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  • What are pros and cons of manual and automatic car transmission?

    Confused between choosing between manual and automatic car transmission? Want to know detailed set of pros and cons of both? On this Ask Expert page go through the ample advice so that you can decide between both.

    I want to know the experience of members to choose between manual and automatic car transmission for new drivers. Which car is better in different situations like driving in mountains, plains and traffic? Has any member has experienced both type of car transmission? What are the good choice to be made by new drivers?
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  • 1. Manual transmission cars: The driver has to select the gear based on the speed of the vehicle and change the gear accordingly. This type of cars is used more in Europe and Asia. They are of lower cost. The drivers will fell that the vehicle is in their control. Miles per litre of fuel may be more in this version if the driver uses the gears properly. Higher speed can be achieved. The servicing cost will also be less. Racecar drivers and performance drivers also prefer these vehicles. Changing gear requires additional efforts and driving in busy streets where we have to stop and go many times is difficult.
    2. Automatic transmission Cars: The driver's efforts will be less. No frequent change of gears. The driver can use it easily and the stress is less. These cars are good for learners and can be easily driven in stop and go busy traffic areas also. But they are costlier than manual cars. Maintenance cost is high and repair costs are also higher. Fuel consumption is higher than manual transmission cars.

    Automatic cars are good for city traffic and owner-drivers who are not professional in driving. But manual cars are better for long-distance travel and other travels. A good driver always prefers a manual transmission car than an automatic car.

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  • The purpose of having different gears in the car is to utilise the energy in a cost effective manner so that the fuel is consumed accordingly. When we are driving through negotiating and torturous routes we drive in low gears and our speed is low and also more energy will be utilised but when we are driving on a less congested straight pathway we can drive in higher gears and can have associated higher velocities getting more mileage in the process. So these are the basic principles behind the varying transmission in a car. Now coming to the question of the comparison between the manual and automatic transmission each of these modes have its own pros and cons.

    Let us first see this in details for the automatic transmission which is being preferred by many due to various benefits. It has ease of using for the driver as he does not need to press on the clutch and manually shift the gears, it is easy to learn for new drivers, while going through hilly or rough terrain the automatic system takes care of shifting the gears and the driver can concentrate more on the steering, it can be easily manoeuvred through the traffic and traffic lights, and stalling will not take place which is so common in manual transmission etc. So there are many benefits in automatic transmission and the only problem which could be there is in its maintenance as the repairs etc will be costlier in this type of vehicles and over a long period add significantly.

    Coming to the manual transmission, it is easy to maintain and expert drivers using the gears efficiently in proportion to their speed can get some fuel saving advantage also in comparison to automatic mode. On the down side for learners it is comparatively difficult and it is often cumbersome to mange gears in heavy traffic conditions.

    So from ease of operation and other considerations, I would suggest going for automatic transmission.

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  • Both the variants have pros and cons as illustrated below -
    Pros of Manual Transmission-
    1) Power control is excellent. In case, battery troubles you, it can be rolled on the road with the heavy pushing so that the car starts instantly due to such an impact.
    2) With respect to fuel economy, it surpasses the automatic variants.
    3) There is better control of the car provided with the manual transmission. You need not depend upon the brakes to save you. The other sources may be explored in case of emergency.
    4) You will be provided with extra throttle while overtaking in this variant. Automatic car transmission takes place of this reaction at a delayed time.
    5) A car equipped with manual transmission calls for a greater degree of control and involvement from the side of drivers. This system is ideal for a place like India where the accidents are frequent due to rash driving.
    Cons of the Manual Cars -
    1) The drivers should have greater degree of skill and application. An inexperienced driver may not be in a position to concentrate fully on the different operations simultaneously.
    2) While climbing a hill, the cars with manual are inferior as compared to automated transmission variants.
    3) Changing of gears smoothly would depend on the efficiency of the driver.
    Pros of Automatic Car Transmission-
    1) There is no clutch to wear out. Less work has to be done in case of slow moving traffic.
    2) It offers you better mileage than the manual ones.
    Cons of the New Variants -
    1) The new variants are more expensive than the manual ones.
    2) Fuel consumption is slightly more in this variants.

  • Manual transmission and automatic transmission both have their own pros and cons and in the end you have to choose the one based on your preference and need.

    I have tried both versions and based on my experience I scan give some differences that can help you make your mind if it suits your preference. I am sure you know what automatic and manual transmission is, so I won't explain that.

    I personally use manual transmission and would prefer the same in future too. The main differences are:

    1. Cost : Automatic transmission being an advanced technology hence the cost of such cars is usually higher by Rs 1 lakh.

    2. Mileage: Automatic transmission cars give lower mileage as compared to manual transmission cars, again due the automatic engine that consumes a little more fuel to manage the gear function automatically.

    3. Ease of drive: In city traffic automatic transmission cars are more comfortable to drive than manual transmission cars as there is no gear change function hence saving the pain if using clutch and changing gear again and again. Although on highways both of them are equally comfortable.

    4. Maintenance cost: Cost of maintenance for automatic cars is a little higher than the manual transmission cars.

    Now, coming to my own personal expirence and feel of driving manual and automatic cars.

    I have a manual transmission car so I am used to driving the same in city aa well as on highways and have hardly felt any discomfort. But, as I tried to drive an automatic transmission car, I felt a little uneasy as I was used to pushing gear and changing clutch so I kept using my left leg to find the clutch everytime I slowed down. I had to immediately remind myself that I was using automatic car and not a manual one.

    Chances of accident due to wrong choice of function increased. Although, in a matter of few minutes I got used to it but still it was like driving a Honda Activa scooteret after driving a bike with 5 gears. The feel will be almost similar.

    Driving an automatic transmission car in city is super easy and fun and that is the best part of this function.

    The worst part is that if you only drive an automatic transmission car then you will have to learn again how to drive a manual car as you would not know the about gear change mechanism in cars.

    You will only be able to drive automatic cars, either your own or if any of your friends have automatic car if needed anytime in future. For manual transmission cars you will be like a driver who doesn't knows driving. It will be like a driver who doesn't know how to drive.

    Automatic car is super comfortable in heavy traffic especially in Delhi and Banglore peak traffic.

    Manual transmission car have a bit different feel as you can hear the vroom and torque of manual car on acceleration. This will be badly missed in automatic car. You can speed up manual car and make changes in speed as per your preference but in automatic car everything is dependent upon the engine.

    So, even for rough riding sometimes which we usually do on empty roads only manual car will give the thrill and feel and not an automatic one. Although, rough ride is not advised.

    So, decide what is best for you based on your driving preference and the amount you are willing to spend.

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  • Manual car transmission Pros / cons:

    Better fuel efficiency or mileage.

    More gears and control at any condition.

    Better pick-up and sudden control.

    Real driving experience.

    Less expensive compare to Automatic variant.

    Rare gear box issue may arise.

    Less maintenance overall.

    Tiresome when driving in a city upon shifting the gears often.

    Little tough for learner.

    Automatic car transmission Pros / cons:

    Easy and comfort to drive in one go without much concern except understanding the reserve (neutral) or parking, reverse (back) and driving mode.

    Huge engine power usage while driving in a slow mode.

    Complex design system.

    Expensive to buy, maintain including heavy spare parts prices or pay higher price to service center or a technician upon.

    Less mileage in fuel variant but little better in gas (for mileage).

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