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  • Kg Admission at St Sebastin School Chembur

    intersted in getting your child admitted to junior Kindergarten in a Mumbai school? Wondering when the admission process will commence? Check out this ISC page for all your queries.

    Can any one tell me when the Jr Kg Admission at St Sebastian School, Chembur will start? As I want to get admission for my child in this school. Presently I am out of India. Can any body please tell me when the admission will start?
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  • I wanted to find out the details but this school does not appear to have a website so we cannot find the position of admission there right now. But they have a page in Facebook to which you can go by typing the school name in search place and it will display the school page there. Then you can message them or chat through that messaging facility with them on that Facebook portal page itself. Their phone number is 022-25535010.

    If you have difficulty in searching in the Facebook then use the following address and search it in your internet browser and it will take you to that page in Facebook.

    In Facebook page their website is mentioned as '' but I could not access it as after opening it the website is showing some other irrelevant information. You can try to access it.

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  • The information about the school is as follows.
    1. The school follows state board syllabus.
    2. This is a co-education school.
    3. There is no hostel and it is a day school only.
    4. Their address is Rcf Marg, Tolaram Colony, Chembur, Mumbai, Mumbai
    5. Their phone number is 022-25535010
    6. Their email id is

    The following is the process followed by the school administration is
    1. The admission process starts in May every year and school starts in July.
    2. The parents should make an appointment with the admissions department of the school. You can call them or send an email.
    3. Get the registration made. Registration form is to be filled and submitted to the admission department with all the necessary documents
    Eligibility: The age should be minimum 2 years 6 months as on 31st May for admission to nursery. For 1st class, the age is 5 years 6 months. as on 31st May that year
    Required Documents: Filled in the registration form, A copy of the birth certificate duly self-attested by the parent, Transfer certificate, mark sheet of the last exam if applicable and Passport size photograph

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  • Due to pandemic Covid 19, these days parents are having a lot of concerns regarding the admission of children and as you said that you are out of India at this time, it is not possible to get admission information from the school in this situation. Our effort is to give you the necessary information as much as we can give.

    Because this school is not an exact website, there is not complete information, so we can give some information based on the information we have received from the internet.
    The school's general information is available on the Internet, that is that its address is RCF Marg, Tolaram Colony, Chembur, Mumbai. The school is a state board syllabus. You can call this phone number 022-25535010 from when the form for admission is going to be filled. The admission process may have been delayed due to an epidemic.
    The email id is, to which an application can also attempt by sending mail. And yes you can also get some information from the Facebook page.

  • Nowadays, it is very difficult to get information regarding school admission due to covid-19. But, we are trying to give information as much as possible. As far as, I got information about the school through the internet as follows:-
    1. The school having state board syllabus.
    2. Every year admission procedure starts in
    3. The school address is Rcf Marg, Tolaram
    Colony, Chembur, Mumbai and phone number is 022-25535010. The school email id is
    4. You can get a registration form from the school counter. After filling the form, you have to submit with all required documents.
    5. You can try to get information from
    Facebook page.

  • The school is situated at RCF Marg, Tolaram Colony, Chembur, Mumbai. Further query can be made with the administration in the contact number 022- 25535010.
    Valuable informations relating to this school are as follows -
    1) It is affiliated to State Board.
    2) It is a day school covering education up to class twelve.
    3) The school is equipped with both indoors and outdoors games.
    4) It is a coeducational school and as such there is no discrimination with respect to gender.
    5) Admission Process starts in the month of May every year and the classes resume in the month of July.
    6) Guardians should approach the administration for registration and admission process.
    7) The minimum age for admission for the infants is 3 year 6 months for KG classes.
    8) Admission fee for KG is Rs 7500/- .
    9) If the ward is studying in some other school, he would need a transfer certificate to be submitted during the process of admission along with other relevant papers.

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