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  • Jobs for MBA in Entrepreneurship

    Have a query about the various job opportunities after MBA Entrepreneurship? Looking out for the best courses for further studies or job alternatives? Find advice from our career experts on this page.

    I have done my graduation in BBI which is in banking and insurance and after that I have done my post graduation in MBA in entrepreneurship and family business. Which are the possible job alternatives I can have?

    I also wanted to understand what are the possible and relevant studies I can pursue?

    any courses in USA which I can do along with which I can do a job ?

    Thank you
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  • A candidate with an MBA in entrepreneurship will have many job opportunities. Some of the jobs are listed below.
    1, Intrapreneur: There are some posts with this job profile in many established companies. This post will give you the chance to using your creativity and entrepreneurial skills.
    2, Project manager: Generally the entrepreneurs will be good at multitasking. So for them, project management is a good area to show their skill. As a project manager, you will have a good scope to show your skills and you will have a very good prospectus in your career. With this experience, you can grow fast and even go to the CEO level.
    3. Growth Hacker: Normally entrepreneurs will have good knowledge in building businesses from scratch, This skill will make them work in organisations as a growth hacker to elevate their userbase.
    4. Lecturer: With MBA entrepreneur qualification you can be a lecturer in any college offering MBA course to students. At the same time, you can work for your doctorate degree also. Once you complete your PhD you can grow fast in the line.
    As you are a qualified entrepreneur, you can think of starting your own industry. But initially, you can work for a company for 2 or 3 years and then you can think of starting your own.

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  • Entrepreneurship is a highly satisfying passion for many of us and ultimately it becomes the destination for many aspirants. The scope of this qualification is limitless. The aspirant could be an entrepreneur and still work in a company as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship may be regarded as a kind of mindset with a particular skill test.
    The easiest rout which every aspirant interested for persuing management area would like is to persue BBA followed by MBA and would like to have experience of at least three to four years and finally the aspirant would start his own business risking the same due to family constraints. Hence instead of resorting to the same, it would be better on the part of the aspirant to acquire the MBA qualification in entrepreneurship providing him the following job - opportunities-
    1) Entrepreneur - Using the creativity and entrepreneurial skill, the aspirant would rise tremendously due to excellent insight of the different modules taught in the MBA curriculum in this field. Growth will be proportional to his skill and the prospects of the company where he is rendering his service.
    2) Project Manager- Entrepreneurs are experts in multitasking and hence choosing the profession of a project manager would enhance their career prospects.
    3) Growth Hacker - Since Entrepreneur is aware of building business up from scratch through the vast experimentation, this would be the best option for him to work in an organisation as a growth hacker to elevate his position.
    4) Lecturership- if interested to persue the teaching line, the aspirant can join in a MBA college contributing his guidance to the inquisitive students and simultaneously can persue for the doctorate degree for a better growth in future.
    For a management student in this area, skill is the useful asset and also this calls for a lot of first hand start up experience as well. The coveted institutions play important roles in shaping the attitudes of the aspirants and selection of a right institution is important.

  • You have done MBA in entrepreneurship. Basically entrepreneurship means to conceive, design, begin, and run a new business which we call a start up company also. So, entrepreneurship is not to follow the usual traditional business like a nearby provision store. It is something to innovate and market it in the consumer arena. It is actually doing business in new ways. It is not only limited to doing business but also related to reach the customers in newer effective ways.
    So, with that background in our minds a MBA in entrepreneurship should look towards either starting on his own or search a job in the industry in a relevant position. One can also work as an consultant in this niche area or teach the college or university students the ways of entrepreneurship in a business.
    In addition to possibility of own business, one can look for jobs and job areas like Jobs in mid-level Management, Accounting area, Office Administration, Sales management and control, Economics and feasibility studies, Business Consultant, Business Reporter, Financial Analyst, Marketing Manager etc.
    Besides this, there are some other areas where an entrepreneur can find himself as the key worker and those are, Fundraisers and Development Officers, Guiding NGOs or other such agencies, Coordinating with cash rich companies ready to help innovators, Research work in entrepreneurship techniques etc.
    Doing a related course from USA can increase the chances of getting a job in USA itself and if you are having such a thing in mind and can afford the finances required for higher education there then there are ample courses related to entrepreneurship in many universities or colleges in USA. Some of these prestigious institutions are Grand Canyon University, Berkeley Haas, Babson College, University of California, University of South Carolina etc. One can select a relevant course and do masters there. To make the ends meet many students take up the maximum number of hours that one is allowed to work and generally one can get some work in the related field only which adds to the experience of the person. USA is right now going through a revamping phase due to the destruction caused by the pandemic and needs manpower to manage this reconstruction. It makes sense to do a relevant degree from there and get a job as remunerations are also very good.

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