti-theft support with privacy scanning and blacklisting. The premium version comes at a price of Rs.840/year.
    11. 360 Security: The app provides power cleaning and performs all the scans. It boosts, accelerates your phone and optimizes your background apps, memory storage, junk files, battery power, keeping your device safe from viruses. The price of this antivirus is Rs.1999/year.
    12. Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus: The app keeps your data safe while browsing, shopping, banking and automatically scans your phone for any malware and viruses. The price of this antivirus is Rs.2990/year.
    13. Lookout Security and Antivirus: The app keeps your data safe and secure scanning your smartphone from continuous, malware, adware, and spyware, phone detection by location in case of theft. It also helps to scan every URL link and protects it from Wi-Fi attacks, etc. The Premium plan comes at a cost of Rs.225/month or Rs.2230/year and the Premium Plus comes for Rs.740/month or Rs.7440/year.
    14. ESET Mobile Security: It is a fast and powerful antivirus app. I t has features like Proactive Anti-Theft, Anti-Phishing, protects access to any app with a PIN or fingerprint and scans for malware activities. The paid version comes at Rs.1299/year.
    15. F-Secure Mobile Security: It scans and cleans your smartphone of harmful applications, Block unwanted callers, Protects the personal content on your smartphone, Locates or erase a missing smartphone, Use banking protection for extra safety when online banking, Protect your children against mobile threats and unsafe apps, etc. The software can be used on smartphones with Android 5.0 or later versions. The price of it is Rs. 600/year and above.

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  • There are many antiviruses for android phones. Some of these are free. But Free antiviruses generally don't have all necessary features like real-time protection and malware removal. They ask you to go premium for those essential features. But my opinion is that for Android users generally, free versions are fairly safe. Even many users will never use any antivirus also on their phones. The following are some of the versions available. You can see the features and decided on the most suitable. These are all free antivirus providers. All these are 100% free, highly secure, efficient and almost all important features are covered in these versions.
    1. Avira Antivirus: This is believed to be the best for Privacy Protection. Avira's antivirus technology is good to keep the device free from viruses, spyware and ransomware.
    2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free: This is the best overall free antivirus for Android. It's the perfect antivirus that keeps your device safe without consuming battery life or resources. it's available for free.
    3. McAfee Mobile Security: This is the best for theft prevention. McAfee Mobile Security antivirus will come with some features to prevent loss and theft. This is very good for a high-end Android device.
    4. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. This is the strong malware protection combined with Anti-Theft Features. It has the smartwatch compatibility also. It's a free app. It will be useful for all.
    5. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus: It is the best for safe browsing. It is an effective, ad-free virus scanning and phishing protection. If you use your mobile device to browse privacy-sensitive websites, I recommend this for you,

    The above five are free. There are many other and there are paid services also. The following are some antiviruses to be purchased.
    1. Norton. They offer 60-day money-back guarantee packs. They are good for real-time cyber protection,
    Password manager & cloud backup. This is compatible with all devices. The website is Go through the website for full details and then decide.
    2. BullGuard: You can connect safely to public WiFi. You will get 24/7 free support online and 100% money-back guarantee feature is also there. You can go through the website,, for full details. You can choose the best plan you want.
    3. Panda: You can easily download and share files. You will have online support all the time. They will give you the
    first month free offer also. You can visit for all details.
    4. Bitdefender: This is their website This will provide you with multi-layer protection. You will get 24/7 customer support. They offer a free 30-day trial.
    There are many. But one of the above four will be the best.

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  • If you are not using your mobile for such important transactions, then the free version of any popular antivirus programme is sufficient.
    I am not using my mobile for banking transactions and online shopping and not using it for email also. I am using the free version of Avast antivirus for android. My net use with mobile is very limited and restricted to one or two news apps, Whatsapp and occasional surfing of very trusted sites. So I find the installed free version antivirus is enough.
    I use my desktop for my financial transactions, and hence using the Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) Paid version. I am using KIS since last few years. I had experience of using Norton, Bitdefender, AVG, McAfee, etc before that. But I had found KIS the best from my experience. Kaspersky has the free version for android also.
    Kaspersky takes a little more space in comparison to other brands and can impact the speed sometimes. However the after sales service I found very good and prompt. Whenever I had faced some practical issues, on taking up with them, the help was prompt and fast and they remedied the issue.
    I had not tried Kaspersky in android as I had been using Avast free version already.
    I would suggest you to compare the various parameters among Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Avast and settle for the optimum best from among them. Alternately you may try each and come to your conclusion for final selection.

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