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  • How to use my PG degree in English?

    Confused about how to use a PG degree in English effectively? wondering if one should give all paers is score in PG is not first class? Scroll through this Ask Expert page where you can get answers to your questions.

    I have Post graduation in English with only 53% of marks. I came to know that those who have marks of percentage of 55% or above are eligible to appear NET or SET exams. My opinion is that my degree became waste. To write betterment, it is must to write all papers pertained to that particular year. Now, four years of period for my PG course is over.
    What is the use of my PG degree in English? Can anyone guide about how to utilise my PG degree?
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  • You are very right that as you have not got 55% marks in your Post Graduation, you cannot appear in National Eligibility Test (NET) paving way for applying lectureship in colleges and universities. But lectureship is not the only career in this world. You have done your PG in English does not mean that the only job that you can aspire for is teaching in colleges or university. Doing graduation and post graduation are the steps in your academic pursuit and many times have little relationship with your ultimate career. This will be more clear to you when we go through some career options open for you even in this competitive world. Let us consider those things in details but before that, assuming that your core interest was in English, as you have done your PG in that, you have to find out now as what is your next liking or interest area. Is it computer software, business, finance, insurance, journalism, or coaching. Why I am asking for this is that in every field there are some certificate courses and diploma available, online and offline in both the modes, and one can pursue them before hunting for a suitable job in that arena. Let us now go through some of the prospective options in your case -

    1. Computer area - If you have interest in IT or computer software areas then there are many courses which one can learn through various academies and then acquire necessary skills which are required for getting a job in the area. Some of these courses which can be considered are Digital Marketing, Animation and film making, Data Science, Web designing and hosting, Cloud computing, Data base management, Cloud storage and maintenance, Computer system management etc.

    2. Coaching field - There are many coaching centres in our country and you would find many near your place also. Many people teach there and make a handsome earning. Even if you did not have a good percentage does not mean that you cannot teach well. With hard work and efforts you can teach better than a high scoring student who is not having a good expression and confidence in teaching the other people. So consider this as one of the viable options. In coaching centres many teachers leave as they get good jobs elsewhere and vacancies are continuously created. You have learned some subjects in your graduation and adding English to them makes you capable for teaching so many subjects. Please note that teaching has an added benefit of getting the things revised and making ones learning more robust and it can help you in some interview in connection with a job.

    3. Business area - Most of the people feel that business is not their cup of tea but I strongly differ as an educated person can do business with much ease as he will be having better handling of inventory and selling processes using computer. If you do not want to have the hassle of maintaining a shop then there are other options like becoming a reseller for Amazon or Flipkart or ebay or any other online store. Many people are doing it very successfully and you have to simply pack the items as ordered and give it to the delivery person. Only thing is you have to maintain the quality of the items as required by the store. If you can raise some capital from some like minded people who can join you then there is good scope in a wholesale business also either in building construction material or fast moving consumer items.

    4. Finance and accounts - If you have some interest in finance and accounting works in commercial arena then there is a good demand of these people in almost every company for doing their accounting using some computer applications. Job is not very tough but only thing is one should have a liking for that. This would of course require to go through some course where basic financial tools and methods are taught along with calculation of taxes like GST etc. Incidentally if you had commerce subject in your class 12 then it would suit to you much.

    5. Banking services - Every year there are many vacancies created in banks and centralised exam is held for it through IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) for the post of clerks as well as officers. This is a very good option and with some preparation for the entrance exam one can get success in it. You can go to IBPS site and get the information on the details about the entrance exam.

    6. Railway Services - This is one most coveted one but there are many positions for which graduate degree holders can apply and make a career in this flagship organisation of our country.

    7. Postal services - This is another big employer and vacancies are announced time to time and centralised entrance exams are held for selection. You can get al the information about these positions in the India post site.

    Finally, I would advise you to keep a watch on job portals and apply wherever it matches to your expectation and meanwhile decide to do some course to increase your skills in the areas that I have mentioned above so that it facilitates you for applying for certain job positions.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Probably you are thinking continuously regarding your bad performance in your post graduation in English with your mere 53 percent marks and such a percentage would not allow you to go in for the Entance test of NEET because of your less scoring. The minimum marks to be eligible for appearing this test must be beyond 55 percent of marks in your post graduation examination.
    However, keep in mind that lecturership in a college alone is not the ultimate destination. There are other lucrative openings as well in the job markets if you deeply think which area would suit you best in terms of your passion and interest. A few options are indicated below and if you have the interest in such lines, you can choose one of them -
    Join in a coaching centre - You can be useful to many of the aspirants preparing for their civil services examinations but unfortunately they lack the skill of communication in English and in that case, your job will be to restore their confidence in their speaking abilities. Moreover there is one paper of English in the preliminary where the aspirants are evaluated in terms of their familiarities with this language. You can prove yourself a better tutor by restoring their confidence. You can take multiple assignments if your time permits. Start teaching the aspirants interested for the banking examinations such as clerks, probationary officers etc and your dedicated effort can change their standards and in the long there would not be the dearth of your income and popularity.
    2) Banking Jobs - You can yourself prepare for the examination of Probationary Officers since for this post the qualifying marks in your graduation is 50 percent. Going through the previour papers of this post will be helpful to you in terms of your preparation. You can even join a reputed commercial institution for their guidance so as to get success in this area.
    3) Executives in Amazon or Flipcart - Now a days online business has multiplied considerably due to corona phase and they need some efficient executives to influence their customers to boost their selling. If you have the inclination for such an assignment, you may accept the same.
    4) Start preparing for state level examination- The best recourse would be to make an attempt for B.D.O. With a little preparation in this line and taking the help of a professional institution, success can be achieved in this line.

  • Passing post graduation in English is not an ordinary one. You should utilize this capacity very well. You try to get immediate assignment in any nearby schools as English teacher to take classes for higher secondary level. In the meantime you pursue B.Ed course through which you can get permanent teacher post in any school even in government schools.
    If you are not interested in teaching position you can apply for posts in English newspaper or magazine organizations.

  • Post-graduation qualification with less than 55% marks is not suitable for lecturership through NET. But there are many junior colleges and private colleges. You can try there. For a Junior lecturer post, second class is sufficient. The government junior colleges will appoint you as a Junior lecturer. The state government will be giving advertisements. Please look for the add. Meanwhile, you can try private colleges for a lecturer post. While working in these colleges you can think of betterment.
    Another way is that you can go for B.Ed. Once you complete B Ed you can try for a teacher in a government school. You are also eligible for PGTeacher.
    Other than teaching jobs, there are many other posts in various organisations which can be tried.
    You can observe the advertisements in various newspapers where you will find jobs where you will be eligible.
    You can apply for Bank Clerk or officer post. You have to get qualified in written test and interview.
    You can apply for translator jobs.
    You can also try for administrative posts in schools, colleges and many other organisations.
    You can start online content writing also.
    You can think of having your own tuition centre wherein you can take tuition to high school students.

    always confident

  • Your post-graduation degree is an asset to you. Therefore, when you complete your post-graduation in English, you get a variety of options to base your career. As a matter of fact, studying English is one of the best career options. You have M.A. There are many career options after attaining an English degree.

    Writer: -
    English is one of the most read and understood languages. After MA English you can find various magazines, newspapers, and T.V. Can work as a Writer for channels.

    If you have good creativity and the ability to write beautifully, you can start writing books as well. Many Publishing Houses encourage Novice Writers to share their experiences.

    You can also start working as a Freelance Writer. This will give you flexibility in time and space. As a Freelance Writer, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

    You can work for customers around the world and at your own ease. Your knowledge of English and your ability to adapt your writing style play a significant role in your success as a Writer.

    Linguistics Expert: -
    For this, you will need to interact with foreign customers and understand what message they want to convey. You will be surprised to know that Linguistics is also required in Secret Agencies and Military, Navy, and Air Force. Therefore, when you start working as a Linguistics, you will have a truly adventurous career. But you need to complete the Linguistics Course. Typically, this M.A. Is done after.

    Editor: -
    For the Editor, you must also have a good understanding of grammar, a creative mind, and a timeframe. If you are an expert in all these qualities, then you can consider your career in Editing.

    Career Public Sector
    Apart from special career options, you can also appear for government services exams like SSC, UPSC, banking, and RBI officer jobs. These usually demand only graduates without a specific subject.

    Public Relations Officer
    Every company needs an effective public presence. As PR personnel, you can join to create advertisements, statements, and proper public appearances for your company. In this, you will work with the media for news about your company. As an English Postgraduate, you will have the advantage of being able to interact with foreign customers.

  • You should have minimum 55% marks in post-graduation for appearing in NET exam. As mentioned above, you got only 53% marks in PG. So, you are not eligible for this exam. But, you need not be worry regarding a career as a teaching profession is not the only option. You can apply for another field also. As your subject is English so there are a lot of career option where you can try as follow:-
    1. Coaching institute- You can open a coaching centre. Nowadays, many people have a language problem. And if you open a coaching centre many people will come to your centre. In this way, you can earn handsome money.
    2. Software-related job- If you have an interest in IT field then you can join a software-related course which will help you in getting a good job in future.
    3. Writer- If you have good command over the English language then you can start work as a writer. There are various magazines and newspaper always seeks young writer for writing articles. So, you can also try here.
    4. PR officer- Public relation officer is good to post. Time to time, every company gives advertisement for this post. In this job, your work is to interact with the customer.
    5. Translator- if you having good command over two languages in which one should be English. Then, you can apply for this job.

  • Since you could not get required percentage for appearing at NET, however, it doesn't mean your degree has lost importance. I think you can consider following points.

    a- You may try to apply to any Intermediate College as PGT in any private school.
    b- You may send your resume to all media houses especially international media.
    c: You may join hotel industry or travel agency
    d: You may become freelance writer/reporter of any newspaper. Later you may pursue any course in journalism /mass communucation
    e: You may learn any foreign language preferably Russian, Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese and can leave your visiting card to all travel agencies/hotels/export companies/media houses to work as interprator
    f: If you have got 55% marks in graduation you may pursue B.Ed. Then you may have following career:
    Education Researcher
    Content Writer
    School Teachers
    Education Consultant
    Research Assistant
    F: You may work as a guide to foreigners
    G: You may start your youtube channel for english speaking learners.
    H: You may open a coaching centre.

  • I feel that M.A. English is a very good qualification but your only worry is that due to your low score in the exam you are not able to appear in NET test which opens the career of teaching in colleges and universities. I think it is not such a setback that you become so much discouraged. That is not the end of it. There is a good demand of English tutors in our country and there are so many English learning institutes that you can definitely get a job in one of those near your own place of dwelling. That is of course a very general opportunity in your core area.
    There are so many competitive exams for entering the services in state and central Govt as well as the PSUs and big organisations like Insurance sector, Postal department, Railways, Defence services etc and depending upon your liking you can think about some of those possibilities for applying and appearing in the state or national level entrance exams.
    If you forget about your academic pursuits so far and concentrate for some vocational course then that would be a better option as certificate and diploma courses are much more useful for job hunting in todays environment and one can think in that direction. That is also a better proposition from the angle of starting ones own service delivery in that trade for which there are ample demands.
    The Govt jobs are shrinking day by day and in private organisations the competition is heating up. So, one has to consider starting ones business in some line where general proficiencies are sufficient to go ahead. This could be in form of selling merchandise or delivering services. If one can get a loan under Mudra scheme or some other Govt scheme then starting an agency for certain domestic services by hiring a few people would also be a good option.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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