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  • Points to ponder before buying a mattress for a good sound sleep

    Have you got a query regarding buying a good mattress? Looking for detailted set of points whcioh can help in the purchase? Check out this Ask Expert page for all your queries here.

    Good sleep has an invigorating and stimulating effect on us as it provides the energy required for the day as it helps to relax our muscles, ligaments, spine and other structures in the body and to get sound sleep, a good mattress/bed is required. We all know that we normally don't buy a mattress but it comes as a one-time investment. Before finalising a mattress, one needs to have some of the answers to the below questions to buy the best as we spend more time on the bed than on any other place at home. I would request the experts to kindly guide me through the following questions:
    a) When should one opt to buy a new mattress?
    b) What are the different kind and types of mattresses available in the market and their features?
    c) How does one select the right mattress for night's sleep?
    d) What should be the price that one needs to assign before planning and what should be its criteria?
    e) What size mattress is ideal for single, couple or family?
    f) Any more information that be should look for before buying a mattress.
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  • There is a saying in Telugu which means if one is really feeling sleepy, he will never look for a convenient place and comfortable place. We see many people sleeping on footpaths without any comfort. So all depends on the mindset of the people. During my childhood, I used to sleep on folding type cots and we used to have good sleep.
    With this general impression of my own, I like to answer your questions.
    1. We can purchase mattress anytime based on our requirement. Generally, many people purchase a cot and a mattress immediately after their marriage. My grandfather presented me a cot and a mattress immediately after my marriage.
    2. There are four types of mattresses. They are
    a. Airbed mattress: This type of mattress is filled with air chambers and there will be a padding system to protect the chambers. In some types, you will find an upholstery material. The firmness level can be adjusted as the chambers are flexible. You can adjust the firmness as per your individual need. These mattresses will be perfect for the people who are having the habit of sleeping on their back.
    b. Waterbed mattress: this is also similar to the airbed mattress. In these mattresses, water will be locked into the rectangular chambers. These chambers will be supported by fibres or foam. There are waterbed mattresses with a hard-sided chamber or a soft-sided chamber. These beds are also very good for people who are having the habit of sleeping on their back.
    c. Spring mattresses. It will make you feel happy if you sleep on these. One will have a bouncy feeling. But it will take time to get adjusted to these beds. The springs will prevent the accumulation of heat by providing proper ventilation.
    d. Latex mattresses: For the people who are habituated to sleep on their belly, this is the best type of mattress. These mattresses will have latex foam. This material will give firmness and comfort.
    e. Memory foam mattresses: These are the best and most comfortable mattresses. These are preferred by many people. Top-density foam is used in these mattresses. Several layers of foam will be there in these beads. This bed helps you to balance your bodyweight evenly. These are good for people suffering from back pain problems.
    3. Based on your habit of sleeping and comfort you can choose any type of mattress as per your liking.
    4. There are many types of mattresses of different costs. The costs will vary based on size, type and company. The minimum cost may be around Rs.6000/-. There mattresses costing around a lakh of rupees also. But one will get a good mattress by spending around Rs,35,000/-
    5. Standard Sizes and Dimensions in inches are given below
    Single - 72 x 36
    Twin - 72 x 42
    Queen - 72 x 60
    Queen XL - 72 x 66
    King - 72 x 72
    King XL - 72 x 78.
    These are ready-made sizes. You gen get the tailored made also. But they will charge the cost of the next bigger size.
    6, The choice varies from person to person. One will decide based on their interest, funds availability and the type of cot they have or they are planning. Personally, I use spring mattresses which is very comfortable for me.

    always confident

  • For a good sleep even a long towel and folded hand is enough. Clear mind is an important aspect for a good sleep. Cot , bed and mattresses are additional comfort.

  • a: It entirely depends on you when you want to buy it. However, if your marriage anniversary is closer then you may buy it for honey moon.
    b: All types of mattresses are available.
    c: I think you should visit any showroom to purchase instead of trying online booking
    d: It depends on your pocket. Generally, it's available from Rs 6000/ onwards.
    e: From standard to king size you can have in market. But what you have to see is which mattress fits in your bed.
    f: When you intend to buy a Mattress you should see a comfortable padding because mattress should be comfortable for body and make you feel good and can have a sound sleep. Paddings are made from different materials like polyester, cotton and polyurethane foam etc. Another thing is firmness or hardness of mattress which is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is extremely soft and 10 is extremely firm (hard). Most of the firm mattresses are good to alleviate back pain. Now it depends on you how much soft or firm mattress you want to buy. Also see density of mattress because more density means mattress is comfortable for your body.

  • The purpose of a mattress is to provide an ergonomic comfort to the body which is not only good for health but also helps in getting cosy sleep. Though there are many varieties available in different price ranges in the market but one has to consider the individual liking in this case as sometimes sleeping simply on a hard bed is more beneficial than sleeping on a mattress. The detailed answers to the queries are as below -

    (a) Generally mattresses are very durable and sturdy and will require, occasionally, only replacing of the outer cover which gets dirty or oily or stained with time. There are agencies which repair it and sometimes even change the inside material if it has gone bad at a few places. Mostly it is some foam packing and hard springs that make it to be so rigid but flexible also at the same time. So, replacing mattress is only required when it looses its cushion action and sags down and is beyond economic repair.

    (b) There are many types of mattresses available in the market having different design and material in it. Some of them are -
    i) Hyper Elastic Polymer mattresses - They use hyper elastic polymer in them and are known for their luxurious back support during sleep. It has a grid technology and has provision for air flow also which boasts a sweat-free sleep experience. The manufacturers recommend it for high weight people also.
    ii) High Density Memory Foam mattresses - These are nowadays popular as they provide a comfort through the cushioning effects through high density memory foam used in these mattresses. They generally come with one side as harder one than the other side so that a person can choose the side as per ones liking.
    iii) Latex mattresses - These are made up of latex blended with chemical free natural materials and is claimed to be the best for sound and comfortable sleep. One special thing that is mentioned by its manufacturer is that there is no disturbance from the partners movement during sleep to the other person due to its layered design.
    iv) Natural mattresses - They are named by some manufacturers as Ayurvedic mattresses also. They are made from plant based latex sheets and are very firm and durable. They are very good for even the high weight people.
    v) Gel Memory Foam mattresses - They are like memory foam mattresses only but are supposed to provide more comfort and more degree of adjustment to the individual body curves.
    vi) Simple spring and coir mattresses - These are the popular one and are made with a number of compressible hard springs and packed with hard coir and foam material. These are very durable and comfortable for sleeping. They are relatively cheaper than memory foam mattresses.

    (c) As regards to selection of a particular mattress for sleeping it depends on many factors as people are habitual of sleeping on certain types so far and now any change will be inconvenient and create discomfort. So those who are already sleeping on hard beds should go for firm and hard mattresses only. Those who are habitual of sleeping on cosy and soft beds should change their ways as that is not advisable for a long period and can bring orthopaedic complications.

    (d) Prices of the mattresses range in a wide range and depending on the type, size etc they would vary. It could start from Rs 1500 to anything like RS 30000.

    (e) Size of mattress is important because generally small children are to be accommodate with the couple only and for such people a wider mattresses (72 x 66 inch or 72 x 72 inch) would be comfortable but people who insist on sleeping in a separate bed the usual size (72 x 36 inch) would suffice.

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  • Sleep is the essential requirement of the body and the same can be achieved with a stress free life style style and strict maintenance of diet containing less oil and spice apart from taking light meal in the dinner and there should be a gap of two hours between the dinner and retirement to bed in night.
    Though mattress plays vital roles in relaxing the nerves if a right material is chosen. With the progress of time the efficiency of the mattress retards and in such cases, we need to have the replacement of the old mattress. Some of the points needed to be considered prior to replacement are as follows -
    1) It has already completed its life of more than eight years.
    2) When the mattress is affecting the normal sleep pattern.
    3) If some of the areas of the used mattress has been noticeably saggy or damaged in certain areas.
    4) It is making unreasonable notice in case of movement of the body of the sleeper due to its lost natural texture.
    5) If joint stiffness or muscle achings has become the regular phenomena for the sleeper.
    6) There is a bout of allergies or asthama attack due to old mattress containing some pollens responsible for the allergic attacks.
    b) Different types of Mattress providing you comforts are indicated below -
    1) Sleepy Cat Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress- It is a high density foam layer with an elegant zipper cover to expel the dust. This mattress contains alternating layers of covers so that the elasticity of the mattress remains intact.
    2) Smart Grid Luxe Mattress - This is ideal for those who would like to have a comfortable sleep pattern without having a break in the sleep cycle due to bad quality of the mattress. This type of mattress would eliminate the back pain and resists its sagging at the earlier stage. Even in the summer night, the sleeper would not feel sweating.
    3) Wake Feet Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress- This mattress can be accommodated in king size bed because of its massive size such as 78×72×8 inches. it is rated as a soft variant because of its high quality polyurethane foam.
    C) Memory foam should be your ultimate choice if you want to enjoy perfect sleep. There are many latex models which can be bought for complete relaxation of nerves during the sleeping hours.
    Popular Inner Spring Mattress - These mattress are of various types such as Satva, Wink Bed and Layla Hybrid mattress. They are known for its bouncy structure.
    d) The cost is dependent upon the type of company chosen apart from size and the materials used for its manufacturing. However the minimum price may hover around Rs 7000/- per piece of mattress. The average price of such material may be around Rs 40000/- per piece of the material. If looking for high quality of material, it may cost around Rs 100000/-.
    e) size and dimension of the mattress are given below-
    Single- 72× 36
    Twin- 72×42
    King - 72×72
    King XL- 72×78
    The above are the standard size materials available in the market in the ready made sizes.
    You can obtain the same as per your requirement and you mat get the specific material if order is placed

    f) you may have the variety of mattress in the market but choose the one suting to your pocket and look for a rapported firm.

  • To determine how to select a mattress that meets your needs, you need to know the general criteria to assess its quality. When choosing a product, you should define the following criteria:

    The degree of hardness is selected according to individual requirements. Manufacturers provide mattresses with various hardnesses: standard, soft, or reinforced.
    It is important to measure the internal dimensions of the bed. It is better if the mattress is a little smaller, so it will easily form the base. The length of the mattress should be at least 20 cm more than the height.
    Mattress filler Spring and springless are options.
    Safety, hygiene is important for health. Some excipients can cause allergies, and some synthetic materials release toxic components.
    Weight is an important criterion. Full people should choose a more rigid design, and thinner - softer ones.

    1. Age of your old mattress- If you are having difficulty sleeping, then the problem is not the age of the mattress but its age. Every mattress has an expiry date. After a certain time, the real and previous comfort of the mattress is not maintained. You should decide to change your mattress at this time to avoid problems with the body.

    2. Three S - Softness, support, size These three are the main features of a sofa. When buying a mattress in India, mainly customers value its value rather than its quality and complain later.

    3. Check thoroughly before making the final decision - When you decide to buy a mattress, then lie on it for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will help you check its comfort and reliability. Do not be hasty with big purchases and your decision is not influenced by the salesmen.

    4. See other changes and options - Check whether the mattress is strong, stylish, and matches with the pillow. As promised by the shopkeeper or brand manufacturer. Do not explain anything with quality.

    5. Shop at a good mattress store - do not buy a mattress from a department store. Mattress salesmen are more skilled and trained and can help you make the right selection.

    6. Be sure to check the warranty- A good mattress has a full replacement warranty of at least 10 years or an existing price warranty.

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