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    Are you interested in getting guidance from experts for your career? Want to know how to get into a government position if facing an issue with voice and finances? On this page experts have responded to your query.

    I have Completed B.Tech in CSE in 2016 and jobless. I have problem in my voice. I want government job but it needs some time and I have some financial problem. So I need a job to overcome this problem . But my dream is government job. Please guide me as to how to start and where to start so that I can prepare for government job.
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  • You have done your graduation in Computer Science Engineering. You have also mentioned that you have some voice problem. I understand that you can't speak legibly while talking and that means that you might not be selected for any job where one has to sit at a desk and attend people and interact them. But that does not make you ineligible for all sort of jobs as there are plenty of back office jobs where one need not to interact with customer over the counter. Back office people generally interact on emails. Anyway, physical deformities block our career in some ways but the world is a big place and there are number of jobs where such deficiencies do not play any major role and one should try to get a job of that nature. Let us try to go through some options that you can consider as viable in your case -

    1. Software related jobs - For a computer person the best course of action would be to work in coding area or data base in a company where one can work individually with minimal interaction with customers. If you have interest in these two main disciplines in IT then this is one thing that can be thought of.

    2. Web designing and hosting - This is also a good branch for the computer engineers and many blog portals or other big internet sites employ people for this work. The main benefit of tis is that one can work in this area online also without a need to go to a workplace.

    3. Govt jobs - There are different entrance exams for many Govt jobs like Office Assistants, Govt Bank jobs, Railway jobs, Postal Services, PSU jobs, teaching jobs etc. You have to keep a watch on the job portals where details of these vacancies and entrance exam information is available and try to compete for them. They are the main way to enter in a Govt job. It is natural that as the Govt jobs are very lucrative, many people apply for them and it is imperative that they require a good deal of hard work and efforts to compete and get selected in them.

    4. Private computer classes - If you have an interest in teaching then you can think of joining a coaching centre for teaching the computer related skills to the students. Coaching and tutorial schools have mushroomed everywhere and with a little hard work one can create a good reputation in them for making a long time career in it.

    5. Business opportunities - Having done graduation in computer science does not mean that one will only join a job where computer related work is there. It is a wrong concept in the minds of the people and in certain conditions we should not link our qualification to our career. So, doing a business in computer related material or items makes a sense for a qualified computer science engineer. Of course one can venture in any other business of interest also.

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  • You are a B.Tech in CSE.
    I want to tell you one thing. Don't wait for a government job. Join in a private job and while working there you can apply for government jobs. For a B Tech, CSE government jobs are very less. So it may take some time to get that. So waiting for such a job is not correct. You can try various jobs while working in one job. So try for a private job immediately. Register your name in job portals like or/ and etc. They will be sending you the alerts. You can also search for suitable jobs and apply.
    You say that you have a problem with speaking. That may not be a problem. You need not think of going to a teaching job. There are many other areas where you can try. You have already wasted 4 years.
    The following options you can work out.
    1. Software jobs in the private sector: There are many software companies in India and you can try in any one of those organisations. Generally, they prefer fresh or one-year-old graduates. In your case, you passed 4 years back. But there are some walk-in interviews will be happening and there are some small companies where they may consider you also. So try for those jobs. If possible try to do a certificate course in a related field so that you will have some advantage.
    2. Related Jobs: There are many new areas where a computer engineer can work. Many companies will have their computer networks in their offices and they may appoint an Engineer for the overall maintenance of their systems. Similarly, web development and holding jobs are also will be there. If you want to develop these skills you can do a certificate course in these years.
    3. Outsourcing Jobs: Many small companies will have computer-related works and they may not have their own engineer. They outsource their works. You can try that type of works and work from home by having a deal top and internet in your house.
    4. Government Jobs: Central Government, State governments, PSUs, and many other government wings will be advertising for various jobs. You have to find out and apply for those jobs. Many banks also will be advertising for clerical staff, officers etc. You can apply for those posts.
    5. Computer Training Institutes: These days there are many institutes where diploma courses and certificate courses are taught and they may be requiring tutors who are having the related qualification. You can try in any such institute.
    6. Business Opportunities: You can think of starting an institute where you can give coaching to students about the fundamentals of computer science, various certificate courses and diploma courses. Similarly, you can take up system maintenance works of small organisations.

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  • As mentioned above, you have completed in computer science. So, you are eligible for many fields. But one thing you also mentioned that you have a voice problem. There are many fields where you can go ahead with your degree despite having the speaking disorder. One thing I would suggest that you should join a private job as most of the software company is private. Here, you can get easily job opportunity.
    Some of the field where you can apply as follows:-
    1. Web designing:- It is a very good field for computer engineer. You can work here as a blogger. It can be done easily staying at home. There are many sites available where you can work online.
    2. Software job- At present, there are many software companies like TCS, Exchanger etc where you can apply for a job. Their working hours and salary both are good. But they generally take freshers. But, once you should try.
    3. Business field- Besides the job, you can start a business. You can open a cyber cafe where you can earn good money. Moreover, you can start a computer training institute where you can give computer-related education. You can get done a certificate course and diploma course through this institute.

  • Since you have completed B.Tech in computer science and hence your scope for is widened in terms of jobs. However you have indicated that you have some voice problem and this can block your scope of further promotion in some of the domains in the computers where communication skill becomes a vital component to express oneself before the clients or the employers. In such areas where one needs to vocal, you may not be selected but that is not the end of your achievement-
    1) Working as a blogger - The interesting part with being a blogger in some of major companies is that you have to work independently as a blogger for the company with which you are attached. Your income is directly related to your efforts made in that direction. You may get several sites where you can contribute your service once you are selected.
    2) Start your own computer institution- Basically you are aware of different computer tools and providing inputs to the aspirants in such areas of their interest and passion could enhance their working capability. Hence in your institute there is some fundamental course in relation to Java, C++, oracle, oracle etc. Make a tie up with the companies providing the aspirants to certifications after their passing their certifications in their respective fields.
    3) Seek your job in software company - Though you have passed earlier and the employers are on the look out for Freshers in the different streams to achieve their targets by providing them suitable training, you can get a job with the help of a consultant. You may take the help of, Job Monster, Times of so as to locate your job.
    4) Prepare for IES - It wouod certainly be a respectable post for you if you could clear both written and oral oral tests with your meticulous preparation. You may enroll yourself with a reputed institute so as to have sound preparation in this area.
    5) Look for the business for which you have a passion - Being a graduate in computer engineering does not mean that you cannot shine in a business of your choice. However, you need to make a strategy how best you can perform in that field. Initially, you will have to select an area such as Foundry Technology, Painting Industry, Leather Industry etc though your qualification does not match but certainly you must have the innovation to carry on your job. Meet the business men in such areas so as to secure valuable tips to start a business in your chosen field.

  • You can earn your required income along with preparation for a government job by joining any private job. It is a good option for you to work with your studies. This will give you financial strength, but to be financially competent with studies, you have to sacrifice some things related to your routine.

    Computer engineering is considered a combination of electronics engineering and computer science. The demand for computer engineers has increased rapidly due to the proliferation and applications of rapidly growing information technology. The rapidly emerging possibilities in the field of computer engineering are not only in the private sector but also there has been a rapid increase in the number of opportunities for computer engineers in government departments, organizations, and institutes.

    To get a government job in the field of computer engineering, it is necessary that the candidate should have graduated in the field of computer engineering or computer science from a recognized university or institute. In the field of computer engineering, for junior jobs in government jobs, the age of the candidate should be between 21 years to 30 years while the maximum age limit for senior posts is up to 45 years. Maximum age limit is given to reserved category candidates as per government rules.

    Computer engineering professionals have a great role in the development of information technology infrastructure in the country. Therefore, in the field of computer engineering, job opportunities are available in the private sector as well as in government organizations. The post of a computer engineer is in the information technology ministries of the central and state governments, the concerned departments, government organizations working in this field, various technical educational institutions, many government schemes and programs, public sector undertakings, etc.

    While doing the job while studying, keep in mind that due to the job, you should not think of studying as a burden. The study is your priority, you have to keep this in mind always. It is better that you choose a flexible job in which it is possible to go late according to studies or not to go many times and this does not harm your job. This type of flexible job will motivate you to move forward.

    Time management is most important to do the job with studies. The more efficiently you divide your time, the more success you will get in both tasks. So take enough time to study.

  • You have done your B.Tech. in CSE about 4 years back and presently you are jobless. I think it would had been better if you had taken up even an ordinary job which could at least engaged you and might had given some experience in the life.
    Anyway, it is not too late and still you can think of some options. Regarding Govt jobs, you have to do some hard work as everywhere some competitive examination will be there and a large number of students appear in that. For example you can appear in state Govt assistant grade examination or IBPS Banking entrance examination or PSU entrance examination etc. You will have to get hold of the earlier examination papers (some of which are available in this site itself) and practice accordingly covering the required syllabus from where such questions are picked up.
    If you have some interest in business activities then it is a good idea to start a retail business in consumables or general novelty items for which there is a demand in the respective areas where you want to start the business. Even home delivery of products is a good options as people nowadays like to get the goodies at their doorstep.
    Though you have done engineering but it does not mean that you cannot go for some other work. For making a livelihood people take up all sort of works which are totally different from their core qualifications. Whichever job you decide, there will be options of switching from it to other opportunity and for that it would be required that time to time you also undertake some online courses which give you additional scope for switching your current job or profession.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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