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  • Msc and D.El.Ed together In regular mode

    Wondering if one can take up a degree and a diploma in regular mode simultaneously? Searching for detailed set of norms for employment with such two qualifications? Check out this Ask Expert page for responses to your query.

    I have completed my MSc program through resular mode.
    When I was in the final year of MSc, I joined a teaching diploma: E.El.Ed.and completed it successfully.
    Now I am applying for teaching jobs on the basis of the diploma and I'm not taking any benefit of my MSc degree.
    So I want to know will I have to face any problem in this matter?
    And I also check ugc noite 28.12.2012 they took up a decision to allow student to pursue degree+ diploma together in regular mode but it was a just proposal
    So can you clearly reply me about what to do further.
    Because I have completed both courses in regular mode.
    But the last year of my MSc and 1st semester of my D.El.Ed is overlapping.
    Although I attend 3 months classes of my MSc program and then I enrolled in diploma.
    So tell me what kind of problem I'll face and what is the solution?
    Should I cancel my degree?
    And what is the cancellation procedure?
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  • So far, as the UGC regulation goes one cannot acquire two regular degrees simultaneously as there are issues of attendance etc. Have you done it simultaneously? How it is possible? If you have done one in the morning college and other in the evening college then probably you can justify your having two such degrees at a time. As you said that there is a proposal for allowing this by UGC and let us see what is the decision on that and if it is allowed what is the condition of that and with what date that would be applicable.

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  • Doing a degree and a diploma simultaneously in regular mode is not objectionable. Many universities are allowing this. So I don't see any problem with your getting PG and diploma together. Another point is that only there is an overlap of 3 months. There will not be any issues. You need not cancel your PG or training degree. Don't think of cancelling the degree.
    As per UGC act, two-degree programmes under regular mode are not allowed simultaneously as it may create logistic, administrative and academic problems. A student pursuing a degree programme under regular mode is allowed to pursue a maximum of one certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, PG diploma programmes simultaneously either in regular or open and distance mode in the same university or from other institutions.
    This has been permitted by UGC.

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  • UGC stipulation says that a student can do one regular course and one correspondence mode course simultaneously. You have done two courses with a little overlap and if there is no overlap of timing between the two courses then there should not be any problem in considering them as authentic. How you have managed these two courses during the overlap period will be the main thing which can be asked to you while attending a verification session in connection with any job interview. As you are telling that you would not be showing your Masters degree for the job and will only be showing the Diploma certificate to them, then it becomes a sort of hiding the data. If you are able to justify the overlap period between your two regular courses as mentioned in your query then there is no need to hide the Masters qualification. That would eventually may benefit you in the job career you are applying based on only your Diploma certificate.
    Check your timings and dates of overlap and if you can produce some document for that attendance at different times on the same date then you can justify your completing two courses and it would not be a big issue. If your would be employer understands the logic then they will accept your credentials as it is.

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  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to provide relief to crores of students of the country. The UGC has approved the proposal of two degrees simultaneously and after this decision of the Commission, now students will be able to take two-degree courses at the same time. However, some rules have also been made for this. This facility will be available only for students studying at the college and university level. If you are going to study two degree courses simultaneously, only one of them will be in regular format. The second one has to be done in online distance learning mode. It will be your decision as to which course you want to study. Any student can study two degree courses simultaneously. For this, he can also take admission in two different institutions. It also states that a student can complete both degrees from different streams and different institutions. In the new regulation, the rules have been set to do two-degree courses simultaneously. Besides, the policy is also being prepared for online degree and diploma courses starting at Top-100 University.

  • Simultaneously, pursuing two degrees through regular mode is not allowed. However, UGC has approved pursuing two degrees simultaneously but through two different modes and it can be from one single institution. That is if a university offers courses from regular mode as well as from a distance mode, students can pursue a degree program along with a pg diploma, diploma, or certificate course from the same institute through distance mode. But two-degree courses are not allowed whatsoever be the case.
    Here is a combination of how one can pursue two degrees simultaneously:

    1. One Degree and one Diploma/ P G Diploma/ Certificate
    2. One P G Diploma and one Diploma/ Certificate
    3. One Diploma and one Certificate
    4. Two P G Diplomas
    5. Two Diplomas
    6. Two Certificate

  • Now according to UGC:

    1) Two Degree Programmes cannot be allowed to be pursued simultaneously.
    2) However, following combinations are allowed.
    a) A degree and P. G Diplima/Diploma/Certificate
    b) One P G Diploma and one Diploma/ Certificate
    c) One Diploma and one Certificate
    d) Two P G Diplomas or Two Diplomas or Two Certificates can be pursued simultenously
    3) Mode of pursuing: (a) both of them through Distance mode (b) One through distance and one through regular mode (c) Same universities/institutions or different universities/institutions

  • As per UGC norms, you can't do two-degree courses simultaneously in regular mode. But, UGC made some changes in a provision that you can join two courses simultaneously only then, where one course should be in regular mode and another course like a diploma or certificate course should be in distance mode.
    As mentioned above, you have completed a PG degree and one diploma simultaneously with an overlap of three months. No need to worry about it. That would not create a problem in future. As UGC already approved this provision that you can join a one-degree course along with one diploma course in regular mode also.

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