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  • How bloggers make their income?

    Do yuo have a query about earning thorugh blogging? Looking out for details of methods, suggestions and tips to earn money by writing blogs? Here, on this page our experts have responded to your questions.

    How blogs makes money? How many blogs are there in the world? Is SEO the only way to market blogs and earn money?
    Or do they depend on other digital marketing techniques
    to market their blogs? Who is earning most through blogs in india? Can we call a normal website a blog or is it entirely a different thing?
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  • There was a time when limited host sites were there on which people erected their blogs and through associated advertisements some bloggers made some money also. With time the number of blog sites as well as blogs increased phenomenally and there are millions of blogs today active in internet. The earning mechanism is still same that one has to associate the blogs with some advertising agency like Google Adsense and then depending upon the traffic to the blog some revenue would be shared with the blogger. As per information available in internet there are 500 million blogs spread over the 1.7 billion websites in the world.

    Now the fact of the matter is that there is a lot of competition in the world of blogs as there are thousands of blogs available for the same topic and it is obvious that visitors would not visit every blog and even if they visit once, they will not come back if they get a better source of information elsewhere.

    SEO and other marketing techniques can help to some extent but the primary thing is the quality of the content in the blog and their relevance to the visitors and then only traffic would increase and one will earn some money. As per the competitive world of blogging today, it is very much evident that a mediocre average blogger cannot earn money from the blog. It is simply impossible. Quality and content enhancement and selecting a niche area is the only recourse that can help one to earn money from blogging.

    There are people who have hundreds of articles and contents in their blog but they are not earning even a penny but there are few who have select contents and are drawing a lot of traffic. So quality is the essence and not the quantity.

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  • Many people think that they can make big money by making their own blogs. True to some extent but not easy. There was a time when there many fewer blogs. But now the situation is changed. There are many blogs today. As per the google search, there are around 500 million blogs and around 7 billion websites in the world. This figure itself will talk about the competition in this field. Now we can find many blogs on the same subject. This fact you will understand when you search on google for a particular subject. So making money here is very difficult. How can we make money from the blogs? The most commonly known way of making money by bloggers is through placing ads on their site. There are two types of ads here. These ads will be from the most popular agency like Google Adsense.
    1. CPC Ads: Cost per clock or pay per click is one type of advertisements on your blog. You can place adds on your blogger and each time a viewer clicks on the ad, you will get some amount. That means pay per click.
    2. CPM Ads: This is the cost per 1000 impressions. Based on the number of viewers viewing the ad will get you some fixed amount.
    If you have Google AdSense approval you need not have direct contact with the advertisers. Google will place its ads on your site and you will get money from Google,
    There are other ways of making money through your blog. They are
    1. You yourself can contact directly the companies and place their advertisements on your blog. No need to go through Google AdSense.
    2.You can place affiliate marketing links in your content and readers may click on these links which may get you some payment.
    3. You can sell digital products online through your blog.
    4. You can use your blog as a tool for content marketing.
    But an important factor for all these tools is the quality content of the blog. You should place quality content on your blog and the information should be very reliable and should never encourage fake information on the blog.
    SEO is one of the best marketing tools of your blog and there are many other tools also,
    How big is your blog is not the question. How much quality you are marinating and how the subject is important to many people.

    always confident

  • It is the impression of bloggers that once they start blogging activities, money will pour in with the presence of heavy traffic at a later stage. This may be partially true but not always necessary to earn money as anticipated. However, you will have to follow certain tips to make your blogging attractive. You need to pay attention to the following areas -
    1) Your blogging should not concentrate on mere quality by taking up diverse articles on any issue but ensure that there is your adherence to quality materials and if the audience finds it interesting and a better coverage of the contents of their liked areas, they would be the permanent audience.
    2) Number of blogging has gone up phenomenally and so is the case with the websites but in this case, it is still far far large than the number of bloggings resulting in intense competition. This suggests that you have to offer quality content in your blogging so as to retain in your business.
    3) Whenever you are attached with some advertising agency like Google Adscene, you will earn money if the advertisements are being clicked by the viewers and a part of it will reach to you.
    4) Your blogging should be associated with associate market links and if such a provision is existent, their clicking on the advertisements may fetch you revenue.
    5) Be attached to the best marketing tools such as SEO for the better revenue growth.

  • How blogs makes money?

    If there is a quality content, less blog has it, mass search on that topic / niche in case, the blog has published it as early as possible compare to other blogs then there is a chances of making money if the blog has Advertisement, like Google AdSense or Kontera etc.

    Few sponsor might pay for their article to publish on blog with or without sponsor's external link. Few pays nothing but asking to publish their content. Or, no revenue at all.

    How many blogs are there in the world?

    Approx 500+ million blogs out of 1.5 billion websites - Blog might have many pages or adding contents daily whereas website comes with fixed pages with irregular update.

    Is SEO the only way to market blogs and earn money? Or do they depend on other digital marketing techniques to market their blogs?

    SEO or Digital marketing etc. can fetch the traffic reasonably and temporarily only. Quality content with basic SEO only can benefit for a long term in case if the keywords or the topic is searching for a long haul.

    Who is earning most through blogs in india?

    Few earns (but they don't reveal) more than what few reputed bloggers (not vloggers) earns and shows the list online. Many earning very less or reasonably and many not earning despite they publish the content reasonably.

    Can we call a normal website a blog or is it entirely a different thing?

    There are many parameters on this.

    Static Website called as website with few pages without often update whereas blog is dynamic one and updating it frequently with niche / content.

    A blog can be accessed and add the content by one or many users whereas website (like corporate one) is just depend on one developer or contributor with limited relevant resources.

  • If you want to start a blog then you need two things. (1) A laptop or a smartphone (2) Internet connection. Now you have to open your account with any blog site, like or which are free for bloggers. You have to decide which type of content you can write in English or Hindi. Your content should be unique and well-written. When you have a large number of visitors you can earn a very handsome amount. You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter etc to advertise your blog, so that more people may visit your blog.
    There are two platforms which you can earn money from.
    (1) Google Adsense (2) Affiliate Marketing
    (1) Googe Adsense: When you have a good number of visitors you can apply to Google Adsense. If your request has been approved by Google then you can start earning money.

    How Google pays you: Companies give advertisement to Google and Google displays these advertisements on your blog. When people visit your blog and click those ads, you earn your share. Google charges money from companies for displaying their advertisements on your blog and Google pays 64% of this amount to you.

    (2) Affiliate Marketing: You may contact Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank and eBay etc for marketing their products. When Visitors purchase their products you are given a commission. You can avail both Google Adsense as well as Affiliate Marketing simultaneously
    Besides the above two, there are two other ways to earn money.

    (3) Sponsered post: When your blog becomes popular business companies may contact you or you may contact them to sponsor your post, for which you are paid money.

    (4) Sharing link: Companies may use your blog to expand their business and you may share their link in your blog for which you are paid.

  • Online earning through blogging was one of the best means a decade ago. Now blogging still earns but only through niche blogs that have quality and are helpful to a segment of people in general.

    Website and blogging both are different things but is generally considered as one thing. To give you an idea to differentiate between a blog and website you can see a technical machine that comes with a detailed manual. Here the machine is the website and manual being the blog. A website can have a blog that gives some more information or details about the product/service/field it deals in.

    Generally a website is an official account and a mean of interface between a business and people while a blog can be an informal mean of communication and dissemination off information.

    Coming to earning from blogging, this is now a tricky thing. Many blogs make alot of money while most struggle to find an audience. Google also is updating itself and steadily degrading blogs that do not add value to the user or are not regularly updated. Gone are the days when you write a few posts and make a the cash bell ringing.

    If we simply follow the Google policy of value addition through information then earning from blogging is possible and the income slowly grows, but one must understand that it takes time and effort.

    One can earn from Google Adsense or other alternative advertising platforms like Medianet, Infolinks, Adsterra, etc. and as the blog grows one can add affiliates, or sell products directly (if it being a niche blog), or sell space for advertisement, or earn by paid backlinks, or charge the user itself for the specific services or advices provided on your blog.

    All the above means of earning are a seprate topic altogether and each have a detailed methodology which you will have to learn before you jump into it.

    But, the first thin is that you must have a skill or niche which will allow you to work upon passionately. If you are going to start a blog with no clear goal and topic, then it is advised not to do so, as that will lead to only loss of time and energy and an addition of another blog to already billions of sites and blogs.

    More than 90% of the sites and blogs are dormant with Nil or very low traffic, don't become a part of that.

    Regarding promotion of your blog, digital marketing will cover all the things like SEO, SMO, paid promotions and this again is a specific field which you must update yourself with to get noticed and attract users to your blog.

    You will have to provide quality original content with value addition to a specific segment and make your self noticed in the crowd and at the same time stay relevant. Blogging is not a get rich quick formula but a full time profession as of now and is getting more fiercely competitive and organised.

    Live before you leave.

  • There are many ways for bloggers to earn from their blogs. The easiest of these is to earn through advertising, and the most profitable is to earn through affiliate marketing. But regardless of the method of earning, it always depends on the quality of traffic and the amount of traffic. The more traffic there is, the more income will be there. If you keep a blog running continuously for a year, and regularly update it with new posts, with 10 to 15 posts a month. So after a year, without any effort, you can easily earn 10 to 15 dollars a day from advertising.

    Some ways to earn from a Blog -

    1. Advertisement Network.

    2. Direct Advertisement.

    3. Affiliate Marketing.

    4. Selling your own product, eBook, etc.

    5. Subscription-based Blogging.

    6. Paid reviews.

    7. Some Other Methods.

    1. Advertisement Network - As I said at the beginning of the post, the easiest way for bloggers to make money from their blogs is through advertisement networks. With the help of Advertisement Networks, you can earn money from the very first day of starting the blog. Ad networks like Adsense are very good for new bloggers. In the same way, some other networks are also like this, Those who do not care about your traffic quality, just impressions count.

    2. Direct Advertisement - If a lot of traffic is coming to your blog, then you can use the approach of direct advertising. By which companies and sites will put advertisements directly in your blog, you just have to provide ad space for them and take money for it.

    3. Affiliate Marketing - You can offer products (both online, offline) related to the niche of your in your blog. and if the company gets a sell, then you will get a commission. For this, you can promote it by selecting a good product related to the subject of your blog. Affiliate marketing is better than advertising because wherein advertising you can get up to 1$ in one click, Affiliate marketing can also get you more than 100 $ with the exact same click.

    4. Selling your own product, eBook, services, etc - Blog gives you a platform where you can sell your own product very easily. Whether that product is online, or offline or you can provide any service, you can sell all of them through your blog.

    5. Subscription-based Blogging - If you are very good in any subject, you have more knowledge in that subject than others. And it can be of great benefit to the people, people are very much interested in getting that knowledge. So you can make your blog subscription-based. Where people have to pay something to you every month or year, Only then they will be able to read your content.

    6. Paid reviews - You can earn money by writing paid reviews of companies, products, and sites. There are many such online platforms, which connect paid reviewers and companies together. You can easily earn a good amount of money by writing reviews on your blog joining such a platform as a reviewer.

    7. Some Other Methods - Ways to earn money from blogs do not end here, there are some other ways, with the help of which you can easily earn some money. You can monetize all the links in your blog through paid link shortening services. In the same way, you can also use CPA, PPD networks. You can increase referral count in money-earning sites through blogs.

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