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  • Is there any harm for the health from Tea or Coffee consumption

    Have you got a query regarding impact of consuming hot beverages like tea or coffee on health? Searching for details online? Find response from experts on this page.

    I consume around two cups of Tea or Coffee daily and few say that plain tea is good but tea with milk is not good etc. Few say that Coffee also has (pros and cons) good and bad for the health.

    I was not consuming these beverages for a decade or so few years back but it is quite different now. I would like to know the opinion from the experts about these beverages.
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  • Drinking tea and coffee in moderation is not harmful for health. It is believed that 1 or 2 cups a day of these beverages can stimulate us and keep in good spirits. In the medical research area there were many research carried out about the aspect of taking tea and coffee in our lives and there is no clue that taking them in moderation is harmful. But research results also indicate that those who are taking them in heavy doses or addicted to them may have some adverse effects of these large scale tea and coffee drinking on their health. It is also found that green tea is having some antioxidants in it which are beneficial for our health and many people have switched from normal tea to it in their routine lives. Coffee also taken in moderation has no harmful effect. There are some research which indicate that the caffeine, polyphenols, and antioxidants which are generally present in tea or coffee help the body to fight with some ailments. So there are some beneficial angles also in using these drinks. But caffeine is also a harmful compound if taken more in a day. Only 2 cups a day is definitely the safe limit.

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  • There are many people all over the world whose day cannot begin without a cup of tea or coffee. In the morning, first of all, someone likes tea and someone likes to drink coffee. There is a lot of debate over which of the tea and coffee is more healthy. Both are very popular worldwide as a breakfast drink. Tea and coffee both contain caffeine. But some people like tea more, then some more than coffee.

    Both drinks contain caffeine which is known to have both beneficial and harmful effects on health. Actually, 400 grams of caffeine a day has been considered beneficial for health. At the same time, consuming more caffeine-rich things can prove to be harmful to health. If we look at the comparison of caffeine present in both beverages, then the amount of caffeine in tea is less than that of coffee.

    Tea contains antioxidants called flavonoids which may be beneficial for health. If you eat tea without sugar, milk, and cream, it can help you control weight. The anti-cancer properties present in tea reduce the risks of pregnancy and breast cancer. The tea contains a low amount of caffeine and is rich in L-theanine which proves to be extremely beneficial for the brain.

    The process of making both drinks also makes a difference. If you cook these two for a long time then anti-oxidants are affected which is not good for health. Apart from this, the ingredients used for both drinks like sugar and milk, etc. also affect the nutrients present in them. Even though the tea is rich in nicotine and caffeine, it can reduce the effect of caffeine if filtered and drunk. At the same time, caffeinated coffee is dissolved completely and is dangerous for health.

    But this does not mean that you drink five to six cups of tea a day. If you want to be healthy, do not drink more than two cups of tea a day.

  • Both the beverages if taken in moderation does not pose any problem but ensure that these drinks are to be avoided in the empty stomach since in that situation, there is chances excess acid secretions leading to indigestion issue.
    While talking about the tea beverage, there are two variants namely tea in which both sugar and milk are added and boiled so as to get the rich taste of tea where the proportion of milk and sugar may vary according to your taste. This beverage may be considered as the energy booster due to presence of caffeine. This can restore alertness if consumed in the morning hours after you breakfast so that its side effects are minimised to a great extent.
    If you desire, you may opt for black tea and such a drink would suit the health concious people since sugar is eliminated here to keep your weight in check but due to presence of caffeine, your energy level will get an additional boost.
    Then again there is other variant known as green tea providing you a lot of health benifits due to presence of polyphenols, caffeine and other valuable antioxidants and its regular consumption twice a day would help you to maintain healthy lipid profile apart from your belly reduction.
    Coffee added with sugar and milk can be taken along with your breakfast and this beverage has the benificial effect on your liver due to presence of antioxidants. The other version green coffee can be opted if you want to shed some kilos of weight since the antioxidants and other flavonoids act on your improving your metabolism if consumed in moderation.

  • Coffee and tea are very popular drinks. Many of us consume these beverages after water. Early morning coffee and afternoon tea will make you and stimulate you with energy. Many people in South India prefer to have a cup of coffee in the early morning and a cup of tea in the afternoon after lunch.
    Initially, it was believed that consuming coffee or tea is not good for health. But later on, many researchers research this subject and now they suggest that one or two cups of this tea and coffee will be good for the individual's health.
    Some benefits of having coffee or tea are as follows.
    1. Coffee and tea are having polyphenols. They will reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Regularly drinking coffee or/and tea can decrease the risk of these diseases. There was a scientific publication to this effect in 2014 by Ding et al..
    2. These drinks will reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes. Decaffeinated coffee is much better in this aspect. Antioxidants in tea very help for processing sugar in the blood.
    3. There are some studies in which it was proved that taking coffee or tea will reduce the risk of suffering from Parkinson's disease.
    4. Bone mineral density will be better for regular tree drinkers.
    5. Risk of osteoporosis will also be less for the people who drink these beverages.

    The following are some of the side effects.
    1. Caffeine in coffee may cause some anxiety and insomnia.
    2. They may cause irritation in the digestive tract.

    Herbal tea or decaf coffee will be very good for health aspects. Black coffee and tea without sugar and milk are naturally low in calories and good for all.

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  • Most of the people start their day with tea or coffee. Both beverages are very popular in our country. Research tells that if it taken in moderate quantity then it would not harm to our body. Both beverages having caffein and it is good for health if taken in the required quantity. Coffee and tea contain polyphenol which prevents me from cardiovascular disease. It is said that both beverages works as a stimulant and makes our body energetic. Green tea is healthy for our body and helps in reducing our body weight. Daily two cup tea is sufficient to stay fit and healthy. Oftentimes, health expert suggests us to take herbal tea as it prevents me from many diseases.

  • Caffeinated beverages have good effects as well as bad effects on the human body depending upon the quantity and quality of consumption. Tea and coffee are cosmopolitan beverages.
    Different types of teas and coffees are available nowadays such as green tea, black coffee, black tea, sugarless coffee's and many more. People are very fond and many people give more preference to these beverages over food. The beverages are consumed in order to alleviate lethargy and restore alertness. It relieves stress and provide relief to the individual.
    Overconsumption of caffeine is harmful to human body due to the presence of chemicals which work against the body instead of for the benefit of the body.

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  • Anything in excess is not good. That is why our popular traditional saying that evens the elixir 'Amrut' also will be poison if taken in excess.
    But in your case you are taking just two cups of tea or coffee. By any standard that is not excess and is quite normal.
    Coffee and tea have benefits when taken in moderation. They energise us temporarily and stimulate. That is why when we are tired or bored a cup of Coffee or tea helps us to refresh. Coffee contains Caffeine. This reduces fatigue and gives a feeling of energy and freshness. It is thus a natural stimulant. People who have to work for extended times or in nights find taking coffee or tea quite helpful to stay alert and reduce fatigue.
    Taking tea or coffee is found helpful when one has mild headache.
    Coffee or tea is supposed to increase ' internal body heat' as per our traditional knowledge. Hence India being a tropical country it is a habit and tradition to add milk to such beverages to regulate the body heat. So the best practice may be to take hot black coffee or tea during cold seasons and to take them with milk added during hot seasons.
    Persons who are prone to high acidity or 'pitha' may reduce or avoid coffee and tea. Coffee/Tea increases pH level inside our stomach and digestive system.

  • Drinking tea or coffee in moderation up to 2 cups a day is believed to be beneficial for our health in various ways. Though the effect of these limited quantity drinks on our health is a matter of research yet as per the experience of most of the people, it gives freshness to us after our workout or any physical activity. So, taking caffeine in a small dose through these drinks is probably the reason for that freshness which these drinks bring in us.
    Tea and coffee both of them have caffeine and some antioxidants in them which are supposed to be good for health. In fact, coffee has more amount of caffeine in it as compared to tea and that is the reason why it gives a better push to us when we take it after tiring work.
    If one can survive without taking tea and coffee then one can even avoid these 2 cups also as these drinks sometimes create acidity and some stomach troubles.
    Some people take green tea in place of the normal tea and coffee as that is having good healthy ingredients.

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  • Consuming coffee or tea in the early morning is inevitable in most of us. It is told on one way that the glucose level in our body normally got reduced to some extent due to our sleep. To enrich the level it was practiced in the first coffee or tea taken with normal sugar. But it is the thing I also want to stress in case of diabetic to have a coffee or tea with slight sugar in the first morning. I have seen many coffee addicts and they can take coffee at any time and at any quantity. This is the dangerous thing and will harm to our health more. In those days people used to take coffee once in the morning and second dose in the evening only but it becomes numerous cups in due course, Some people took coffee or tea instead of their food intake as they do not find time to take food in the middle due to some exigency of work and to compensate the food gap they took more and more coffee or tea. This is to be limited.

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