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  • Regarding different name in NEET application process

    Are you having a doubt while applying for NEET exam? Want to know how to provide new name if college certificate has a name mismatch? On this page find adive from experts for your query.

    I have officially changed my name through Gazzette of India and now I want to apply for NEET but they require name according to class 10 certificate. In my class 10 certificate I have my old name. I want to reflect my new name in NEET application form. What should I do?
    Please help me with this.
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  • As you have already changed your name through the Gazette, you can write your new name in the application. There will not be any problem. You can attach your gazette publication copy to the application and also you can attach a copy of the 10th class certificate also. You can write your new name alias old name also in the application form. In such a case also you will not have any problem.

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  • Once you have changed your name through the regular procedure and gazette notification is done then for all practical purposes from that date onward (the date of gazette notification) your name is changed and you have to reflect your new name only. Practically speaking your old name cease to exist from that day onwards and it is the old documents only where it will reflect. So, now wherever you apply or submit any application, your new name will only be admissible. Only thing is you will have to provide a copy of the gazette notification along with other documents. So, write your new name and upload the copy of the gazette notification and if there is some column for remark or comment write this fact there. Once your name is changed, you have to be very alert and particular in mentioning here everywhere and no mixing is to be there between the old name and new name. That would create unnecessary confusions and remember keeping two names at a time and using them is considered as fraud. Be careful about this aspect. It has severe legal implications.

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  • When you have got your name changed through official gazette (Department of Publication. ) then name on all your certificates be considered as changed. You just submit the copy of this official gazette. Hope you will not face any problem.

  • Since during filling online forms such as neet , there is no column or any such way to upload Gazzette notification.
    Is there any way to inform officials about gazette name changed??

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