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  • Where I need to focus on my career ?

    Are you loosing your focus by diverting away from your career? Confused what one is good at? Here, on this page our experts have answered your question wehich can help you to decide how to plan your career.

    I am a 3-year student doing B.Tech in Biotechnology from Amity university, Noida.
    I am a little confused about my future as to what should I do.
    First I was confused should I do an MBA or M.Tech but after this pandemic, I guess M.Tech is the best answer.
    Then should I do this from India or out of India?
    Next, the problem lies here: I am not sure what I am good at, like I know I am a good communicator. If I concentrate I will do anything, studies are never been a problem and am a good listener.
    But I somehow still feel that something is missing like where should I focus? What is exactly my goal?
    Can you help me and guide me as to where exactly I need to focus?
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  • Biotechnology is a scientific stream and if you have interest in scientific pursuits and have a research oriented mind then continuing with the same in your PG would be a better option. Biotechnology is a niche area and there are so many things under it where one can specialise and then make a place in the industry. Some of the areas where a bio technologist can work are Agriculture, Healthcare, Genetic engineering, Soil biology, Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Animal husbandry, Environmental conservation, Ecology, and Textile industry. Those who have interest in Biotechnology can think of making a career in it and place themselves in appropriate positions in the industry.
    On the other hand if you feel that you are a misfit in the Biotechnology stream then next alternative is MBA which is a general degree and would lead to making a career in managerial line. MBA is also a good area and many people opt for it as there are so many good opportunities after MBA. For meritorious students there are opportunities of directly getting job sometimes through campus recruitment also.
    These are not only two alternatives that exist for you as alternatives of making career and many other streams after UG course are there. For example you can think of making a career in teaching line by doing B.Ed. and the applying in the schools and colleges.
    Career making requires a wide horizon to explore and in your case there are some initial problems as you had already mentioned that you do not have any fixed interest in your mind and have got some blurred and concussive ideas.
    If academics is not exactly your cup of tea then you might have to think in a broader way and keep a watch on the various jobs in the job portals and see whether some of the interest you and if yes then the details can be seen by going to the concerned website.

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  • You are doing B. Tech 3rd year. You are doing Bio-Technology. Bio-Technology is a niche area. A lot of research work is going on in this area. Many private companies are having very good laboratories and there are some government R & D centres also where there is a lot of scope for making a good career.
    As a Bio-Technology professional you have the following options for having a good career.
    1, Teaching: Many Universities and colleges are having this specialisation and there are good chances for becoming a faculty in any of these institutes. If you are really interested in this line, I suggest completing your M Tech from any good Indian or foreign University. Then attend for the NET examination. You will get definitely a teaching position. While working as a teacher you can do your PhD also and can become a Professor in any good University
    2. R&D Position in Government Institutes: There are many research Institutes under CSIR in India. In many of these institutes, very good research in this field is going on. For example, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, a CSIR Lab located in Hyderabad is doing a lot of work in this field. Similarly CCMB, Hyderabad is another lab. Similarly, there are some DRDO laboratories where some work in this field is also going on. You can try for any good position in these laboratories. You will have a very good career. Some of the posts are filled based on the GATE score. So you have to concentrate on GATE after B.Tech and try for a position in these organisations.
    3. Private Industry: There are many industries in India in this field and they employ many technologists in their Production wing, Quality wing and R &D wing. So if you are interested in this line, You can start looking around for the advertisements from the related companies. You can also visit websites of such organisations and upload your CV. You can register in Job portals like and etc. They will send you alerts and you can also search on these sites and start applying after you complete your B.Tech.
    My personal suggestion to you is looking for a job in a good organisation after B.Tech is the best action unless otherwise, you have a very good fascination for teaching. If you have liking for teaching post then go for M Tech.

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  • The subject you have chosen for your bachelor's degree is a job opportunity subject, so for now, focus solely on completing your graduation because after graduation you will get different job options for the same field.

    Biotechnology has made a significant place in India. All possible fields such as pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, education, and research related works have been included under this field. Apart from the above fields, the contribution of biotechnology in many other fields cannot be ignored. Whether it is issues related to biofertilizers, biopesticides, green revolution, or bioinformatics bringing a revolution in the field of IT, biotechnology is providing a lot of employment opportunities for the youth section of India. There are various areas in which there is a lot of potential for the unprecedented development of the career of the students studying biotechnology.

    Jobs have been opened in many companies to make a career in this line. You can get a job in the field where you want to go as per your wish.

    Pharmaceutical company
    Food Manufacturing Industries
    Healthcare Product Manufacturing
    Agricultural development company
    Animal husbandry
    Research Laboratories
    Medicine line
    education field

  • You need to think wisely in relation to the benifits of your existing course. B.Tech in Biotechnology provides an aspirant of applying various concepts of Biology for the modifications of biological systems, cell structures and other biological process. Hence you would come across various job opportunities which would appear very exciting to you in due course. Some of the career options after B.Tech in Biotechnology are indicated below -
    1) Research Scientist- You can apply for the jobs in Government Research Institute such as Centre of Molecular Bilogy, National Institution of Oceanography etc where you can work as a Reserch Scientist or a Research Officer.
    2) IT jobs - With some certifications in the Software field, you can work as Software Developer or a web developer. It will be a fine synthesis of Biotechnology and IT helping the students persuing Molecular Biology, Cell structures etc with the application of IT modules.
    3) Jobs in Pharmaceutical Companies- You can apply in various Pharmaceutical Companies such as Dabur, Cipla, Dr Reddy Lab, Glaxo etc where you may be appointed as a Marketing Manager or a Quality Control Officer.
    4) Working as a Bio Technologist - You may get an assignment of Bio Technologist in the various marketing divisions to develop their products. You may have assignments in Hindustan Lever, Hindustan Antibiotics, IDPL etc.
    Apart from that you may concentrate on the following areas as well -
    1) Waste Management
    2) Food Processing
    3) Environment Control
    4) Research Laboratories
    5) Job as a Lecturer after qualifying NET test.
    The other field providing you excellent growth would be to have a MBA course in Hospital Management where you can help the attending doctors with various health parameters of the patients and such inputs will help the doctors in saving their precious time during the course of diagnosis of the diseases.

  • You have done a good start by asking this question. You appear a capable person. But now you are a bit confused. That happens to most people. The great Bhagavat Gita is a product given to mankind as a solution of the confusion of Arjuna in Kuruskshetra.
    In comparison your situation is far simpler as you are no in a crisis situation as Arjuna. You have got sufficient time to think, work and solve your confusion.
    The priority now is to focus on your current course and subjects. Try to learn the subject best and to score very good grades. AS you have said, study is not at all a problem fo you. Try to be Rank holder, university topper etc. . Not impossible.
    By the end of the present course you would have got a proper idea of what to do next.
    However, to be prudent and practical, prepare for the entrance test for both courses.

    However bear in mind that whatever you pursue, do it in a reputed and established institution that are reckoned as top institutions for that course. Hence you may need some good score in the entrance tests.
    As you are confident about communication, you can choose any of the two and you will be able to succeed in your further career. If you feel that you have overall management abilities and team leading abilities, then you have a slight edge to choose Management course.
    Keep confidence that you can shine and perform in anything you chose by putting focused hard work and attitude.
    Be positive that your confusions will vanish and you will get the right solution just as butter churns out after a lot of churning. Wait for the current course to finish and prepare well for the same.
    Wish you all the best.

  • Before beginning anything to do no matter if it's important or not important work, the foremost thing is to have clarify. Without understanding and clarification, things won't work out own their own no matter how much time, energy and money is invested. Before investment, we must gather sufficient information about the things we have in our mind. It's always better to jot down on a piece of paper. Consult elders, brainstorm, have hours of discussion as and when required, surf the internet, browse and explore new ways to get hold of a new piece of information about each particular thing. Next, compare all of the things with respect to various parameters and remember, even after so much research and discussion, if it happens that you are not satisfied with the ultimate result, listen what your heart says. Forget about the parameters. Forget everything. Let go. Remember, the parameters are variable and study of one subject for a lifetime is constant. For instance, if you are doing course BTECH IN PHYSICS, then opting for MBA will completely take a great leap from science stream to commerce stream. This will be difficult for the student to comprehend most of the things. Irrespective of this ideology, it's individuals choice to decide about their career depending upon their level of comfort and comprehension.

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