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  • Eligibility for CBSE exam. Nursery to join now or drop a year

    Do you have a query about eligibility of age for nursery class? Confused whether one should take admission in nursery or take a drop and apply next year? Find advice from ISC experts here.

    My daughter is born on Sept 1, 2018.
    I want to enrol her for nursery in 2021 in CBSE.
    Will it be ok as she will be 2 yrs 9 months?
    For her 10 th, will it be a problem?
    Am unable to calculate as per previous calculations.
    Please help me whether to join her this year 2021 or make her take a drop for this year?
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  • As per the rules and regulations of CBSE. the minimum age to appear in the 10th board exam is 14 years as of 31st December of the year of examination. Your daughter's Date of Birth is Sept 1, 2018. She will be completing her 14th years in the year 2032. So she can appear in 2033 March. If she is getting into Nursery in 2021, I think you can admit her in Nursery in 2021. Nursery + LKG + UKG+ 10 classes . She will appear for X class in the year 2034 March. Even if we admit your child in LKG in 2021 also there will not be any problem. I think you should not wait for one more year. Actually, you might have admitted her in Nursery this year. But the problem of a pandemic might have not allowed to that. So next year put her in LKG directly instead of admitting her in Nursery.

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  • According to CBSE rule, the minimum age should be 14 years for appearing in 10th Board exam as of 31st December of the year of examination. As mentioned above, your daughter DOB is 1st Sept 2018. So, if she takes admission in a nursery in 2021 then she would be appearing for 10th board exam in 2034 march. Till then, she will be completing 15 years & 6 months. So, if she directly joins LKG then there would not be problem age-wise. She would fulfil CBSE rules and regulation. This year, the pandemic has completely disturbed us. So, it would be better to join school next year.

  • As per the CBSE guidelines in the matter of age eligibility of the students, the student should have completed 14 years by the 31st december of the academic year in which he is studying in class 10 that is high school. It means that for appearing in the final exam which is usually conducted in March/April at the end of the academic year he should have attained 14 years failing which he will not be allowed to appear in the final high school examination.

    Now with this rule a child should be admitted in class 1 only when he attains an age of 5 years by the December of the academic year in which is being admitted. Generally admission will be in June/July of that academic year and one has to keep this in mind.

    In your case the DOB of the child is 01.09.2018. So assuming that you want to admit her in school in coming June/July 2021, her age by 31st December, 2021 will be 3 years 4 months. So she can be admitted in LKG in June/July 2021. If situation does not improve you can continue teaching her in home and she can be admitted in UKG in June/July 2022.

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  • According to the latest notification of CBSE, the student should have completed 14 years of his age by 31st December of the academic year in which he is studying class ten. So you have to ensure that your ward should have completed 14 year of age while appearing the Board examination. Normally the examination session takes place in the month of March/ April being the closing session of the academic year.
    Since the date of birth of your daughter falls on 1 st September 2018 and in that way she would complete 14 year as on 1st September 2032. This implies that she would be eligible to appear in class ten final examination of the Board in the year 2033.
    If your daughter is to be admitted in the Nursery Class in 2021, she has to undergo the pattern of Nursery, LKG, UKG and then class 1. Her age while taking admission in Nursery in 2021, will be 2+. Hence following this convention, she would appear for her class ten final examination in 2034. Hence your daughter need not see any drop year if she is admitted Nursery in 2021.

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