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  • White Light for Meditation Benefits

    Are there any extra benefits on meditating in white light? Know which color should you choose for maximum meditation benefits.

    Hi. I like to visualize that I am full of and radiating pure white light when I meditate. I would like to know why I seem to instinctually do this, and the possible benefits of doing so, verses using any other color.
    Thank you so much and many blessings to all of you in advance. Cheryl
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  • White light meditation is a very common practice. The benefits are told to be very high. . It can be carried out anywhere. You can do it whenever you want to brighten your mood. White light meditation is the best for the people who are very busy and can't find time for meditation.
    There are two techniques for the practice of white light meditation.
    One technique is to be carried out the meditation in a sitting posture. The second technique can be carried out either sitting posture or in lying posture.
    The following are the benefits of this meditation.
    1. It will help you to have a feeling of bodily well-being.
    2. White light visualization can help you in getting relieved from painful emotions from inside.
    3. It will make individuals feel more determined. It will enhance endurance capacity.
    4. It will make the individual focus more on his goals.
    5, It will improve self-confidence.
    6. It will improve the thinking ability of the individual.

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  • Meditation experiences are quite unique. When our thought process starts to stop, the brain starts presenting a lot of thoughts. People who live with meditation in sincere honesty do not fall under the influence of the mind and the mind, but those who get seduced can never become meditative.

    In the beginning, meditators have some similar and somewhat different experiences during meditation. Darkness appears when meditating in the command cycle. Blue appears somewhere in the dark and then yellow appears elsewhere. But in the second phase of meditation, there are strange experiences.

    After continuously meditating, a person starts seeing white light in place of red, blue, yellow, etc. colors. Some darkness and then some light. After going into the depths of meditation, the brain is ready to perform that task, then it can be driven by your imagination or thoughts.

    If you keep good and sattvic food with meditation, then you will definitely start to understand the power of the mind. The mind and brain will make you feel different, like rising up in the air or falling into the depth of the well. It does not happen, but it happens. It may also be that you feel that you are passing through unbearable light or have wandered somewhere in the dark space.

    It is just a game of mind. The mind and brain become more powerful than before because by meditation they have got as much energy as they had in their early period. It is important to remain a witness rather than going to sleep. Only the mind and brain of a witness can leap into infinite attainments. The meaning of siddhis is to develop the capacity of the sixth sense, including the five senses.

  • The question is not very clear in the sense that there are two things in this matter and one is that some people feel to visualise and see white light or bursts of white light in form of bubbles and globules while meditating deeply. Another is using a particular light during meditation. Probably your question belongs to first category that you are visualising white light while meditating. If you could confirm that it would be easy to focus to answer in the relevant category.
    Anyway, I would be touching both aspects briefly. Let us first understand why people feel a white glow of light or bursts in packets while deeply meditating. There are some researches done in the matter and in fact these things have started from the Buddhist meditation practices where they had claimed seeing or visualising white light while deeply meditating. So there is no concrete answer for that feeling of that light but it is established through research in Psychology that some people have experienced that while meditating.
    In the year 2014, a research paper appeared in the Frontiers of Psychology magazine in which some study was mentioned about this aspect and it was concluded that the light was seen by some of the meditators as a consequence of reduced sensory perceptions which happen in the body during relaxed conditions of meditation. So, it was a neurological perspective to explain it. Another conclusion made was that probably the sustained meditation triggered the deep rooted pineal gland in our brains which is actually causing these flashes of lights. So, there are some explanations for this unique phenomenon.
    Coming to the second category under which this question could fall is what type of light we should use while meditating. In that context I have to mention that though there is not any rule in the matter because in meditation one finally cuts from the present physical world and reaches the metaphysical one so whichever light is initially comfortable to the meditator, he or she can choose that. Generally, white light is a soothing light in many respects and people prefer that. Some people prefer dim lights during meditation to avoid distractions in the initial phase of meditation. So, I would also prefer a dim white light and calm and quiet environment for it. There are people who prefer to meditate even in dark as that is where initial focussing in meditation would be taking less time.

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  • White light meditation consists of two techniques being employed for the practice of light meditation done in a sitting position consisting of several steps as indicated below-
    1) Practice deep breathing and ensure that each exhalation works in elimination of the stress and anxiety hovering around your mind set.
    2) Imagine some spots of light representing pure energy around your naval.
    3) Continue to experience the same mood until you get the light all over your body.
    4) Carry out the operation till you are satisfied with the session of meditation.
    Second technique calls for a lying position to concentrate on the technique of white light meditation. To achieve this, the following steps are required-
    1) The colour of the light in the initial phase may not be necessarily white. However, you should not be distracted and you may choose any colour of your preference.
    2) In the next phase, you may witness flashes of white light and this should not create any panic to you. Instead you enjoy this phase.
    3) Maintain calmness in course of meditation and maintain sincerity throughout the session.
    4) Meditation should not be done with the expectation of immediate results.
    5) Shed the negative thoughts and embrace the positive ones within your mind frame.
    The following are the benifits of practicing this meditation-
    1) It will help you to have positive feelings within your mind frame.
    2) It will eliminate your painful emotions from inside.
    3) It would enhance your determination capacity.
    4) You can clearly think of your goals.
    5) Confidence level will get a boost.
    6) Thinking ability will be more clear with such meditations.

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