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    Do you have a gap in education and interested in coming back to studies? Searching for suitable coruses online so that one can come back to studies? On this page find responses from experts.

    I left my studies after 12 [science]. There is a long gap. I want to continue my studies through online or based on open colleges in Delhi. I really want to know about online education and what will be better for me to do? Also should I apply for polytechnic course?
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  • The online educational arena is flourishing in the current situation mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and secondly because for many employed people it is a great way to learn and enhance ones skills in ones spare time. In your case you are cut of from the studies for quite some time so yo might have to work a bit hard to recollect your old learnings and make them fresh in addition to plan for an online educational course.
    In this matter, one thing which is of primary concern is that you have to find out what is your interest area and where you feel learning as a comfortable and pleasant thing. This question is to be answered because a person takes interest only in that area where his or her interest lies. It is a main point in pursuing education in a particular stream or subject.
    There are now two ways of thinking at this juncture for you. First is acquire some higher education online just like that for your personal benefit so that in future if required you can opt for a job also. Another is acquire an education from the point of making a career. Accordingly the selection of the course might differ. We will now examine all sir of possibilities in this pursuit one by one.
    Have you got interest in teaching area and want to make a carer in it. If yes, then you have to go for online graduation course in the discipline of your choice. It is not necessary that you have to continue in Science stream only. You can very well go for the arts, humanities and languages also. Once you complete that then you can aspire for online B.Ed. course which is necessary for teaching profession. There are many universities which offer online graduation courses and I will suggest you to go through their sites to find out more details about them. Some of the universities/Institutes offering online courses are IGNOU, Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Sikkim Manipal University, IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute, Dr BR Ambedkar Open University, Netaji Subhas Open University etc.
    Another attractive option is to join some computer related course in online sites and learn some basic computer software related courses and once you have some proficiency in the basic computer software then you can think of doing advanced courses in it. This is a good option as there are online job opportunities in this line and with your science background it would not be difficult for you to pursue that learning path. Some of the good sites for this learning need are Coursera, Udemy, edx, Khan Academy, open culture, Alison, Stanford etc.
    There are options for online certificate or diploma courses in various trades and polytechnic related courses where the student has to attend a short practical session also as a part of the learning and you have to select the area of interest from the available courses. There are many sites where these courses are conducted. Some of them are edubull, SWAYAM, skylearning, joshtalks etc.

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  • There are many open universities offering different courses for everyone interested to continue education. Skim Manipaul University, Symbiosis centre for distance learning, IGNOU and so on. Keeping in view the learning support, I feel IGNOU would be the best choice for you to continue your studies. They are offering many courses from bachelors to a masters degree program, diplomas, post-graduate diplomas, certificate courses. They also offer a BPP (Bachelors preparatory program)-a bridge course for all those students who have not passed 12th std but are looking to continue studies. IGNOU offers many bachelor degree courses. They offer admission twice in a calender year- in June session and December session. Students are required to attend classes only on Sunday's. You can get further details from the official website of IGNOU:
    Based on your interest you can choose an available course for your degree. IGNOU also offers online admission which you should check from the above official link.

  • After 12th class, you can do an undergraduate course through the open university and you can do B. Ed also online. You can become a teacher in a high school or primary school. This will take you five years from completing the course.
    IGNOU is offering various courses and you can select the course as per your interest. After completing 12th you will be eligible for Under graduation course.
    Another option is to do some Diploma courses related to computers and you can try a job in that line. There are diploma courses you can try online.
    There are many online websites which will be offering various courses online. Khan Academy, edX, Coursera, TED-Ed and Codeacademy are some such sites and you can search those sites so that you can do any course that suits you.
    You can do polytechnic also in distance education mode. There are many universities in India offering polytechnic or diploma in technical courses. You can try in any one of them.

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  • My best wishes with you for your fresh effort for undertaking a course suiting to your skills through the online platform especially in this corona phase. Based upon your inclination, you can continue your studies through the distant education which are well recognised institutions having their affiliations with UGC. Some of the institutions in these lines are Sikkim Manipal University, Karnataka Open University, Kota open university, Utkal University, IGNOU etc.
    However, I would suggest you to persue your courses from IGNOU because of their excellent course material and by going through this material, you need not refer to any supplements from any source. They, too, have a session of contact programme for a month with the subject experts where your confusion relating to the subject would be resolved with their clarifications. This is applicable to all their courses.
    Though you had been a science student but you may undertake any stream in your graduation course for which you have passion. You can avail of their online classes and apart from your normal job, your graduation course can be persued in your leisure time.
    If you want to go in teaching profession, take up the B.Ed course once you complete your graduation so as to have your scope of your absorption in schools.
    If you want to join the diploma courses, you may undertake the courses of Symbiosis, IGNOU or evening classes offered by some of the institutions. In that way, your aspirations will be fulfilled.
    The other area providing you bright scope is the area of computers where you can take up certification like Java, C++, Oracle etc from one of prominent institutions such as NIIT, Aptech, Udemy etc. This certification will help you to widen your prospects in the computer field.

  • You have completed 12 the class and after a long gap, you want to continue further studies. Then, you go ahead. There would not be problem. There are many open universities which offer the undergraduate course such as IGNOU, Karnataka open university and Manipal university etc. Moreover, online courses are also available which can be done easily staying at home. Due to covid-19, some university offering an undergraduate course through online. After doing graduation, you can go for B.Ed. B.Ed is an essential requirement for becoming a teacher in school. Apart from that, you can join a software-related course such as c++, java etc that would be useful for job purpose.

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