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  • Can I marry my cousin

    Want to know if one can marry a cousin if there is a 3 genration gap among relatives? Searching for more clarity on tghis topic? Scroll through this page and get answers to your question here.

    Here I am posting my family tree and please give me answer if I can marry my cousin.
    We both are in love. Can I face any difficulty s by getting married with my cousin . We have 3 generations gap between us. Those are my realtives I want know the solution about this.

    Can I marry

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  • Cousin marriage is allowed in some communities and even law cannot prevent it due to the overriding rule of customs and traditions. That is one aspect to the cousin marriage issue.

    Another thing is that in Hindu tribes (it may or may not be applicable to you but I am giving it for the continuity in my explanation), in general, the cousin marriage was not considered ethical. But modern youngsters are not giving it much consideration. The legal position in this context is that as per the Special Marriage Act 1954, marriage in close relations is considered as illegal. The meaning of close relationship is explained as the relationship extending to three generations in mother side and five generations in father side, known as Sapinda relationships, and are restricted for the Hindu marriages in the eyes of law in our country. From the chart provided with your query your relationship does not fall under Sapinda as the break is conspicuously seen at 3rd generation upwards from 'F' to 'M' from the girl side and break at places from the boy's side.

    From medical point of view there are some apprehensions that in close marriage it is possible that the genetic diseases might proliferate in the children. Though there is no solid research to substantiate that but there are medical cases attributable to that theory.

    So considering the above points you can take a decision in the matter. As per my observation, you can marry.

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  • I have gone through the family tree. There will not be any problem for both of you to get married. It will not come under the Sapinda relationship. So as per law, you can go ahead.
    The practices in different tribes and castes in Hindu religion differs. Some Castes will not allow marrying cousins. But some castes will allow this. That part you have to discuss with your parents if you want to take their consent and marry. If you want to go ahead even though it is not the custom in your family. you can go ahead if both of you are ok with it.

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  • For marriage, both parties should not be strong relatives of each other. By having each other's support, it means that both of them pind one of the common ancestors. The relative kinship is counted up to five generations in the tradition over the father and up to three generations in the tradition over the mother. Marriage with any relative over five generations is prohibited over the father. In the same way, marriage is prohibited in any of the kinships that come under the mother over three generations. In relation to any person, the spindle relationship will be called the descendants of up to three generations in the mother's line and the descendants of up to five generations in the father's line. The row will be counted upward concerning the person concerned and the person concerned will be considered the first generation. Two persons will be called each other if one person is the ancestor of the other in a row or they both have the same ancestor in the relationship. We can see here that a man's maternal uncle's daughter will have a strong relationship because the man's maternal grandfather and the woman's grandfather will be the same person. Similarly, there will be a separate relationship with the daughter of the aunt because the grandfather of the man will be the maternal grandfather of the woman. We will thus calculate up to three generations in the mother's relationship and up to five generations in the father's relationship to identify the Sapind.

  • If both of you have the same degree of passion and attachment, both of you may meet a lawyer to settle the marriage. Since there is a three generation gap between you and your would be spouse and hence the close relationship issue in your case does not exist.
    However, both of you should consider the following points -
    1) Ensure the harmony of the relationships between your family and the family of your spouse. In case, marriage alliance is finalised without the consent of either of the family, it may affect your relationships in the long run.
    2) Take your parents and parents of your spouse in confidence so that no complications develop later on.
    3) Examine the temperament of your fiancé and ensure that she is mentally balanced and rational in her thinking.
    4) Go through the medical tests including the DNA test so that no complication arises in the way of parenthood apart from detection of other health issues such as thyroid disorder, diabetic condition, kidney disorder etc.

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