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  • Writing a good essay and summarising topics efectively

    Are you planning to write an essay and want to know how to summarise topics properly? Wondering how to give your best in writing tihs essay? No worries, scroll through this Ask Expert page and get answers to your questions here.

    As a first-year BA student, I find it difficult to effectively summarize a topic and make notes in a scientific manner which helps me recall everything I have learnt when I am revising.
    Usually while covering a topic I refer to multiple books to get desired information and end up writing one after all the research is complete and as a result, revising becomes difficult.
    I would be thankful if someone suggests a few study hacks and also ways to write a good research paper and a good essay.
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  • For writing a good essay or research paper two things are required. First is good and elaborate content and second is the structure and flow of that content. As said that well begin is half done the beginning of the essay itself should make clear as what we are going to tell in this essay and what is the approach we are following to illustrate the topic in hand. The reader of the introduction should know what the topic is and what is the approach the essay is adopting to illustrate the matter in the topic.

    Content is the most important part of an essay and until unless the content is not powerful and exhaustive, it will not make the desired impact on the reader. Depending on the topic of the essay the content would be made to cover it fully. Whenever we describe about a subject it is always better to give a historical or cultural aspect of the topic so that we can present its past and present it in a tacit way to impress upon the reader that things were not as they look today and they started with something very different but ended in the present set up due to all those historical, political, or social reasons. Once this linkage to past is completed then we come to the present where we have to show the purpose of a material or reason for a system or utility of a methodology depending upon the exact topic or matter about which we are discussing and illustrating it to our readers. They may be knowing many things but we should not miss any detail as that will make an abrupt break in our writings and flow will be broken. A good writer has to assume that the reader does not know anything about it and he has to teach them from the basics to the ultimate in that topic. That is known as the continuum of flow.

    Once the heart of content is over we have to embark upon the future as what are the expected changes in future in this matter or what we can expect in the coming times about it or how the future generations are going to adopt these things in their lives and how these matters will be changing with time in future. So this is the last part of the essay but it is important to touch it may be in a subtle way but it has relevance for the reader.

    Structure is very important for presenting the thoughts or knowledge in a coherent and understandable form. Nowadays many essay writers are adopting the capsule approach in writing. They will write all the relevant material in one capsule and then combine these capsules in the desired place to make one essay. This approach helps in not mixing the issues and also very helpful in avoiding of mentioning a thing earlier then needed. A good essay will have its elements at the exact locations which means that we will say what we want at the desired place and not before it or not after it. That is the art of precise writing which is necessary in producing a good article or essay or research paper.

    What I will suggest is before writing an essay one has to try to make some jotted points as what would be my different capsules in this particular topic? What would be their sequence? How long a capsule would be? Once these things are thought prudently then there are good chances of keeping oneself fixed in the direction of the topic only and chances of wandering here and there would decrease. These jotted points will help for making a summary of essay whenever it is needed in form of a précis or the author is called for a verbal presentation. Many people preserve these jotted points in a small card which can be kept in pocket or purse for easy reference.

    Finally an essay must have a concluding part where we can summarise our discussions and findings if any so that the readers gets the essence of all that in one glance. The introduction of our essay tells the reader about what we are going to write and the conclusion tells what we have illustrated in the essay.

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  • Writing an essay on any topic would be easy provided you could narrate the materials in a coherent manner and it must follow rhythm. Such s flow of your writing would arouse the curiosity of the readers. Knowing anything is entirely a different issue but representing the same in the livid manner is altogether a different issue.
    Normally an essay written around 300 words would make it crispy and it would retain its worth because of greater appreciation of the readers. If words are far less than as indicated, it would lack the details of the essay being undertaken and on the contrary, a lengthy essay may not appeal the readers because of its exhaustiveness charecterstics. Hence you should know how well it will impact your readers.
    At all the costs, your write up should be effective and the words used should be simple so as to make most of your readers understand the entire theme being written. Never be under impression that tedious and complex words would impress your readers. Simplicity should be your style in your representation. Again from the beginning to end of your write up should have the uniform flow so that the readers can anticipate what next is to follow.
    Take care of the concluding part. It should be written in such a way that the readers should be influenced with your artistic writing and the manner of your representation should be widely acclaimed by your readers.

  • 1.Writing an essay. First of all, you should gather the maximum possible information about the topic on which you want to write an essay. Once you have the information, read it completely and understand the topic completely.
    2. Make a plot of the essay. You have to divide the easy into various headings.
    3. We will start with the introduction. In this, we have to give the primary information about the topic you are dealing with. You can also bring the focus on the topic you are going to elaborate in the essay.
    4. Then you have to refer the various views and opinions expressed by various experts on the subject. Here you need not come out with any analysis. Just you can give the opinions oo others.
    5. Then the heading will be analysis. You can analyse the opinions of other experts. In this, you can try to compare the views of different people by giving where there are in common ground and how they are different in some aspects of the subject.
    6. Then you can start elaborating on your views and you can cover the unexploited points related to the discussion. Here you should strongly highlight the positives and negatives of the issue as per your thought process. Then you can bring in your ideas and you can hight light your findings and recommendations.
    7. Finally you can conclude the essay with your overall opinions about the subject.
    The following points should be kept in mind before you submit the paper for publication.
    A. You should concentrate on the language. You should correct spellings and you should check the grammar. There are tools available for doing this and you can use them
    B. Follow the instructions given by the site or the journal where you want to publish the essay. There will be some specific issued and procedures for each site or journal. You should adhere to those points.
    c. You should write your essay keeping the readers in view. You should see that the reader will read the essay till the end once he starts. You have to maintain the flow. English is a tricky language and your word selection should be very apt,
    d. Try to be as precise as possible. Wherever you talk about somebody's opinion give the references without fail
    e. When you submit the manuscript, the details given by the site or the journal are to be followed. Some journals may even talk about the font size and style also.
    I hope you got some idea about the essay writing by this time and I wish you all the best.

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  • Essay means a properly tied composition. An essay is a composition that is thoughtful and written in a sequential form. If you take special care of these things while writing an essay, a good essay can be written very easily.

    Essay language - The language of the essay should be very restrained and simple, it may reduce its impact by choosing more complex words. Also, write your thoughts clearly on the topic of your essay by making sentences with effective words.
    Presentation - While writing the essay, special care should be taken that the presentation is so effective that the reader can connect with it. It should include all aspects related to that subject in a simple and effective manner so that the reader can get complete information about that subject in a very simple and interesting way.
    Write the essay in points - By dividing the essay into points, writing makes it easy to read and its presentation looks good as well. The points written in the points appear to be effective and to further increase its effect, underline these points as well.
    Make the beginning and the end effective - Beginning the essay effectively can lead to success in the effort to write a good essay to a large extent. Its effect can be increased by starting the essay with a few lines, couplets, or ideas related to the topic, and at the end of it, all the aspects mentioned in the essay should be summarized.
    Writing flawlessly - While writing the essay, there is no place for language-related mistakes in it. In such a situation, avoid making errors related to language and try to write every word in its pure form.
    Avoid repetition of words - Repeating the same word while writing an essay reduces its impact and negatively affects your essay, so instead of repeating words, separate words with the same meaning include it in your writing.
    Write ideas in order - Essay means ideas written in sequence. In such a situation, if you do not keep in mind the order of a topic while writing it, it will not be easy to understand your written ideas in order and the effectiveness of your essay will be reduced.
    Write the essay within the prescribed limit of words - It should be kept in mind that while writing the essay, it should be expanded as much as necessary. An essay of two hundred, three hundred, or five hundred words should be written according to the limit stated for the essay. An essay written in more than the prescribed limit will lose its importance.

  • It is said that essay writing is an art. Basically, writing an essay on some subject or creating a content about the topic requires not only the knowledge about the subject but also the presentation skills. The sequencing is a very important thing in a write-up. So, an essay comprises of three parts - the beginning, the body, and conclusion. One has to make a framework of the ideas and then affix material to it. Generally a modular approach is taken in composing an essay so that distinct elements can be presented in them which are then connected together to make up the complete write up. Each module will cover some aspect of the topic and it is mandatory that the sequencing of the modules should be correctly placed. Which means that primary things should come in the beginning of the essay and main material should follow it and finally concluding module will be there.

    So what I can suggest is prepare the material for the essay thoroughly as much as possible and then arrange it in modules and sequences. After the essay is complete give it a read from the perspective of another person and try to see errors and omissions in that. You might have to read it 2-3 times to find those missing links and errors which affect the quality of the article or essay as a whole. Many people practice this check to enhance the quality of their essays.

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