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  • How can a simile be a hyperbole?

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    Can a simile be regarded a hyperbole if it uses comparison with the words 'like' or 'as' along with exaggeration?

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  • Simile and hyperbole are figurative speeches and are used to enhance the beauty of the writing. Writers use them often in their write ups. Simile is generally used to compare something with other thing for better understanding or presentation of that comparison bringing out the situation in which the first thing is residing. For example - He is innocent like a child. On the other hand a hyperbole is something exaggerated beyond proportion. For example - You have told millions of lies.
    Now these two figurative speeches serve different purposes and sometimes can overlap with each other. For example - You look like a person who has lost thousand of times in his life.
    In this sentence a simile is used in a hyperbole way. Such uses are also common in creative English and many writers adhere to them for showcasing their writings in a different and unique way to the readers.

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  • 1. A simile is a comparison of two unlike things using the words like or as. Example: Her cheeks are as red as an apple. Here the comparison is between two, unlike things. She is a living being and Apple is not. But if we say, this girl is as tall as her brother. Here she and her brother humanbiengs. So this can't be an example of a Simile.
    2. A hyperbole is an exaggeration that cannot be true possibly. Example: This girl is so thin that she can fly away if there is heavy wind. No person can fly simply with the wind. So this is hyperbole.
    Hyperbole is an exaggeration but it need not be different from hyperbole.
    An example of this can be She is as big as a barn. This is very exaggeration. Nobody can be as big as a barn. Here there is a comparison between two, unlike things. She is a human being and barn is not. So this proves that sometimes a simile can be a hyperbole also. Another such example can be he runs as fast as a train. A person can never run with the speed of a train. So it is a hyperbole. The comparison is between living and nonliving things. So it is a simile.

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  • The simile is used where even if there are differences in the two objects or substances, they are equated or compared or compared to more than that in the description of an object, there is an analog. This parity is done on the basis of form, color, and jaggery. Neelima is as beautiful as the moon, with both "Neelima" and "Moon" being beautiful in the line, the analogy (similarity) has been established in both. When an object or person is shown to have a similarity with any other object or person that is enhanced in that quality, there is a simile.
    Hyperbole - Where an attribute or condition is exaggerated, that is, where an object is described so exaggerated that the general public limit is violated, there is exaggerated embellishment. That is, when the limit or dignity of the public society is broken in describing a person or thing, it is called exaggeration. See, this is the city of Saket, it is going to meet heaven in the sky. Explanation - Here the tall building of Saket Nagari is shown touching the height of the sky. Therefore, exaggeration is ornamentation.

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