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  • Best health insurance

    Having a question about the best health insurance? wondering which one is the best medical insurance policy in India and what is the annual premium? Here, on this page our experts have responded to your query.

    Which is the best medical insurance policy in India?
    How much premium is to be paid annually?
    What is the cover?
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  • There are a lot of options for the best family floater health insurance plan in India. There is a need to go to every possible website and find out a favorable plan for yourself. A plan that is good for one person is not necessarily good for another. These are some of the best family floater health insurance plans available in India. You want to emphasize the need to invest in a health insurance plan as it can also give you tax benefits under the Income Tax Act.

    Oriental Insurance- Oriental Insurance Company offers a plan called Happy Family Floater. The cost of Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater Plan is Rs. 9297. Under this Happy Family Floater Plan, there is a provision of 90 percent of the total treatment expenses by the insurance company and 10 percent of expenses by the patient. For pre-existing disease, the scheme starts covering after 4 years. Room rent is limited to Rs 5000 under the scheme.

    Star Health- Star Health and Allied Insurance Company's insurance plan is named FamilyOptima. All the benefits covered and not covered in this scheme are given here. The cost of the premium for Star Health Family Optima is Rs 11,055. The Family Optima Plan commences coverage after four years for the pre-existing disease. The room rent depends on the city where treatment is being taken and the range is from Rs 2,000 to Rs 15,000.

    Bharti AXA - Bharti AXA General Insurance offers Smart Health Salt Scheme. The premium cost of the Bharti AXA Smart Health Plan is Rs 12,064. This smart health plan provides 100 percent coverage. Like other plans, the coverage of pre-existing disease starts after 4 years. Room rent is fully covered in this policy. The scheme also provides a lifetime renewal option.

    ICICI Lombard is a scheme iHealth of ICICI Lombard General Insurance. The premium cost of this plan is Rs 14,668. There is no restriction of any kind under the scheme and the coverage is 100 percent. Like all other health insurance companies, the coverage of pre-existing disease starts after 4 years under this plan also.

    Tata AIG Medi Prime is a scheme of Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited. The premium cost of the Medi Prime plan is Rs 15,488. Like most other insurance companies, 100 percent of the total amount is covered under it.

    Max Bupa A health plan of Max Bupa Health Insurance Company is named Companion Family Floater Plan. Many benefits have been provided in this scheme. The premium amount under the Max Bupa Health Companion Family Floater Plan is Rs 13,718.

  • There are many companies offering health insurance coverage in our country. The premium amount will depend on the age of the person taking insurance and the sum assured. Hospitalisation is covered by these policies. Pre hospitalisation expenses and post hospitalisation expenses are also covered in the policies. Before going for selection look for the inclusions and exclusion conditions in which they will mention about the diseases covered not covered. The following are some good proposals.

    1. Aditya Birla: It is one of the best health insurance plans offering organisation. Active Assure Diamond Plan is one such plan offered by this organisation and any person above 5 Years can take the policy. Sum insured will be from Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 2 Crore. More than 6000 hospitals are accepting this company plans.
    2. Bajaj Allianz: Health Guard plan is being offered by this company. Any person above 18 and below 65 Years can take this insurance. The minimum sum insured is Rs. 1.5 Lakh and the maximum is Rs. 50 Lakh. More than 6500 hospitals accept this plan.
    3. Bharti AXA: Smart Super Health Plan is offered by this company. Any person from 3 months age to1 65 Years can take this policy. The sum assured will be minimum Rs. 5 Lakh and the maximum is Rs. 1 Crore. There are more than 4500 hospitals where we can get treatment from this polcicy.
    4. Religare Care: Care Health Care Plan is being offered by this company. Minimum age limit is 3months. The sum assured started from Rs. 4 Lakh and can go up to Rs. 6 Crore. More than 7800 hospitals will accept this policy.
    5. HDFC ERGO: my: health Suraksha Silver Smart plan is offered by this company. Any person above18 Years can opt for this. The sum assured will between Rs. 3 Lakh and Rs. 5 Lakh. More than 10000 hospitals are accepting this policy.
    6. IFFCO Tokio: Health Protector Plus plan is offered by this company. The minimum age is 18 years and the maximum is 65 Years Rs. 2 Lakh is the minimum sum assured and Rs. 25 Lakh is the maximum. ABout 5000 hospitals are ready to accept patients with this plan.
    7. Kotak: Health Premier is the plan from this company. Any person between 18-65 Years can take this plan. More than 4800 hospitals are there in the network.

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  • There are many health insurance companies operating in our country. These companies have networking with the major hospitals and they provide cashless medical treatment to their customers in this good hospitals. So the company earns from the insurance premium given by the customer and the customer is also happy to get a good free treatment in case he or she gets ill.
    Let us see the detailed information about some of the good health insurance companies from which we can decide the one which suits to our requirement of health insurance. For finding the exact premium one has to check the website of the company and get a quote because the premium quote value will depend on the facilities chosen in a particular plan.

    1. Apollo Munich Health Insurance - This is a collaboration between the well known Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich Health. The company says that they settle the 95% of the insurance claims within 15 days of the date of claim. That is the reason of high customer satisfaction for this company. They also have a very impressive insurance renewal rate of 80%.

    2. Cigna TTK Health Insurance - It is a joint collaboration between Cigna and TTK group. It has a big range of insurance products and they also cover the expenses 60 days before and 90 days after hospitalisation.

    3. New India Assurance Insurance - This is a popular insurance company and they have a robust network of 1200 hospitals and they have an option of lifetime renewal of policies. Their policies include free medical check ups also for the customer.

    4. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance - This is one leading health insurance provider and has 5000 hospitals in their network for cashless treatment of the insurance holders. It has also a good range of products to meet the need of everyone and they also cover pre and post hospitalisation expenses.

    5. National Insurance Company - They have a family insurance plan covering up to 6 members of the family. If no claim is made then they would pay for medical check ups up to the 1% of the sum assured. They have networking with 6000 hospitals for cashless treatment of the customers. They also cover the expenses 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalisation.

    6. Oriental Insurance - They also give cover to the family members up to a maximum of 7 members (Adults - 4 and children - 3). They have about 4300 hospitals on contract for cashless treatment. Their range of products is also wide and they have option of lifelong renewals.

    7. ICICI Lombard Insurance - It is also a popular company in health insurance. Their claim disposal is fast. Their products cover the people even in overseas countries. They have collaboration with 3200 hospitals for cashless treatment.

    8. Religare Health Insurance - It is having cashless treatment facility in about 4100 hospitals and their claim settlement is very quick. They are also getting quite popular with the customers.

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  • Choosing the best health insurance plan would require you to put greater efforts to select the most appropriate one in your case. There are a lot of points to be considered while choosing a suitable insurance plan such as provision of cashless treatment, tax benifits, life threatening illness apart from free consultation with the concerned specialists, free medical check ups, appointment with nutritionalists etc.
    Here a few health plans are indicated and one of these may suit you considering their premium and their facilities and these are illustrated below-
    1) Aditya Birla Diamond - Here you can get higher sum assured option. It would cover medical hospitalisation expenses apart from second opinion critical illness. This plan would cover entire medical expenses such as emergency ambulance expenses, extra coaching to the insurer and his family relating to extra coaching to tackle hypertension, diabetes, asthama etc.
    2) Star Health Insurance Plan - It would take care of the entire family under the umbrella of a single sum assured which is extendable to the extent of Rs 25 Lakhs. The benifits of this policy include -
    a) Organ Donor Expenses can be available up to 10 percent of the sum assured or a maximum of Rs one lakh.
    b) In the event of claim free year, the policy holders can get reimbursement up to 25 percent sum assured.
    c) Second Medical Opinion can be availed in case of critical illness.
    3) Max Bupa Health Insurance- It would take care of the following aspects such as immediate hospitalisation within their networks with the facilities of organ transplant if needed, provision of emergency ambulance apart from inpatient care for 24 hours in case of reported health disorders of the insurer or his family member.
    4) HDFC Optima Restore Plan - This plan would take care of its policyholders rewarding them for staying fit and healthy. They have a free health check up policy once in two years on the sum assured up to Rs 5 Lakhs. The other benifits provided to the insurer and their members are ambulance cover, critical advantage rider, daily cash in the event of shared accommodation etc.
    5) ICICI Lombard Health Care - This Insurance Company aims to offer unparallel service to the customers by providing them customer centric solution within the product range of the insurance. This provides a network of hospitals consisting of odd 6500 and renewablity of the insurance is extendable up to life time if the policy is undertaken on a yearly basis. Assurance sum can be chosen within the range of Rs 3 Lakhs to Rs 25 Lakhs.

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