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  • How much important is language in India?

    Want to know the importance of languages for explaining Indian video? Looking out for detailed information online? Find advice for your query on this Ask Expert page.

    How important is local language in explaining a video in India?
    For example is it enough to explain a video in English and Hindi? Do majority of Indians can understand with these two languages? Do they prefer local languages like Bengali, Tamil, Kannada etc. in specific state where the explained video is viewed. Or is it that Hindi and English is enough to explain a video that every one can understand.
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  • In India, especially in the Southern States of India people especially in interiors of the Southern States know the only local language. They may not even understand either Hindi or English in these parts. People who visit these places can't manage if they don't understand the language. But Hindi movies will do good in these areas also. That is due to the liking they have for movies. Educated people all over India can manage with English/ Hindi.
    Who are the targetted viewers for you? Basing on that you can decide on the language of your videos. These days the internet and Youtube are very famous in the interiors of Southern India also. That is the very reason Google has started their sites in all South Indian languages also.
    You can manage 50 to 60% of viewers of Social media by uploading your videos in the English Language. Another 20% can be managed with Hindi. For the remaining 20%, you have to think of local language videos. These days we see the videos made in local languages are getting many clicks from these areas of India.

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  • If you want to have vast viewers in India you should choose the Hindi language because it's understood on a larger scale in India. If you have good content in English you may get an enormous number of viewers as English is worldwide spoken and understood. But most important thing is that you must have a good accent and pronunciation of English so that those people worldwide whose mother tongue is English may subscribe to your YouTube channel. Else they are not impressed by the Indian accent of the English language. British, American and Australian accent will be appreciated by them.
    If you want to limit your access to a particular region you may choose a regional language. it also may give you recognition on YouTube.

  • Although Hindi and English both are spoken and understood by millions in India but local/regional language has its own importance.

    There are places in Southern states as well as North Eastern states where the regional or local language is the only means of communication. So to reach then you must be able to converse or at understand the same to be able to express your content, meaning or other thi ya you wish to convey.

    If you are planning for some YouTube channel then it can be either in Hindi or English with a subtitle to the video of the regional place of which you target the audience. You will need to take help of local person/translator or translation services for the same to get the best results.

    Your videos will garner more popularity if it suits the local taste as well as language. In a nutshell, for a target audience the content in their local language is most preferred over a general language like English or Hindi.

    Eg. Punjab has films and songs made in Punjabi language and similarly the films. Most popular films are always translated before they are released in the state which suits the regional language for ease of understanding and more reach. Even Hollywood movies are released in multiple languages to ensure more reach and higher income.

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  • Language is an important medium for communication and if a person does not understand a particular language then the content is of no use to him. It is in this context that we have to have some method to devise availability of translation or subtitle for a person belonging to other language. That makes the person comfortable and he starts taking interest in it.
    In our country many people know English so a video in English is able to communicate to many but still there are so many left who would never visit your video because of the language barrier.
    There are many people who know Hindi also but they are mainly in Northern and Western part of India and so that will also not serve the purpose that you have in your mind for popularising your videos.
    So, there are some regions in our country where people only know their native local languages and a person desirous of making his YouTube channel popular has to provide that language in it.
    So, the only solution to this problem is to make multiple subtitles to the video so that the person who does not know English or Hindi or any other major language in our country can select his language for the subtitles.
    There are some highly professional applications for adding subtitles to the video and even automatic translators are also available and one can consider that possibility and try to incorporate that in ones videos.
    Some of the platforms which claim to have these facilities for creating subtitles are Limecraft, Matinée Multilingual, Fluentu etc.

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  • Along with human society, language has also been developed equally. Due to this development, there is always a change in languages. In general, language can be called the medium of conceptual exchange. Language is the most reliable means of expression. Not only this, but it is also an important tool for the construction, development, identity, social, and cultural identity of our society.

    I believe that it is not so easy that a video can be made on YouTube in different local languages because there are so many languages in the country and the world that it is not possible for everyone to know, so English has been given a common language form. But yes you can provide subtitles for any other language, it may be easy and helpful for viewers.

    The importance of the local language has always been primary among the local people. One major result of this is that this time the local language has been given priority in education policy. Incorporating the local language into the medium of education will give new recognition and prosperity to the tarnished or extinct languages as well as enrich the intellectual property of the country. Language is an essential material for the upliftment of any person, place, society, etc. It is through language that the identity of the personality and literature and culture of a place or society is identified. Is the medium of For a multilingual country like India, where states have been reorganized after independence on a linguistic basis, teaching in the local language will prove to be beneficial.

  • Language is a way of easy communication. However when the communication is audio-visual, there is a good support of the visual part. The more the visual part has clarity and simplicity, the less need for language.
    But as not all video presentations are solely visual like Tom and Jerry cartoons, there is needed some linguistic support.

    In India it is always preferable to have language support in bi-lingual format. Based on the target audience more effective will be the bi-lingual in English and the popular local language in that area. Otherwise it is good to have English-Hindi format. It is optimum to keep the text or audio explanation as low and keep the visual effect more self-explanatory.

  • Though English and Hindi are the two popular languages with which we Indians would be able to represent our thoughts but even then, it would not provide the full coverage of their understanding ability to the languages mentioned above.
    To understand better to the local audience, we need to understand their languages and such a communication needs to be introduced to make them aware of the events. This is applicable to both the parts - North part of India or the southern part. In case of Tamil in south, it goes under transformation from place to place and hence we need to have a subtitle suiting to the local people to make our YouTube interesting and so would be the case with the Northern India where local language is to be incorporated along with Hindi on the YouTube to make the audience passionate towards the theme being screened. In that way, we are giving due importance of the local languages which was otherwise ignored in the past.

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