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  • Failure of Marxism in the Modern World

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    Marxism as a school of political thought can be described as revolutionary and radical.
    It has succeeded in unravelling the ills of the capitalist regime and can be very well called as the pioneering force behind record and agitations, be it the famous Bolshevik revolution or our very own Naxalbari movement. It speaks of a utopian classless society with no gloom and poverty. Yet we see in reality, under the communist regime people have always suffered; Be it USSR, China, Vietnam the common citizens suffer from dictatorial rule by a group of oligarchs and with no apparent fundamental rights.

    Do you think Marx envisioned today's communist society when he proposed his political thought and ideas? Can we hold leaders like Lenin, Stalin, Mao for distorting communism or is it Karl Marx who failed to suggest a political and social structure for the functioning of the communist state established after the proletariat revolution thereby reducing communism from a political school oI thought to simply an ardent complaint against Capitalism?
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  • There were great communist leaders and scholars including Karl Marx who had proposed a system in which there was no differentiation between the rich and the poor and everyone had at least food for both the times. These theories worked nice when they were proposed and revolutions were brought to change the system and establish a commune which ruled the country. But soon it failed because of the main fallacy of this communism that the commune did whatever it wanted as there was no one above it.
    In a democratic system Govt rules but public has control on it through voting system and public hue and cry is an important matter and Govt has to take cognisance of it. Unfortunately in communist system there is no such provision as the ruling communist party is all in all and can take any decision whether the public accepts it or not. Then the communist regime will have police and military under them which will be used to control the people for anything. We have seen these things happening in Singapore where people do not want to be under a communist regime.
    So, the Marxist theory became a failure when it was implemented. Russia was disintegrated in parts. Only China is so far surviving based on its sheer police and military force.
    Marxist theory is in principle appears foolproof but when it is implemented problems are encountered mainly because the people who are ruling the country will not be as honest and as sincere as was required in the Marxist philosophy. Many scholars believe that if people are not corrupt then democracy is the best type of governance we can have.
    The main drawback in Marx doctrine is that it talks of utopian system but has no practical ways to achieve it. The progress of people can be had only through individual growth like in developed capitalist countries USA, but there also a danger in falling the trap of corruption and nepotism which will be always looming over.
    There are some other fallacies also in the communist system whether it Marxist or Leninism or even Maoist. That is the continuation of a leader in the apex position. The leader becomes indispensable as the coterie of people surrounding him convince him that without him communism will end. It is a mockery of the situation but it is a practical fact. The example of China is there where the current premier is asked to continue forever as if no other person is available to run the country. So communism starts with a bang but ends with a disaster.

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  • Young people are attracted to communism. They read about Karl Marx or other prominent personalities of earlier times who advocated for principles of communism and forming of an egalitarian society. Many scholars propounded similar thoughts in various parts of the world and then communism took roots in countries like Russia, China, and some European countries. The principles of communism are very robust and once we hear about that philosophy we yearn to implement it everywhere and are ready to do anything for it. Even a violent revolution is accepted if we achieve it. So far so good. We achieve communism and to run the country a central committee is formed. They make some rules and regulations and people residing in that country have to follow those guidelines.
    The problems come when people want to observe religious activities, want their personal freedom of expressing something even against the running Govt, accumulate wealth and be an enterprising person, and many other ambitions which are usually there in human beings. At that time a clash with the ruling regime takes place because ruling regime will quote some rules that one cannot express whatever one wants, one cannot amass wealth, one has to work like an ordinary person and one cannot become a celebrity even if one has calibre. So these restrictions start creating reactionary trends in the minds of the educated and intelligent people and they start to conspire against the ruling regime. In communist countries it is risky proposition to do that but all this goes underground and activities are carried out clandestinely. Once the momentum picks up the results are unprecedented. The communism staggers and falls down miserably as people care for freedom more than achieving some order and discipline at national level. In communist country generally the military training is mandatory for every young person before seeking a job. But who likes to go to army if one has no interest for it. So in communism personal choices do not stand anywhere and people even do not know what is happening at the central committee and what are their policies. Just obeying some orders and not feeling a part of the system is one of the biggest drawbacks of the communist system and that is one main reason as why people become disgruntled with it.
    So, originally the main people who generated the idea of communism thought that it will bring equality in society and correct distribution of wealth and other things, and it achieved it to quite a degree, but the main problem which culminated was the complete ban on the freedom of expression and individuality. People started to tell that they will eat less food and are ready to live in poor condition but require freedom. So what is more important for us personal freedom or serving the country blindly as directed by the higher ups. Most of the people go for the former option and that is the reason of failure of Marxism or any other theory propounded by the great communist thinkers and leaders of their time.
    We cannot force or inspire a person to work if that is not making him prosper. He wants to work but will like to retain the earnings. His dreams are to become a billionaire. In communist country there is no scope of doing so as one is under restrictions. China has opened up many things in the past for flourishing the Chinese business in the world and due to that some people have become too rich but they will be on the mercy of the ruling regime and can be put behind the bars on some small mistake. Further the communist system ails from the monotony of work. It is too boring for a creative mind.
    The last thing that I want to add for this interesting question is that in China if someone wants to become a leader or wants to enter the central committee for running the country, it is next to impossible. There is no way until they pick you. We do not know what is the criterion for picking up. How we know that they are only picking up their own children or others also. So these are the anomalies that emerge in the later part of the communism and due to all these ambiguities one day it will fall down and will have its own death. The system is not what Karl Marx or any other leader envisaged upon, it is a distortion of the intended thing.

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  • Thank you so much for your insights on the topic

  • The main reasons for the failure of Communism may be listed below.
    1. They advocate a classless society. But the people who advocate this will never follow the system.
    2. They assured peace to the people. But they always engaged themselves in some or the other war in the named of national liberation.
    3. They made promises to abolish private property but they themselves depended on the underground economy.
    4. They never encourage religion and worshipping God. But they themselves always engage in worshipping their leader like we worship a God. In other words, they indulged themselves in hero-worship.
    5. The entire power is given to a central committee. They have no complete understanding of the issues. They are not able to decide properly on the priorities.
    6. All the issues required for developing the economy like labour, tools, and machines are completely under the control of the government and they are not available in the private sector. They are owned by the government. There is no increase in the value of these products. The available resources should be utilised to make the most useful and required projects. But the planners in the central committee never done it. Hence these were a total confusion in the whole system.
    7. Communism talks about a democratic government. But many of the famous communist leaders were dictators Communism truly agrees with dictatorship and not democracy.
    8.Communism is against Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. It suppresses religious beliefs.
    9. They talk about revolutions. But these revolutions never gave any benefit to a common man.
    10.This ideology failed to achieve its aims and promises.

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  • Marxism failed in modern because Marxism is one sided. It advises distribution of wealth of rich people. Inter alia it has a streak of violence and forceful possession. It is also another form of monopoly- and that too brute monopoly. We can see this in those very few countries where Communism still remans. Communism holds good until people get satisfied with the minimum bare necessities.

    But once that minimum wants are satisfied, humans need inner spiritual satisfaction, social freedom and free thinking. Communism is devoid of these. So people who have come above the poverty level soon feel the vacuum and lack of moorings. Soon they get disgusted and dissatisfied. That leads to a sick society. Only brute force can keep them subjugated. That is what we see in such countries where they proclaim a communist nations. Real democracy is not there. Such subjugated humans are keep under flock psychology by creating artificial fear of imaginary enemy- political or territorial.

    The situation about Communism is like living in a room or house with all windows and doors closed. You are provided with food, clothing and same type of literature and indoor entertainment with very limited choice and variety. Now and then you are told that the enemy is still there on the prowl. So you feel you are secure and happy.

    But one day some breeze enters the house from a small crack in the door or window. The inmates the feel the difference. They rush to the cracked window and peep .Now they see a lot of variety and get refreshing breeze. That is when you realis that there is a free and fresh world outside. That is when people understand the fallacies of Communism . Thus Communism failed in the Modern word which needs freedom ,variety, choice and freshness.

    Communism failed when the people understood that there is need for freedom of mind and freedom of expressions of choice and they are equally important as satisfying the basic urges of satisfying body's hunger.

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