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  • What are the different types of methods to earn online?

    Are you interested in earning money online? Want to knnow the various types of methods apart from affiliate or digital marketing or freelancing? On this page find answers to your query from our ISC experts.

    Can you explain me the different types of methods to earn online? I have heard of affiliate marketing, digital marketing, working in freelancer website. what are the other types in which we can earn monthly?
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  • There are many ways this design to work online from home and earn money. You have to have a computer and an internet connection in your house. Then you can start working and earn money. The income depends on the time you spent and the type of work you are undertaking. The following are some of the ways to earn online.
    1. Affiliate Marketing: It is one of the easy ways to earn online. You need not have products or services to sell. This will give you a chance to earn commissions from large companies. You should have a website/blog or social media account. On these pages, you can provide links to the products of some companies. If somebody purchases some products through the links you have provided on your pages, the company will offer you some commission. To get more visitors to your pages, the pages should be attractive. You should something interesting so that people will visit the pages. You should provide content which will make the visitors interested in purchasing the material for which you are providing links on your pages.
    2. E-Commerce Website: You can make your own E-Commerce website. You can sell products from this site. You can sell your own products. At the same time, you can sell their products that are available for sale. You can also earn by hosting ads, such as with Google AdSense on your site.
    3. Online Publishing: You can write e-books and publish them. You can sell these books through marketing platforms like amazon. How you become popular will depend on your skills in writing. Once your name is established you can sell these books on your own website.
    4. Online surveys: These days there are many companies conducting surveys online. You can participate in these surveys and you can earn points. These points can be redeemed for products or money. There are many famous surveys conducting websites and you can register on, that site
    5. Freelancing: If you have some advanced skills in some subjects like IT services, copyediting, or graphic design, you can offer those skills as a freelancer online to various companies. You can join an organization as a freelancer. But this organisation should be in the area of s your speciality.
    6. Online Coaching: You can start coaching the students online. There are many sites where you can enrol as a tutor or coach and you can post your resume. Students or parents will contact you if your resume is good to them and you can take up coaching. There are some sites where you can place your notes and you will get money if somebody is purchasing it.
    7. Youtube channel: You can create your own youtube channel and can publish various videos and photos and you can get money based on the viewers. There are ways to sell your photos online.

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  • A lot of people are involved in stocks, Internet and media so as to earn handsome amount through the online. Working from a fascinating job in the sense that on an average that a player can earn in the range of Rs 4000/- to Rs 6000/- per day depending upon his involvement and his caliber.
    Some of the best ways to make money through online are illustrated below -
    1) Choose the career of free lancer- If you have the passion in this line and have the skill to go in this profession, this would ultimately prove to be a rewarding career. It requires two skills the first one being your core skill and the second one is your marketing strategy. In case, you lack this skill of sound marketing techniques, you may seek the help from the experienced marketer to enhance your profile.
    2) Stock market trading - You can make money on line by doing stock trading but it requires the art of picking up the right stock. To start trading, you should have a Demat Account for starting the trading.
    Discount brokers have the expertise for intra day trading and for which they charge fixed brokerage up to Rs 20/- per trade.
    3) Become a consultant- This can be done by selling your advice and knowledge to the people interested for it. You need to a super expert in one domain to be a consultant or a teacher. You should have some excellent knowledge in the area in which you would initiate your selling. Content marketing skill can pay you even Rs 5000/- per hour for your your valuable advice if the same idea is liked by the consumers.
    4) Earn online through YouTube - You tube can make you successful with your involvement in making helpful videos for a niche audience like students, mothers, housewives etc.
    Students would like to have some videos sorting out their basic doubts in their related subjects and similarly housewives can display their talents in the area of cooking or embroidery.
    5) Income from writing work - In case, you have the writing skill, use this skill for writing some blogs. Initially you may feel some sort of frustration due to the lack of experience but once your confidence in writing restores, your earnings in may be to the tune of Rs 10000/- to Rs 15,000/- per article.
    6) Start blogging to earn online- You can write for someone and make money immediately. Your blog can be related to online business which may take some time to build audience. Once the money generates by way of blogging, it will be a continuous flow even when you are sleeping.
    7) Open a digital store - If you have anything in your mind to sell online store ranging from electronics to design jewellery to handkerchief digital stores would be most ideal.
    You would be required to to set up a store procuring products and advertise properly to attract the customers.

  • You have heard right about affiliate marketing, digital marketing and Freelancer etc. You need patient to learn, invest your hard work and wait for the result from these sources.

    There are many articles or YouTube videos on these subject. However, please find few more detail on this. You can become a member in any reputed affiliate marketing websites to get referral link and share the link with your friends or family or followers to use and convert it as sale for its commission.

    You can become a digital marketing expert by learning online or joining in any reputed digital marketing firm to learn and use it effectively to earn money online.

    Freelancer has few online platform (UpWork / Freelancer etc.) to become a member and select the suitable project to execute it on-time to earn money out of it.

    It takes time to learn and earn online from these sources for sure. One can't become a rich at overnight or in a shorter duration through these platforms.

    Other than these, this (ISC - IndiaStudyChannel) website itself is a main source to earn money online. Free membership, no joing fee, no annual fee, no expenses for domain or webhosting etc. from you except few draft and post it in relevant section of the website.

    You can go through each members' profile on how they earn from here (ISC) and its associate Google AdSense (after approval). Try to visit Article / Resource / Jobs / Ask Expert / Admission etc. sections of the website to know how member posting and earning from here.

    If you are well versed in English language then you can become an online tutor, writer and on to earn money.

    In case if you have knowledge on video shooting and editing etc. then you can become a YouTuber for any niche like an education, training, travel, food or technology etc. - once you got enough subscribers and reasonable traffic to your video submitted, you can then apply for Google AdSense and earn money online.

    Online share or crypto-currency trading is one more source. As above said by other members, blogging and eCommerce website creating is few more sources to earn money online.

    SEO trainer - if you are Search Engine Optimization expert or profession then you can guide many online.

    Digital marketing promoter: There are few brands or company looking for their products to promote them online like an adv. with fewer budget. You can try it.

    If you are a coder, you have many chances to earn money online. Like Mobile app development, web development and coding guide etc.

    Etsy is a well known website for selling home-made tiny craft items. There are few app, like, online dukaan, where you can sell your product online and make money.

    Virtual Assistant is one more option where you can do data entry, or, bookkeeping, or, email management and assist company's head.

    Webdesigner or web-developer is one more option by promoting your work online, get job done and get paid.

    Social media 'Influencer' is another option where few of them doing their best on this for different brands.

    Try to avoid 'Political' post for few buck and don't waste the time unless you are interested in Politics.

    Few likes Podcast - Like text type for article or video type for YouTube, you can create some professional audio for Podcast and earn out of it.

    You may not only earn money online, some of these might give you coupons, prizes, and gift cards or items other than the cash. Make sure the sources are genuine before doing any task to avoid any disappointment later.

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