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  • Query Regarding Degree and diploma together in regular mode

    Want to know if one an do degree and diploma together? Searching for the correct UGC norms for this? Find advbice from experts on tihs page and decide if one can do both degree and diploma together in regular mode.

    As per UGC notice 28.12.2012 there were some decision taken as seen in 1{b}.
    There was a decision that a person pursuing a degree program in regular may be allowed to pursue a diploma simultaneously in regular/distance mode.
    But this was just a proposal and it was not finalized the.
    The committee asked suggestions for this decision to vice chanceller of different university to finalize this proposal.
    So I want to know if someone completed his degree + diploma together on this basis.
    Will I face any problem?
    Because those proposal is not finalized yet.
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  • As far as UGC norms are concerned you can do one degree and one diploma simultaneously. You can do both in regular mode. But how do you manage your attendance.? You have to join an institute where there are no attendance criteria. You can attend both the institutes. You can attend only one. So you will not have the advantage of attending and hearing the lectures for one of the two you are pursuing, So you to join an institute but you can't attend the classes.
    So I feel it is better to do one course in regular mode and the other in open university or distant education mode. There will not be any problem if someone complete as mentioned above.

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  • Earlier it was not allowed to do two courses simultaneously or concurrently. Later UGC allowed the students to do one regular and one correspondence course simultaneously considering the fact that some students who can cope up with so much study load can manage it in their part time. So many students have done like that and while pursuing one regular courses acquired skills in some area through a distant learning option.
    So far, UGC has not allowed two regular courses to be taken up simultaneously as there are issues of attendance and misusing the facility by some institutes who may make it a matter of selling degrees and certificates. The matter might be in proposal level and until it is approved and instructions are issued by UGC, we cannot take it as a rule.
    So, you do not go for such a proposition which is not allowed by UGC as it will be treated as illegal.

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  • For a long time, there was a demand for students and institutions that they should be allowed to do two degrees or diploma courses with a degree or two regular courses. The UGC constituted an expert panel, which gave its recommendations. After this, the UGC finally agreed to it. According to the new decision, now any person can take a regular degree course with a second-degree course in distance learning or open learning medium or personal medium from the same or another institution. Similarly, with a regular course, any student can do certificate, diploma, and PG diploma from the same institution or other institution through regular, distance-learning, or open learning. No two regular degree courses simultaneously: Two regular degree or two regular diploma courses cannot be done simultaneously. Not only this, but UGC has also approved the provision of joint degrees under this decision. Under this, now any student can take a joint degree from more than one institute. For this, he will be allowed to study in more than one institution. The use of joint degrees can prove to be better for education. This system is already implemented in foreign universities. In many universities here, students of one faculty are also not allowed to take other faculty courses. So this exercise is not very easy. Universities will have to change their act and the Act. The committee has stated in its report that a student registered in a regular degree program may be allowed to enroll in an additional degree course from the same university or other institutions. However, this program must be in open university or distance mode. Because here, there can be administrative and educational problems in giving two-degree courses from the university simultaneously.

  • Earlier pursuing two simultaneous degrees were not allowed but now due to long pending demand from students, it has been allowed to pursue two degrees simultaneously by UGC.
    However, there are more details in this regard.
    A student can't pursue two degrees courses simultaneously but one regular degree with PG diploma, diploma, certificate course is allowed. And both the degrees can't be pursued through regular mode. One can be pursued through regular mode and another through distance mode from two different institutions. One can also pursue two degrees from a single institution only if it allows both regular and open or online learning system.
    Here is a combination of how one can pursue two degrees simultaneously:

    1. One Degree and one Diploma/ P G Diploma/ Certificate
    2. One P G Diploma and one Diploma/ Certificate
    3. One Diploma and one Certificate
    4. Two P G Diplomas
    5. Two Diplomas
    6. Two Certificate

  • So far, UGC ha permitted aspirants to take up one regular course apart from a course of distance education. This provision is definitely convenient for the students in terms of their studies for both the courses. They would be able to attend their classes of the regular course in their scheduled timing and they can spare some time in the leisure hours for the perusal of other course through the distance education.
    Such an arrangement does not cause any dislocation in the perusal of two simultaneous courses. So a candidate can choose any degree course from a recognised university with the regular classes of a recognised college through UGC and taking up the diploma course through the distance education.
    However, it would be better to examine the course of diploma whether it is from a recognised institution or not in order to avoid the future complications as a result of choice of a wrong one.

  • As per UGC norms, earlier two courses were not allowed simultaneously in regular mode. Later on, UGC made new provision that you can take two course simultaneously in which one degree courses should be in regular mode and another diploma courses in distance mode. Many student got benefit from this new provision. But, UGC not allowed two-degree courses simultaneously in regular mode as a student can't attend classes at the same time and they would have an attendance problem. In such a situation, There would be more chance of misusing of the facility given by an institution. So, I would suggest that you should go with UGC provision.

  • Earlier it was not allowed to do two courses simultaneously but now UGC has has reformed its program as follows:
    1) Two Degree Programmes cannot be allowed to be pursued simultaneously.
    2) However, following combinations are allowed.
    a) A degree and P. G Diplima/Diploma/Certificate
    b) One P G Diploma and one Diploma/ Certificate
    c) One Diploma and one Certificate
    d) Two P G Diplomas or Two Diplomas or Two Certificates can be pursued simultenously
    3) Mode of pursuing: (a) both of them through Distance mode (b) One through distance and one through regular mode (c) Same universities/institutions or different universities/institutions

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