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  • How website companies deal with ad blockers?

    Having a query about dealing with ad blockers? Searching for detailed information like who created ad blockers, who is using it, how does a compant deal with it etc.? On this page our experts shall respond to your queries.

    How do website companies deal with adblockers? Are there anti adblockers that are used in websites when they are loaded? How companies deal with their losses made by adblockers? How many peoples are using adblockers in India currently? Who created adblockers? Are they paid services?
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  • Many users find advertisements as a source of disturbance and embarrassment and want to avoid them. Sometimes these advertisements pop up on the reading screen and then move up and down creating a lot of inconvenience. For getting rid of that there are some software programs or apps available and one can install them in ones device and run them to block the advertisements. This is naturally going to affect the advertising network as some of the viewers will not be seeing them which means that the marketing efforts of the companies to that extent will be affected. These applications are known as ad blockers. These applications are available for all the browsers and are easy to install. One most common such app is AdBlock Plus which is used by millions of people worldwide and there are many such of them in the application stores. There are others also like AdBlock, Poper Blocker, uBlock Origin, Ghostery, AdGuard, Crystal, Peace etc. Some of them are charging some small amount for using them and all of them are not free.

    The interesting thing is that all the users are not interested in ad blocking and they do not mind them and are habitual of going around them. The fact of the matter is that if you use ad blockers then you gain not only in the speed of the device but also your data consumption is also less.

    In the business world ad blocking is perceived as a threat to the industry because there are so many sites which are surviving only on the revenue generated by the users viewing the advertisements on the sites. If all the users start ad blockers then it would have adverse affect on so many internet sites. As per the information available in the net the number of users using ad blockers is increasing and currently it is estimated at 180 millions. So it is clear that ad blocking technology is going to do some damage to the advertising industry though it is difficult to estimate that but experts opine that it could be anywhere from $1 to 40 billion by the end of this year. The range is very big because of so many uncertainties in arriving upon these figures.

    Some people use the ad blockers simply because there is a perception that some of the advertisements take information from the users place or monitor the user behaviour for buying materials which many users do not want to share. Privacy concerned people will be like that.

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  • Internet users can block advertisements by installing ad blocker apps. There are 22 million ad blockers. They prevent ads from opening up when we surf the web. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers have the facility to block ads. Ad blockers cause a loss for advertisers and publishers.
    To stop people using these breakers the advertisers and the publishers follow different ways.
    1. Many people started giving special discounts for the people who purchase the items through the internet by clicking on the ads on their desktop or laptop or mobile. This discount will tempt people not to block the advertisements.
    2. The advertisers try to attract customers by using personalised content in the advertsiement.
    3. On these devices the advertisers can directly call for action. That means immediately after seeing the ad they can click on the buy now so that they can order from there directly.
    4. Some sites or publishers such as Forbes will not entertain these ad blockers. So advertisers can go to such sites to avoid these blockers.
    5. Offering premium content without ads where the users have to pay for using and free content with ads only.

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