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  • Scopes after Vedic Maths certification

    Do you have a query about what after Vedic Maths certification? Searching for information regarding the future scope after this certification? Scroll through this Ask Expert page where you can find answers to your query.

    My sister is a Biotechnologist but due to family reasons, she left her job. Now after 4 years she wants to restart her career. She wants to do something that would give her time for her family too. Someone suggested her to pursue Vedic Maths certification as vedic maths classes are in trend nowadays. There are many firms offering this certification at a variable fee and even many of them also offering franchises after completion of the course but with additional payment.
    Please share your fair opinion about the same. Is it worth to give time and money for this certiifcation? Is there any scope after Vedic Maths Certification?
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  • Vedic Maths would provide you essential tools to solve the calculation part of any mathematical calculations in a shortest possible way and thus saves considerable time in solving such calculations. You may take a few examples where it can help you at arriving the solutions such as 994^983, 625raise to the power 1/4, square root 961 etc. Though these operations can be carried out in our own ways but the tricks employed in solving such calculations would curtail the operational timing.
    Hence the net result is that the aspirants would be able to arrive at the solution in the quickest possible ways.
    You need to follow these modules so as to be conversant with the helpful formulas devised in the Vedic Mathematics.
    Such certifications would help the aspirants to establish their own coaching institutions imparting valuable inputs to the kids studying in different classes to solve the mathematical calculations with the drastic cuts of the steps and the end result is obtained with the less consumption of time.
    Such institutions can be run in a profitable way enriching the concepts of Vedic Mathematics within the mind sets of the growing children and in that way their interest in Vedic Mathematics develops.

  • Vedic Mathematics is becoming a new option for students and teachers in our country. It is believed that this is one of the fastest math systems.
    Many students feel difficulty in dealing with mathematics. It is treated by many students as the tough subject. Many students opt for tuitions in this subject. Mathematics is an important subject and people can't avoid studying this subject. The most developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom also having the same problem. Many students fail in this subject in these countries also In the Middle East and Africa f only about 28% of the students will be successful in mathematics.
    Once you are qualified in Vedic mathematics, you can easily teach mathematics for all the students who want to go for tuition. Now online teaching has become a tool for all the countries. so by sitting in your house you can take classes for the students in mathematics., Globally you can teach mathematics once you are qualified in Vedic mathematics. A very good fee is being offered per hour per-student basis.
    Many schools are going to offer teacher posts for teaching mathematics and Vedic mathematics in India and abroad also.
    That way you will have excellent scope for earning after doing Vedic mathematics.

    always confident

  • There are some easy and indirect methods in Vedic Mathematics which help in calculations and solving the Mathematical problems. People have realised its potential and there is a liking generated for this course. In this context I will just give a line of caution that Vedic Mathematics right now is just like a fad and we do not know whether this is going to stay there for a long time and if so what are its future business propositions. So I think we have to venture in this line cautiously as it may not be as useful as we are perceiving it.
    For a housewife the conventional tutoring in the traditional subjects will provide more scope for earning as well as a good pastime also refreshing the earlier learnings. Even the computer science related topics have a bigger scope today. Please take a decision in this respect only after weighing the pros and cons in this matter.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Nowadays students remain for the preparation of the various competitive exams in which they need command over the Mathematics and other subjects require fast calculations. Vedic mathematics is a good option by which students can do high-speed calculations and solve a problem in seconds. Vedic mathematics is a good career choice because it has good career prospects. The main thing the person who wants to learn Vedic mathematics do not need very high education in Mathematics but need only a basic knowledge of mathematics up to 4-5 standard.
    It has several benefits for the learner:

    1. It is a magical tool using which you can solve any mathematical problem in seconds and approximately 10 times faster. than any other methods.
    2. It improves concentration and creativity of the learners.
    3. Vedic mathematics helps students to calculate mentally with the help of just 16 sutras and 16 sub-sutras.
    4. The learners can solve very complicated problems also.
    5. It also strengthen the concepts of Maths.
    6. It sharpens memory, improve math skills and increase speed.
    7. The learner become able to solve bigger multiplication and division problems without using a paper and pen.

    There is a good scope as most of the schools have started teaching mathematics using Vedic maths and also appointing Vedic Mathematics teachers. And she can start her coaching centre also. You have also mentioned your query that she firm will also provide franchise after course completion but with additional payment. So, that's a good option.

    Besides, she can also start learning abacus that is also very popular nowadays and being taught in every school. For this, they recruit separate teachers.

  • Learning Vedic Mathematics can be quite beneficial. There are both advantages of doing this course, first of all, you will be able to develop your own mental development which will be very helpful in the future.

    There are many types of competitive exams in which the main subject is mathematics, in which about 50 objective questions are asked in the examination and more answers have to be given in the shortest time. In such a situation, if you have learned Vedic Math, then it is beneficial. You will be able to answer more questions in less time.

    Apart from this, if you do not want to give any captive exam then you can open your institute or work as a teacher of Vedic Mathematics in any other institution. In today's time, many institutions require promising teachers who have some special knowledge or achievement and Vedic Maths is one of them.

    TMC is a large foundation that helps children to enhance their mental ability through various activities. Their institutes are in almost every field and their work is to developmental development of children through courses like Abacus, Vedic Maths and Mental Maths, etc. If you want, you can make your future by joining this institution.

    Today's parents are very much interested in providing such various courses to their children in addition to education, and this requires good tutors which you can become.

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