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  • Pensionary benefits if I join in other central government job after resigning one goverment job

    Ever wondered if pensionary and retirement benefits can be availed if one switches between two government jobs? Want to know the rules and regulations of such government jobs? You can find advice from our experts on this page.

    I am working as a Group-B Officer in a central government job and worked for 24 years and now I applied for other central government job by appliing through proper channel with NOC. Whether Pensionary benefits, retirement benefits of my current job come if I join in other central government job after resigning my current goverment job? Kindly inform.
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  • You are already working in a Govt department and have applied for another Govt department job through proper channel. So, it is a simple case of movement of a person from one position to other in the Govt after getting selection to the new post. As per the guidelines and rules in the matter there will be no effect on your pension and pensionary benefits due to this change of your position from one position in the present Govt department to another position in other Govt department.

    Now, let us now go through the modalities about which you must take care while this changeover takes place. When you get the appointment letter then you will get a joining period within which you will have to join in that new position. In case you do not get discharged from here in time due to various reasons then please take a caution of taking permission from the new department for extension in joining period there and once that permission is granted by them you can complete your formalities here and then go and join there. This is a very important point.

    Another thing is that when you handover your charge in the present department which means that the day on which you cease to be an employee of this department then you must join in the new department as early as possible within the realm of the joining period and there should not be any intentional long break in between as that is taken as the break in service and requires special condoning later for including the earlier service for pension benefits.

    Govt pension is covered under the rules laid down under 'CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972' and you can go through them in case there are any doubts in your mind. Alternately, you can discuss the matter here itself and I will try to get more clarifications if required.

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  • There will not be any change in your retirement benefits of you resign from one Central Government job and join another Central Government job.

    The case would have been different if the job change was from Central State Government or Private job.

    You must complete the process of resignation with sull documentation and join the new organization with proper documentation. You can also get in touch with the organisations internal policies to know the details.

    Anyway, you must not worry if you have completed your documentation process properly as per the rules laid down by Central Government.

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  • You have applied for the new post with a NOC from the present employer. If you get the job you will resign the present job as per the procedure and then you will join the new job. You are moving from one central government job to another central government. if you follow the procedure and complete all the required documentation, you will not face any problem. Your Service Register will get transferred from the old office to the new office. Your total service will be taken into account while calculating the pension amount. There will not be any problem.

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  • If you could maintain the continuity of your service from switching from one central government organisation to the one, your all the due benifits will remain protected. Hence you should ensure in this point.
    While considering your case, you have moved your application through the proper channel and even you have secured NOC in this regard. This reflects the compliance of standing service rule. However, we are not aware of the circumstances leading to delay in your release from the present organisation but for joining in the next organisation, there is a deadline and that needs to be followed for your own interest. Any delay in joining the other organisation due to less release from the present one would cause a severe setback since the next employer may refuse to accept of your joining due to expiry of deadline.
    What is needed from your end is to seek an extension period from the next organisation so that any delay in the process of release can be adjusted.
    Once you are released from the present organisation, join immediately to the other organisation so that continuity of your service is maintained. While you follow this step, your all benifits will remain in tact applicable to your leave, pension, gratuity etc.

  • In case of switching of Jobs from one employer to another employer, then you have to follow the following formalities for continuing retirement benefits:

    1.You must apply the new jobs through proper channel, i,e, your application must be forwarded by your existing employer with no objection certificate in proper form.
    2.One or three month notice as the cases may be must me served by you to the existing employer.
    3.Clearence certificate and resignation accepted letter from existing employer must be obtained before Joining to new employer.
    At least 5 years continuous service with P.F. deduction is required from past employers to transfer the PF ledger to new employer along with pensionable service. otherwise PF amount including accumulated interest and FP amount to be refunded to the employee and not transferable.
    As you have completed more than 5 years service, you can transfer your PF Ledger through past employer by filling in appropriate form.
    And after transfer the ledger your existing PF Number will continue with the new employer and all benefit will also given at the time of retirement from through/from new employer.

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