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  • Surname differences Family Vs educations certificates

    Dear Sir ,

    I am actual belong to Shaik BC-E (Having documents Voter ID , Ration card etc) but in mark sheet which wrongly written as pasupuleti which belongs to BC-B (Having documents mark sheet, aadhar , bank accounts ,Driving license etc. ) i have tried to correct mark sheets i have faced too difficulty to correct it. instance of that i have taken affidavit Now i want to purchase land/Properties and LIC , can you please suggest can i take with the surname of Shaik ? .

    I dont want to loose my actual surname i.e shaik and also i am facing difficulty with surname different contexts can you please suggest how to over come the problem .

    Thanking you.
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  • Firstly, be clear in your question and elaborate on your correct name. The explanation is not clear hence requires more information to be put forth in a proper way.
    Secondly, you have already mentioned that you have an affidavit based on that make necessary changes in all other documents.

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  • Your surname is correct in your Voter ID, Ration card etc.
    But in other documents like mark sheet, Aadhar, bank accounts, Driving license etc. the surname is wrongly printed. An affidavit has already been made in which the corrective action has been taken. In this affidavit,
    Once the affidavit is made, you have to give a paper advertisement in two papers mentioning that your surname is wrongly mentioned and hence you have taken an affidavit. You have to give in one English national paper and the other in your local language paper. Then you have to send the same information to get published in the Gazette. You can contact a lawyer in your area and ask him the procedure for getting it published in Gazette.
    The following are needed to submit the Gazette notification:
    1. You have to fill a 'Deed changing name form' available with the Controller of Publication, Department of Publications. If it is not available you can give a letter of declaration in which you can give the need for changing the surname name.
    2. Original copies of advertisements published with the date.
    3. Carry two attested photographs
    4. Address and identity proofs. The address should be the same as the one published in the newspaper and affidavit.

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  • You have some documents where your name is correctly mentioned with surname Shaik and that only you want to continue now in your life and you have documents like Voter ID , Ration card etc where this is already reflecting. At the same time, in other documents like mark sheet, Aadhar card, bank accounts , Driving license etc, your name is wrong and you want to get rid of that.
    It clearly means that now you have to change your name in all the documents that you have mentioned like mark sheet, Aadhar card, bank accounts , and Driving license. For the mark sheet you have already taken an affidavit and now you have to publish this information in newspaper as per the procedure and apply for gazette notification of this in Govt Gazette and once it is published in the Gazette you can use that as a proof of name change everywhere and then get corrected your name in all the remaining places like Aadhar, Banks, Driving license etc. There are some agents and agencies which provide all these services like Gazette notification, publication in newspaper etc and you can take their help by paying the service charges and your job would be done conveniently. Keep the copies of Gazette notification with you and produce it wherever you want to change your wrong surname to the correct one that is Shaik.
    Please make a note that use your only one surname that is Shaik everywhere and never use the other name. Just remember that the second name has ceased to exist in this world for you. You should be very careful in this. If you use the second name it will create a lot of confusion and your documents will be mixed up everywhere and it will be a mess where you will get trapped and land up in administrative bungle.

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  • You need to get your name changed in the Official Gazette. It's advised that you should consult a lawyer. He will get this work done easily. However, changing your name is not a big problem now a days Following steps are taken in the whole process.

    - Get an affidavit from the local Notary duly signed. The reason why name is to be changed should be mentioned in affidavit.
    - All personal details like old name, new name, Father's name, permanent address etc are to be mentioned. Singnauture of applicant as well as witnesses required as per rules.
    - You have to get a notification published in a newspaper and keep the copy with you.
    - Now you have to send following documents to "Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, (Your State) - the original advertisement published in the newspaper, original declaration statement, attested affidavit and 2 passport size photographs.
    - Keep the original copy of Official Gazette with you and use it when and where it is required.

  • As per my understanding of your query about changing surname due to its differences your actual Family surname Vs educations certificates surname which is officially printed on your educational documents. As you have mentioned that your correct family surname is Shaik/ Sheikh which comes under the list of Backward Classes(as socially and educationally Backward Classes of Muslims) under separate Group "E" and provided 4% reservation whereas your current educational certificates and other documents (Mark sheet, Aadhar, Bank accounts, Driving license, etc) have the surname as "Pasupuleti" which belongs to BC-B that belong to same backward caste class( BC-A and BC-B)but different sub-caste where BC-B has more reservation when compared to BC-A of Muslims Act, 2007 (Act No. 26 of 2007) and Articles 15 (4) and 16 (4) of the Constitution of India.

    Now, as you want to keep your Family surname Shaik which falls under "BC-E" category, you would like to get it changed on all your documents like school and college mark sheets, aadhar card, bank accounts, Driving license etc which is very tedious. The basic steps to follow is already given by other expert members and I would just like you to follow them and the below procedures for your ease.

    1. Procedure and documents needed for changing one's surname on an Aadhar card: Please note that as per UIDAI's office memorandum, an Aadhaar cardholder can now change/update his/her name in the Aadhaar card only twice. and for that one needs to furnish any of the following documents Voter ID card / Driving License / PAN Card / Marriage Certificate / Passport.

    2. Procedure and documents required to correct your name in the driving license(DL):
    -Offline mode: Visit your nearest RTO along with an application stating the reason for the name change in y, DOB/age proof and identity proofs, pay the required application fees. You will get DL in a week.
    -Online mode: Visit the URL - and select your state and city,
    - Click on "Apply Online" on the left side of the page and select "Services on Driving Licence".
    - Click on Change Name Request button and provide your valid credentials i.e. Name, DOB, etc).
    - Scan & upload the required documents as mentioned above.
    - Click on the "Fee Payment" to continue for fee payment and your application is sent for processing. You will get an acknowledgement to verify via OTP.
    - They will courier you your updated license on your given address within a week.

    3. Correction of name on your bank accounts: Once you have your name corrected on your Aadhar card, Driving License, Voters Id and Ration card, you can carry a xerox copy of these documents along with an application form mentioned the need for the name change. The bank will verify your original documents and then do the needful.

    4. Correction of name on your Marksheets or certificates: These is a tedious job and will have to first follow the above steps like make an affidavit, make a paper advertisement in two papers(one English national paper and the other in your local language paper), published the same information in the Gazette through a lawyer. Once these are done, you can contact your university and board for the name change on all your certificates and documents through an application and fees as applicable. It may take time but doing it at the earliest is worthy.

    Note: As you already have your Voters ID and Ration card with correct surname, do use this as document proof for all your further application while other documents are under name change process. This will ease your work and complications.

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  • As far as Northern parts of India concerned the application of surname or family name is more in certificates and plays a good role in employment also. So it is a must to get verified well while collecting certificate from the concerned authorities. If received earlier without noticed, it is important to get corrected as all such documents depicts one and same. This can be done by contacting concerned authorities in person with documents with correct name and to be corrected.

  • Thank you each and every one for your valuable suggestions , I have taken Gazetted certification finally stuck with changing surname in marking certificates .

    I have tried to go my 10th studied school requested to help and they suggested to go get letter in primary school . In my primary school they not ready to give due to at the time admission they are recorded at pasupuleti not sheikh . can you please suggest is there any other process is there to change surname in mark sheets.

    I have to change from 10th to Post graduation, I am feeling it is not that easy in changing in mark sheets please help me for better possibilities .

  • Name is the most important data in our documents and changing that casually creates big problem in long run as the procedures for getting them corrected are very tedious and time taking so students should be very careful in maintaining their names and other credentials very carefully when applying for admission anywhere because once the name is registered in one form no one will agree to change it just like that. Matching of name, DOB, father's or mother's name etc over all our documents and educational credentials is a crucial requirement and we have to adhere to it.

    You have only two documents where your correct surname (or the surname that you prefer) is reflecting and that is Voter Card and Ration Card. At the same time in all your other documents, which are of immense importance, it is mentioned wrongly and those documents are mark sheet, Aadhar card, bank accounts, Driving license etc. This is a quite messy situation and as many correction jobs are involved, it will be advisable to take help of an agent which are nowadays available everywhere to help people to get all these things rectified either online or physically. You have to pay their service charges for each of these jobs. Now based on the affidavit which you have got, you have to apply for Gazette notification of your name change as that is the most important procedure in our system. Once that is done which generally takes 20-25 days time, you have to pursue other jobs for changing your name in Aadhar card, bank accounts, and Driving licenses. The agent will get you all the forms and send his person to deposit them in person or do it online as the process is there and everywhere it will take some time for getting the corrections made. As regards your mark sheet you will have to show the affidavit copy and Gazette notification wherever you go for document verification and for all other documents as you will be able to get them in the revised name, there will not be any problem.

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