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  • Thinking to start a New Blog / Website. Need Suggestions

    Are you planning a new Blog? And are you in doubt? Just check out this thread for more details.

    I am thinking to start a new website on the WordPress platform. If you have a successful website which gets 10,000 visitors per month or more, experts and experienced members may please suggest me
    1) How much time the website will start ranking on Google?
    2) How long content needs to be added?
    3) What kind of SEO required?
    4) Can we reduce the time of the website to be established to a few months?
    5) Which type of keywords, long-tail / narrow keywords?
    6) What kind of income do you expect from AdSense etc?
    7) Have you made any affiliate website?
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  • I advise you to ask these questions in the 'Ask Experts ' section. I hope you will get the answers to all of your questions?

  • There are many platforms available for starting a blog site either free or choosing a premium plan and WordPress is one of the most popular, reputed and famous site for this purpose. It has free hosting as well as various plans for the prospective people who want to use this platform for content uploading and then making money from it. Before we start as to how to use this platform for this purpose one thing is to be understood very clearly is that there are millions of people having their blogs in different platforms and they are uploading all sort of contents on the internet and they have affiliations with advertisement programs also something like Google Adsense or akin to it as some platforms have their own advertising programs for revenue sharing. So, in this crowd of blogs and websites, only those will be able to earn revenue through the available schemes and programs who have good traffic to their blogs and one thing that is also to be remembered is that as many of the bloggers are uploading the same topic and content the question of relative quality and level also comes in picture. So the most vital part of all this is an extremely good quality of the content and good continuous traffic to it. Why I am saying continuous traffic is for one day all your social media friends will come and look at the content and go but next day again we require the traffic and only one day crowd is not going to help. So, for making an earning, real traffic is required which is technically known as organic traffic.

    WordPress has its own ad program known as WordAds and everyone who opens a blog site in it applies for it and once WordPress allows for it then the link for earning money through this ad scheme starts.

    Now coming to your specific queries, let us go through them one by one. The ranking in Google is a tricky matter but it mainly depends on the quality of the content, traffic to the site and the frequency with which it is used by the people. Another important thing is whether the site is a general type or is pertaining to a niche area. For example, if you make a site where all sort of health problems are discussed then it will be a mixed lot and people might not be interested to search their problem here. But if you say that people suffering from the liver disease will find a solution here then it becomes a specified area and the interested people will get attracted to it immediately. So choosing the content for one's site is a very important thing and has to be done in an intricate manner.

    Next thing is that content is to be added continuously and in an updated and refined version. Many bloggers suffered on this account as they did not update their content time to time suiting to the changing requirement of the users. If you have written an article 2 years back like - 'Top computer programming languages' and meanwhile a new language has emerged on top then this article has to be upgraded otherwise it will go in the backyard.

    SEO is a technique of attracting the search engine and that is itself a big subject but in essence, it is the effort made by blogger to attract more traffic to its blog through the organic result of search engine. It is logical that if our blog is reflected on the front page results of a search engine, more people will click on it to see what it is. For this a lot of effort on the content side as well as making it useful and practical for people so that they come here again and again.

    It takes time to establish the blog site as one has to make so many corrective actions seeing the traffic and comments of people on improving it. Remember that the visitors to our site are the real reviewers of our site and its worth. We must adhere to their requirements and aspirations from our site. This is of paramount importance.

    WordPress does not allow to use Google Adsense as it has its own ad program named WordAds. So one has to use it there.

    As regards the affiliate marketing it is related to providing links and banners to other business sites which are selling some products and providing services. If one works in collaboration with them for increasing their sales then they may consider giving a part of that to the affiliate sites. That is a common thing nowadays to attract people to other business sites through affiliate links and banners.

    In conclusion, I will say that earning from blogging or site is an effort to make a place in the already crowded market and though there are numerous tools and techniques available for developing one's blog or site but the main thing is the quality of the content, its appeal to the user, and traffic coming to it.

    Knowledge is power.

  • The points you mentioned are discussed below.
    These days there are many platforms available for starting a website or blog. WordPress is one such site. you can go through their website. They will guide from A to Z. There are some free platforms and some are paid. You can decide based on your interest and investment.
    1. Listing on Google: It depends on the quality of the posts on the blog and usefulness of the topics. If the subject is interesting and useful for many and the quality of the postings are good your blog may appear on Google within no time.
    2. You can go on adding contents and you need not stop adding. If you add more and more content and if they are good and attractive you will get more visitors. Otherwise, Visitors will get reduced. Updating the published information is also very important. If you mention in a topic about the closing date or end date, if there is any revision you should update that change. Otherwise, people may not believe the information given. So posting new content and updating the old content are very important.
    3. SEO is very important these days for any blog or website. Keywords selection is one of the issues. There are tools and experts are also available to guide you in these aspects. For any content you post you have to give key words and these words should be in such a way that in any general such your topic will appear. If you are very serious about your blog becoming very famous, you should concentrate on SEO and for this, you can take the services of experts and paid platforms.
    4. The time for establishing your blog depends on the topic of the blog, the quality of the contents and making the site SEO. Once your site appears in various searches and if people start liking the contents, you can get established in a few months. Otherwise, it may not happen in a few months and it may not happen also. All depends on the quality and the presentation.
    5. Regarding keywords I have already mentioned on the other point. This is a very important issue and you should try to get the required tools for this.
    6. Adsense income will also be dependent on the contents, quality and SEO.
    7. I have not made any affiliate website so far. Affiliate marketing is to provide some links on your blog to other sites which are involved in some product selling or similar business. This is very important for making some good money.

    always confident

  • Video (YouTube) and Smartphone App content become even tougher for the Text content (blog / website) these days. Many old successful websites are struggling to get back to the normal but it is not happening easily so despite daily contribution. There are many reasons for this other then Video and App content competition.

    Major search engine like Google algorithm updates (with or without knowledge to us) by understanding the visitors behavior vs content quality and on by them. Overall quality matters for their business. Relevancy with less bounce rate of visitors.

    1) How much time the website will start ranking on Google?

    Once you publish the content on new website or blog, major search engine tool will crawl its content within few days after few different visitors or bot visits to that website.

    If the content is afresh or the better one upon its crawl then search engine will store it to index upon visitors' search or else bad luck for the organic traffic. Need to uplift from referral or social media traffic.

    2) How long content needs to be added?

    It is better to add the content daily.

    3) What kind of SEO required?

    Basic SEO or publishing the content with topic keywords and alternate keywords are enough to begin with.

    4) Can we reduce the time of the website to be established to a few months?

    It is better if the website is established for a long haul and before doing so, make sure your niche expert for a regular / daily contribution to increase the DA and PA etc. One to two years domain is okay but if it goes more than few years then it will get better reputation among.

    5) Which type of keywords, long-tail / narrow keywords?

    Use all sort of relevant keywords with natural draft to publish the content, and remember not to over-stuff or lessen the keywords. Make sure the content matches the domain name as well. Better or relevant URL for each post will be an added advantages.

    6) What kind of income do you expect from AdSense etc?

    Don't expect the income in the beginning or few months of the website unless you are an expert or have experience on this or your website handling by some expert.

    7) Have you made any affiliate website?

    Affiliate earning from other website association or website affiliation? All in all, there are different affiliate sources to earn from blog or website but AdSense is one of the top compare to affiliate programs / Network.

  • HTML and CSS Coding were used to create websites 10-15 years ago, so it was very difficult and time-consuming to create websites at that time. But now with the help of the Content Management System (CMS), making websites has become very easy. With the help of CMS Platforms, anyone with very little time and technical knowledge can create a website.

    WordPress is easy, without Coding, you will be able to do Website Design very easily. More than 5000 WordPress themes are available with the help of which the website can be made professional in a short time. Many plugins are available to do all the tasks that make a website easy.

    After choosing WordPress, we need a Domain Name and Web Hosting to create a website. A domain name is very important for the website, so the domain name should be chosen very carefully.

    The free blog you can create on and self-hosted blog you will have to install WordPress software on by hosting and domain. I would advise you to create a self-hosted blog. Because on the free blog you do not get full features and you are not able to customize the blog as per the need while you can customize the self-hosted blog as you like and make the blog full manageable.

    For hosting your first need to have some knowledge about hosting so that you can choose a better hosting plan for yourself. You can only take shared hosting at the beginning. When you have 10 to 20k on your blog, you can upgrade the plan or take VPS Server and Dedicated Server. But their price is very high, so in the beginning, you should make a business plan of shared hosting which will get you around. 500. The best hosting for WordPress blogs is the service of providing and

  • Many people today aspire for making a successful site or blog site. Millions of them are already having one. So, if someone wants to join it then one has to be very clear as what area or field one is going to have there in one's blog. In my opinion this is the most important thing as it will decide the traffic volume to the blog. So, what is your plan for that - will it be an educational site or health related site or literature or exercises or Yoga, the list is endless. Why I am insisting on this is that traffic is the key to success of a site and good content in a niche area can only attract traffic. There is so much competition today and many old sites are on the verge of closing because though they are functioning in a niche area but they are not able to provide the requisite content in a continuous manner.

    With this background, you can go ahead by taking a free domain in WordPress and launch your site on an experimental basis and if you are able to raise a traffic for your content then next thing is that you can go for the premium space in WordPress and utilise its various facilities in a fruitful manner. If traffic is maintained the revenue from advertising would come automatically. Other miscellaneous things like affiliate marketing can also be adopted in the process.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • If you are trying to improve your blog, it is the time to think over how you can add more traffic aggressively in your website. There are a few tips to be followed to enhance the density of traffic. The following tips are illustrated as follows -
    1) Be strategic about the content- The best thing would be to create a better content. Creating a better content is just not related to quality only, it would also mean being more strategic with your content marketing efforts.It would be better to refer to lot of sites such as quora and see the related topics matching the content.
    2) Create evergreen content for your blog - Ensure that your content is evergreen. Evergreen content is the kind of content living forever on the web and such content would fetch your popularity. If you post about the greatest movie classics, it will fetch more traffic because of their intense interest in such blogs.
    Concentrate on searching google. Insert phrases in your typing and see what Google auto complete suggestions are indicated. You have to locate which phrases drive the most traffic.
    3) SEO Wordpress plugins for the bloggers. There are some great Wordpress plugin designed to help bloggers with SEO. They may fit to your setup site maps and aid in you in navigating other SEO technical tips not available naturally to bloggers.
    4) Use google analytics to see which websites are driving the most referral traffic. You need to be seen as the valuable member of the community sharing something of the merit.If someone mentions needing you advice about healthy meal plans for each week, go ahead and point them your resources.
    5) If interested for more blog traffic, just ask for it - If you want people to share your content, ask them to join your site. You need to take proactive action to multiply traffic.
    6) Optimise for the speed and mobile - If your page is not coming up fast enough, they will hit back dull and move on the next listing before you can flip a flapjack.

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