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  • Best mobile app for share trading

    Planning to carry out trading of shares or mutual funds otr equity using mobile app? Looking out for the best app which is freely available? On this Ask Expert page you can find suggestions from our experts.

    Which app you would suggest for the share trading or Mutual funds or Equity etc. dealing through Android orAppStore (Apple) smartphones? Which app charges zero for the share trading or referal link etc.?

    What are the basic requirement for share trading through mobile application? Kindly enlighten on this.
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  • There are many mobile application in use for share trading purposes in our country and some of them are quite prominent in terms of their deliverables. Out of these apps some are good in their speed, some are having better trading tools so some are better in some other respect as compared to others.
    If we consider the speed of the apps then Angel Broking App, and Zerodha Kite App these two are being ranked high in terms of their speed so the user can take quick decisions. After that under this criterion Sharekhan App, and ICICI Direct App also are being found as good speed providers.
    Another parameter is performance and ease of navigation. In this, Angel Broking App stands high and user like it for its nice performance. Other applications which are also quoted for having good performance are Sharekhan App, Motilal Oswal MO Investor App, and Zerodha Kite App.
    From the angle of user reviews and comments it is found that Motilal Oswal MO Investor App is at first place followed by Sharekhan App, Kotak Stock Trader App, and IIFL Markets App.
    Some of these apps are having some high end features and useful for the users who use certain advanced features and the apps which have it are Zerodha Kite App, Angel Broking App, Sharekhan App, and Motilal Oswal MO Investor App.
    Apart from these there are some other apps which are also very good and perform neck to neck with these apps. They are Upstox Pro App, Indiabulls Shubh App, and HDFC Securities App. So there are subtle differences but all the above apps are the best of the lot as per the various criterion.
    One can choose the app from the above list based on ones requirement or criterion as mentioned above.

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  • Mobile trading has become very popular these days. An NSE report says that mobile trading in 2014 is about Rs.50,800 crores. It has gone up to Rs,1,16,800 crores in 2015. In 2020 it may be almost double to that the amount in 2015. That is why many stockbroking houses are coming out with their own mobile apps. These mobile apps have become a must these days.
    The following are the best apps.
    1. Angel Broking App: The speed is very good and will give the user a better opportunity in the stock market. This app will provide a better experience of navigation. The overall usability is very good.
    2. Zerodha Kite App: The speed is good and this will help the customers to get a better opportunity in the stock market.
    3. Sharekhan App.: Ratings and reviews are very good for this app.
    4. ICICI Direct App: Ratings and reviews are very good for this app also.
    5. Kotak Stock Trader App: Best service provider
    6. IIFL Markets App: Best service provider.

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  • Viewing mobile app rather than the website or manual platform is convenient and easy for the navigation purpose. Mobile App provides you all sorts of facilities for quick acess to every relevant information with the simple process of fingertips on your mobile phone.
    A convenient mobile app is indicated below -
    1) Share Khan Mobile App - Share Khan is well known for its brokership since a long time because of plenty of outlets of theirs in different cities and towns.
    However, their basic brokerage is relatively expensive where their basic plan levies 0.10 percent as a delivery brokerage, whereas there is zero brokerage at Zerodha.
    The following are the advantages with this app-
    1) Enhanced availability of charts like Renko, Line, Bar, Area etc providing you sufficient timeframe ranging from 1 minute to 1 year.
    2) You can acess to financial datas such as Watch List, Mutual Funds, IPO etc.
    3) You can create, pause, modify your planning in relation to your investment.
    2) Motilal Oswal - Motilal Oswal is another stockbroker in India having strong network in more than 1700 locations across the country.
    1) It contains complete information about the company searched by you on both NSE and BSE.
    2) You may execute multiple orders with the single click owing to their bulk order functionality.
    3) Market screeners are available to help you to spot the trending stock.
    Disadvantage- App interface has not been updated for almost three years.
    4) Angle brokerage mobile app - It is a well established app operating for more than 30 years offering various types of service to the Customers such as brokerage, insurance, mutual fund etc.
    Advantages - 1) Multiple index can be viewed with the real time prices after streaming market watch.
    2) Transfer of funds and securities are available in a single plateform.
    3) You may create customised device watch.
    1) Not so appealing to the viewers.
    2) Few complaints regarding their price updates lagging in their charts.

  • Mobile is the best option for anyone who would like to make it in the shares/trading or mutual funds as it provides all the facilities as on laptop along with quick access to all the information required within clicks of our fingertip on our mobile. Some of the best mobile stock market trading app are as follows:-
    1. Kite Mobile App-Zerodha: It has a good interface for the users with very high interactive design. It has zero brokerage charges for trading and only Rs.20 for every order(Regular, AMO, Bracket Orders or cover orders). It provides stock exchanges research for NSE, BSE, MCX for Equity, Stock, Index, currency and Futures, etc at low cost. It provides historical data of your shares or market performance on a monthly or yearly base for easy understanding.
    Mobile App Link:

    2. Upstox Pro Share Trading App: This is one of the leading discount brokers and provides access to past 10 years' data for easy analysis of the share or one's trading. It has customized features where the user can select the colour, legends, etc of their choice for better understanding. Along with other features, it also provides alerts and notifications to the user's mobile for easy access.
    Mobile App Link:

    3. 5 Paisa Mobile Trading App: The app manages your 3-in one account( Demat account, Trading account, and the savings account) and lets you trade in Equity, Stock, Index, currency and Futures with great security at the lowest cost. One can easily buy and sell your units within minutes. It filters the best funds for the user hat suits the best to the investor. It provides a portfolio based on the risk profile, income, and expenses, offers real-time services, charting and broadcasting features.
    Mobile App Link:

    4. TradePlus Online Mobile Trading App: The app automatically will link your 3 accounts (Demat account, Trading account, and the savings account) and help you track your accounts depository participant and its haircut valuations. It offers brokerage plans month-wise and helps you easy transfer fund via payment gateways.
    Mobile App Link:

    5. IIFL Markets(IIFL Markets - NSE BSE Mobile Stock Trading App): The app is designed within the size of 38.2MB. It has a stock watch feature that keeps the track of user's selected stocks and even helps to watch multiple stock list on their mobile. The app also has a guest login useful for beginners or people who would like to understand the basic features of the mobile app.
    Mobile App Link:

    6. Sharekhan Trading App(Sharekhan: Share Market App for Sensex, NSE, BSE, MCX): It is the most common name known to the people or brokers and provides a trading platform to buy and sell the shares in both NSE and BSE. It helps its user with daily basis market update in charts in customised way of the legends of the users choice. It has features like Heat-map, Chart-book, graphical studies(average, Band-Bollinger, KnowSureThing, MACD, etc), O-Alert, etc.
    Mobile App Link:

    7. Kotak Securities(Trade Free - Kotak Stock Trader): This popular app is started by the Kotak industries that trade in equity, derivatives, Futures & Options and currencies. It helps the user to tracks their portfolio performance, checks the available balance in their account, track the market rates or economic performance, know the number of investments made by its user until the current day, place an order and even cancels the same anytime without any problem. All this feature comes in the app which is of 54 MB size.
    Mobile App Link:

    8. Angel Broking App(Angel Broking Demat Account & Stock Trading App): The app is designed to trade in equity, derivatives, currencies, futures, and options, etc. It helps to track the market movement on a real-time basis, provide the latest updated of your holdings and check the market news, view trade reports, transfer funds and securities from anywhere at any time, know the statements of your contract, account ledgers and Profit and loss account, etc.
    Mobile App Link:

    9. Motilal Oswal Trading App(Stock Trading App, Online Trading: MO Trader): The app provides details and helps you trade in products like Equities, derivatives, currencies, commodities, futures & options, Mutual funds, IPOs, etc through the app interface. The app provides a secured operation mechanism with the authentication wall while log-in. It provides real-time portfolio monitoring tools, transfer funds via 40 connected banks, offers attractive charts with 12 different indicators for easy understanding and helps to make investment decisions.
    Mobile App Link:

    10. ICICI Direct Mobile Trading App(ICICI direct Mobile): The app provides a 3-in-1 account(Demat account, Trading account, and the savings account) facility and helps its user to trades in equities, commodities, derivatives, currencies and future & options. It provides the latest market updates with quotes, keeps track the market movements along with of your portfolio, tracks your shares updos, provides different types of research report, etc. The app has a lite app functionality which helps its user to avail its features in slow-speed networks.
    Mobile App Link:

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  • The coronavirus epidemic has brought a big change in the lifestyle of every man. Its effect is seen on daily trading in the stock market. During this pandemic, most of our work has become de jilted. From shopping to investment, we are now doing all the work through our smartphones. Technology-based solutions have empowered us for everyday needs including trade and investment. In today's time, if you are also trading in the stock market through the mobile app, then you should pay attention to a few things to be safe.
    Do not share login information
    Never share your login credentials with anyone. Although this may sound a bit fundamental, it has often been seen that some traders take their login credentials lightly. Remember this, neither your broker nor your bank will ever ask for your trading ID and password.
    Protect every trade
    Markets can be quite volatile from time to time while trading. The market after Kovid-19 is fully reflecting such trading patterns. The dynamic load can damage your platform if your trading platform is not supported by strong technological infrastructure during unstable periods. In such cases, you will not be able to complete your trade and there can be a lot of loss. Therefore, you should always rely on a trading platform / mobile app that protects all your trades.

    There are many apps for trading -

    Paisa Mobile App
    Fire's Market
    Zerodha Kite Mobile App
    IIFL Markets
    Kotak Stock Trader
    Upstox pro

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