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  • How can I get seller information in amazon?

    Are you looking out for information regarding a zseller who is selling on an online site? Want to know if this is permissible and along the rules and regulations or policies? Find advice from experts here.

    How can I get email id or phone number of a seller in amazon website?
    Or is it illegal to get information of seller who sells in amazon according to rules regulations or policy of the company?
    Is there any third party company who sells this information?
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  • Go to and log in.
    Then type the product name for which you want to know the seller information in the search bar.
    A list of all the products sold by that vendor will appear in the search result page.
    A link to the seller will appear under the name of the product
    Click on that link.
    A new page will open.
    That page will contain all the details about the vendor and other products that are being sold by the vendor.

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  • When you go to the Amazon site then there is a search bar in the top where we enter a product to search about it. When we enter a product then it will display that product or equivalent product from various sellers from where it is available or is in their stock. Now when you scan through that list then in the details of each item you will find a subheading 'In Stock'. Under that subheading you will find the name of the seller from which this item is available. If you click that name the detail information will be available for the seller.
    Some sellers do not write their full address in the Amazon site where we can see it and in that case you will not be able to see the detailed address and phone number.

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  • Search and selected required product in Amazon site. Scroll down from the product name and price slowly downwards, you can see 'sold by' and a name in blue tinge. Click that blue name. It will take you to the rating page on seller. In that page, on right side on the page, you will see ' ask questions to the seller' You click the link and follow the instructions for further in this regard. You may need to login.
    Similarly there is a link on the same page below 'leave seller feedback'
    From the rating we can get to know about the performance of the seller.
    If you scroll down the product page, sometimes, below the product information section there is a provision for question answers. The seller may answer some question sometimes.
    You can also go to rating and questions section by clicking on het links given just below the product name on product selected page.
    However after ordering you can contact seller by the link given in the site after logging in and clicking on the particular orders.
    You can also try by searching with key words of the brand or seller name too. This may yield results sometimes.

  • When you open Amazon site then you will find a search bar where you have to enter a product for searching. As soon as you enter the product then it will show the product from various seller from where it is in stock. After scanning you will get details of each item and see a subheading 'In Stock'. If you click subheading then you will get the name of the seller and again clicking on the name, the detailed information of seller can be seen.

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