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  • NOC is Blocked then how can a person attend the interview without NOC

    Want to know if a person can attend an interview without NOC? Searching for norms regarding NOC and if it is possible to attend the interview? Find advice from our experts on this page.

    I am currently employed in a PSU. I had applied for recruitment process of another PSU. I have cleared the written test and have been short listed for interview. In the interview call letter, it is mentioned to bring NOC from present employer. At the time of applying for the job my present company had blocked NOC and now they have again blocked NOC for further one year. I have both the circular of NOC blocked issued by my current company. As NOC had blocked at the time of applying for another PSU, I have not informed my current employer. I request to guide whether NOC is necessary for interview in this scenario? Can I attend interview without NOC with having those blocked NOC circulars? Will my selection not allowed due to non-production of NOC?
    Thanks in advance.
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  • Presently you are working in a PSU. They have not given you a NOC. Hence you applied directly to another PSU without informing the current employer. Now You received the interview. Now you have to produce NOC at the time of interview. But your present employer not giving you the NOC again.
    Generally, when you change from one PSU to another PSU, the new employer will insist on NOC. WIthout that they may not consider you for posting. So NOC is very important. There are two options before you.
    1. Attending the interview with the circulars showing that the present employer is not giving the NOC due to following reasons. But both are PSUs they will think twice and may even contact your present employer why they are denying NOC. If the tell the reasons. new PSU may not show interest in selecting you.
    2. the second option is to tell the new employer that you will resign the present if they select you for the post and get the relieving letter from them and then joining the new job. What are the terms and conditions of your present employment? Is there any noticed period and is there any service bond? If you have no obligation, you can resign to the present job and get the relieving letter after completing the notice period. Then get the relieving letter and join the new organisation.
    But getting selected for a post in another PSU is very difficult if they know that you are in another PSU and they are not ready to give you a NOC. Attend the interview. Explain them the position. Shoe the circular and tell them you are ready to resign and join in the new job. But don't resign till you get the appointment letter from the new employer.

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  • You have applied for the post of another PSU through proper channel that is your PSU. As per your narration your PSU has not forwarded your application and blocked your NOC. If you want to leave them, they cannot force you to stay only thing is you have to leave them as per the terms and conditions of your employment. Please find out what are your terms and conditions of employment. Have you filled some bond with your present organisation and if it is so then what is the value of the surety bond you have to execute in case you want to leave them immediately. Another is check the condition of the notice period. If you want to leave them you cannot do it instantaneously and have to give a notice may be 3 months or 6 months whatever is stipulated there. In case you fail to give a notice, you will have to pay the salary of so many months in lieu of notice period.

    Now coming to the issue of your interview in another PSU. You can tell them that right now the present PSU is not giving NOC but you are pursuing it and will present it later and time being they should give you a provisional appointment. Normally they will avoid that but provision is there. You also tell them that in case the present organisation does not give NOC then you would be resigning and paying the bond money and salary whatever rules are there and then with that clearance you will bring a no dues certificate from them that this employee has resigned from our organisation. That itself will work like a NOC. Your present organisation is legally bound to give you the clearance or no dues if you resign and deposit all the bond amount etc. Please remember that you can't have both the benefits of remaining there and asking for clearance. If even after resigning and depositing the bond money the present PSU does not give the clearance that the employees is no more with them then threaten them that you would be going for a legal notice and PSUs generally avoid legal notices due to various reasons which I cannot elaborate here due to obvious reasons.

    Please note that you have to convince the interview board that you are not being given NOC for no fault of yours and you would be settling score with the present PSU by making the requisite payments and bringing the clearance certificate or acceptance of your resignation which is equivalent to the NOC. Once the new PSU sees that you are aware of all the legal terms and matters in this aspect, they will not create problem for you.

    Please meet your administrative head and brief him that this is the line of action you are going to take. Once they hear these things in such a detail they will become soft in their treatment and suggest you some alternative path. Do not worry and take firm decisions with calculated risk.

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  • Initially your application was moved through the proper channel while looking for a job in another PSU but later NOC was blocked. This is really an unfortunate development on your part and this situation may annoy you unnecessarily.
    However, I would suggest you to maintain the cool brain and get yourself prepared for the ensuing interview. Go through the details and their mode of selection through someone connected to that organisation. Such feed backs would be essential to face the interview boldly. You must have thorough knowledge of the working procedure of your present department apart from other vital departments of your unit. You should have the thorough knowledge of your department including the theoretical knowledge essential to carry forward your job.
    You have to make it clear before the board of interview that in the event of failure of producing NOC of the present organisation, you would resign from the present post so as to join them. Make it clear that you would forgo all privileges to be accrued from the previous organisation. If you could impress the board of interview with your performance, they would be ready to offer you the post.
    In the meanwhile get in touch with the personal department of the present organisation and apprise them of your willingness to payback the company dues apart from payment of due amount of the bond money in case of your selection in the next organisation.
    Resign only when you get the offer letter of the next organisation.

  • It is not clear whether NOC was blocked in your case or for all in your PSU as a policy. This is because you have mentioned 'having those blocked NOC circulars'.
    If the PSU has blocked NOC as a policy, then you alternative are to resign and get relieved in time to join the new job. But or that you have to ensure that you are not under any obligation or contract or service bond which is still remaining. You also have to be sure about the notice period and permitted alternative to get relieved fast. Thu you have to be sure that you will sufficient time period to resign, get relieved and join the new job.
    If that is all ensured, in the case, you can attend the interview and show them the circular issued by your PSU and tell them that you have to resign and get relieved and if so ask for sufficient time for joining.
    However if the NOC is blocked in your particular case, then things may be difficult, as the other PSU may not like to recruit an employee whose NOC is blocked by the current employer. In that case you should ascertain the reasons for that and get it remedied. Then you may obtain a fresh NOC and attend interview with that. You may also enquire and ascertain discreetly how is such cases dealt in the other PSU and how they will recruit in similar cases and do accordingly.

  • Thank you all for your response and suggestions.
    NOC has been blocked for all employee upto E5 level, this is not a particular case of mine. My one of the senior went for interview by showing these circulars and by giving undertaking on affidavit that he will not want any past service benefits. But he went for central govt. job and in my case its PSU. At my current company they neither give NOC nor experience certificate one can only get relieving latter after resigning and by serving notice period or by giving 3 months salary.
    The post which i have applied is entry level post no experience required; since i'm working in a PSU therefore i have written in my application, many of my colleagues applied by not showing that they are working. I'm tensed and feel that why i have shown working.??
    but why these PSUs do these things why they blocked NOC. At least they have to give NOC for higher level positions like case of mine.
    Is NOC is required if you are in Training or probation period.??

  • One more question i want to ask , is it necessary to inform your current employer that you are applying for job at another PSUs/Central or state Govt. ??? What if we have not informed and ask for NOC after clearing the written exam/ at the time of interview..?? In my case NOC had been blocked therefore they didnot forward my latter they just shown me the NOC block circulars. And i know they will again blocked the NOC for further one year that is upto 2022.

  • Upen, As the NOC is blocked as a policy, your alternative is to attend interview with the circular. Appraise them that in case you are selected you have to resign from the current job and join after getting relived. That is why I suggested in my answer for you to be very sure about the time gap you will get from call letter and last date of joining.
    You are right and proper that you had intimated about your current job. Truth is the best defence always. You may give a letter at the time of interview about how much time you require to resign from current job and join after expiry of the notice period or relief.
    Ay way do not take any hasty actions until you are sure and have full information in this matter.

    As the NOC is bloc is not specific for you, you can consult a well wishing boss or senior official who can guide you in this regard. Similarly you can also discuss the matter with someone in the recruiting department in the other PSU also.

    As far as you are not under a service bond you can resign. If there is a bond or agreement, you have to compensate as per the terms of the bond or agreement.

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