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  • Ms Office PowerPoint 2019 Vs Office 365 PPT

    Confused between the features and usage of MS Office and Office 365 for making ppts? Searching for detailed comparison points here? You can get responses from experts on this page for your queries.

    The two software for PowerPoint presentations are very common today. Can someone explain the pros cons of both these software. How is one better than the other. For what type of users the PPT 2019 will be better than the PPT contained in Office 365. Which will be more economical for the common small offices or small educational institutions. Is any of these software is free for educational institutions or students. If so, what is the procedure to get it free?
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  • So far, people were using some old or new updated version of Microsoft office and the latest in that series was Office-2019 which have all the facilities of doing word processing, powerpoint presentations, Excel sheets management, Outlook, and many other utilities. One has to buy Office-2019 as a one time purchase and one then owns it.
    Now with the introduction of Office-365 which is almost an updated Avatar of Office-2019 the whole gamut of using Microsoft Office changes because this Office-365 is a subscription model and requires that the user pay an amount every month as the rental of the facility depending upon the plan he subscribes to. This is a cloud based application and a good amount of storage also comes free with these plans.
    It is very difficult to say what are the things that there are in Office-365 which one cannot do in Office-2019 but yes Microsoft claims that there are some exclusive features in Office-365 which are not available in Office-2019. For example in Office-365 there is a special feature named as 'PowerPoint Designer'. There is some artificial intelligence embedded with this feature which guides the user for replacing his slide show presentation format by a more attractive and appealing format as per the theme, content, and purpose of the slide show. So, this looks quite impressive but we will know its exact worth only when we use it.
    Office-365 comes in many version like for home users, small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, schools, and non-profit organisations etc and the subscription pricing for all are different. In some categories they will provide more licenses to make it still cheaper.
    As a comparison the price of Office-2019 is approximately around $200 for buying it while an average subscription plan for Office-365 will cost around $10 for each month for whichever period one continues with it.
    It is also to be noted that future of IT services or application utilisations are going to be more and more cloud based as that is the new pattern in which business is going to be executed and the user as well as the service provider both might be benefitted to some degree by this new arrangement.

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  • Thank you for the comprehensive pros and cons of buying/using both the versions of PPT 2019 and Office 365. In fact, Office 365 will work out to be cheaper when compared to PPT 2019 because it will never become out of date due to the continuous auto updates whereas PPT 2019 has to be replaced all together at a very high cost once it becomes out of date. And you have rightly said that the future belongs to the cloud based apps for which Office 365 is the most suitable.

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  • Office 365 is a service available against payment on a monthly or annual basis. This will provide you with Office applications. In addition to that, it will provide you with cloud-based services. There are many plans. You will find plans useful for home users, small businesses, medium businesses large enterprises, educational institutes and non-profit organizations. Based on our requirement we can select the plan.
    Office 365 offers web-based access to some office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It offers several web-based apps and services also. These plans offer cloud storage space also.

    Office 2019 is the latest version of Office 2016. You have to purchase this with a one-time payment. This will contain PowerPoint presentation also. There is no upgrade facility. When a new version comes one has to purchase by making full payment. The users will receive stability and security updates and online maintenance support for 5 years.

    Office 365 will offer you many applications and services than Office 2019. Office 365 can be used on any device you want. You need not restrict the usage only on PC or Mac. Office 365 will be offering you monthly updates. some new functionalities are available. Powerpoint Designer is one such facility provide in PPT.

    These days many apps are coming which are cloud-based. As such Office 365 may get more attention than the other one.

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  • Office 2019 is advantageous in the sense that it is one time purchase indicating the payment mode being single including the upfront cost so as to get the app apparently for one computer. However it lacks the upgrade version and hence upgrading to next release, you need to pay full while contemplating on buying but looking at the future horizon, it could prove to be cheaper.
    There are some disadvantages associated with this apparatus indicated below -
    1) It can be operated on Windows 10 and Mac OC.
    2) Mainstream support cannot go beyond 5 years.
    3) It requires some know how while installing the same.
    4) One device is a must for each license.
    Office 365 offers the most updated tools having unique features making your life comfortable. It can provide you web based acess to the conventional,apparatus such as Excel,Outlook, word etc.
    The plans are versatile in the sense that you would have different plans to be used for both homes and the personnel one.
    Here there are a few points which should be taken into account prior to selection of the products indicated below -
    1) Payment Mode - While Office 2019 is one time purchase where as for the office 365, you need to pay the subscription either in monthly or in yearly.
    2) Range of products- If office 2019 is bought, you would get classic office app like Excel, Word, Power Point etc.
    Office 365 would provide you cloud and artificial intelligence based features which can be used in any device.
    3) Frequency and Functionality -
    Office 2019 can deliver full installs of the office app of our choice but these features may be non usable with the time and moreover they are not cloud based. Moreover it does not have amazing power capabilities contrary to MS 365 where it is equipped with excellent power capabilities.
    MS 365 contains Words, Excel, Power Point and Outwork. It is connected with cloud so it can be accessed in any device.

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